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Right now it seems like I need a new glass

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thought for the day that I read in a blog "Instead of glass half-empty, I think this glass might be broken because it keeps dripping all over me." Right now it seems like I need a new glass.

My life has always been busy, the oldest of 5 with a working mother, working my way through college, getting married, having a child and continuing to work, progressing through higher levels of responsible jobs while teaching college classes part time.

Then after I retired, I threw myself into volunteer jobs that kept me busy and involved. Last June, after 4.5 years, the volunteer organization changed and I decided to leave. During the same time my DH acquired (not by choice) some physical limitations so we cannot do some of the activities we have always done together and it has been a year of getting him healthy. Since then I have had more time to do nothing.

In fact I found myself not reading every minute, watching less television, scheduling fewer social events, and coming to the realization that I really didn’t know what kind of schedule I wanted to have. So I have been trying to figure out what I want my life to look like. I do have a wonderful DH, a beautiful DD, a fun SIL and a cute grandson, friends, family I like to see and a nice place to live. So this is about I want in my own personal daily schedule and what kind of glass I want to own and how I want to fill it.

At first it seemed important to find another volunteer organization to commit to but I have been resisting it. Then DJan who writes the Eye on the Edge blog (link below) had a recent post on the time change and her words really hit me. When I read DJan’s blog she really wrote out what I have been feeling:

"if I were to look closely at the way I structure my days, I might wonder if I should be spending time volunteering to an important cause, or perhaps making a difference in the world around me. The news sometimes causes me anxiety, because this world we live in needs people who are willing to make it a better place. I've got the ability but not the willingness. Am I wrong? Should I be living my life differently? Sometimes I really wonder about this. Well, this day of falling back, rather than springing ahead, has become one of contemplating my daily life. I've done that today, using my extra hour to think about where I'm going..."

In the busy times of living there was never a good time to think about what I really wanted to do. In the past I have done crafts, had hobbies, been involved with my family, organized social events, joined groups, belonged to organizations, took classes and was responsible in my community. So I know how to do all these types of activities and I enjoyed doing them. Yet right now I am not motivated to join or commit to anything. I have been feeling guilty about taking the time to explore but it feels right.

I did get my weight back to a healthy number and my daily exercise minutes are up (thanks to SP and Sparklers help) so I am feeling great. And I have been taking the time to look at issues around maintaining a healthy weight which is difficult at any age. Being 66 and retired allows me the time to explore. So I am taking the time right now to use the extra hours I have to think about what I want to add into my daily life.

If you can take a small amount of time and just sit quietly, think about what you would like in your daily life. Maybe it won't happen today, but it is good to know what your glass needs to look like and what you would like in it.

Eye on The Edge blog
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I started my blog today and ended up not posting because it was written for a blog challenge that had specific questions. I could not be specific because I too am "exploring" in a way. It is a time of taking stock and deciding what in my life is important - what can "this glass" hold and what "do I want it to look like." So your blog is very timely for me.
    1593 days ago
    I'm in my fifth year of retirement and stopped volunteering. I started volunteering at a facility with a lot of enthusiasm and eager to help. It turned out to be a very disheartening experience which left a bad taste in my mouth. Actually, that volunteering effort was stopped. Not a good situation.
    I resist getting into that again. However, I find my days are full. I spend a lot of time helping my daughter with her kids (she has 3). I feel blessed to be able to spend so much time with them. I'm a slow mover so I spend a lot of time "piddling", cleaning out, organizing but, like I said, I'm a slow mover!!!
    I've thought about volunteering again but hesitate. Not sure where I want to put my time and effort. I feel content and satisfied where I'm at right now.
    I hope you find your glass!
    1593 days ago
    Great to hear that your exercise minutes and weight is on track in the process!
    1594 days ago
    I loved this blog!
    You have the knowledge, the time and the resources to design a glass that you really really like.
    1594 days ago
    I think your heart is "Whispering".... emoticon
    1594 days ago
    It sounds like you are listening to what your heart is telling you - which is so important. You are probably exactly where you need to be right now & by allowing some silent space will allow you to find what stirs your soul.
    1594 days ago
    Well , I do volunteer work that is very rewarding but I do insist on limitations of my time and funds. I like to work with crafts but lately I have not had the time to work on my crafts as my husband is limited also and I take care of two aging parents as well as both houses theirs and mine. Whew ! Plus work , cook and workout leaves me with a very busy schedule. But who knows what tomorrow will bring ??/ Hugs K emoticon
    1595 days ago
    I think volunteering is great, within reason. When it reaches the point of soaking up all of one's personal time and becomes a source of stress then it's too much. I would decide how much time I wanted to spend at this and stick with it. It's what I've always done.
    1595 days ago
    Wow, Sunny...what a timely post! I have lots of time to think this week and have been trying to figure this out. Of course, I am not able to retire unless I start cashing in my investments but with 2 broken bones and the cancer scare this year I am worn out mentally and almost physically! I need to really take stock of the future and what it will be! Thanks so much.

    1595 days ago
  • JANEDOE12345
    Several of my retired friends are not happy about their long days with no specific thing to do. I can't really imagine that, but when my time comes in 5 years, I hope I can plan meaningful and worthwhile ways to spend my time. Of course, I will enjoy a few months of doing nothing - but after a while I know I will need to be out there in the world being productive somehow.
    Thanks for a thought-provoking blog.

    1595 days ago
    Perfect! I may be in the same position next year, when I finally retire at 67.
    1595 days ago
    Thank for sharing. It's good to regroup and focus on other things in your life.
    1595 days ago
    My DH and I worked so very hard, trying to save and plan for when we could not work, and this day Is here, and I find that what I thought I wanted really is not that important anymore,. We really denied ourselves things that we could have and should have enjoyed 20 years ago, because we didn't my DH's mantra now is, we better not, you will need it later, so I guess what I am saying is that our son and DIL who are not and never were as frugal as we have been will get those new things we did not buy, seems kind of silly of us, when I look back, but I am happy, so that is important too.
    I know I sure missed your blog, just thinking about how I have been spending my life this past 7 years or so,
    1595 days ago
    It's good to stop and regroup every now and again, prioritize, adjust to changes.

    Thanks for the link to the blog!
    1595 days ago
    I liked this a lot thank you for sharing. it's good to take a break and evaluate what's going on around you and what calling you have. I'm only 25 but I'm working a little more each day to have a day of quality.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1595 days ago
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