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How To Handle Anal-Retentive People

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Well ... It's still FIBER WEEK of my Fall the topic is appropriate.

I live close to a public library that caters to a very affluent community. They get the latest DVDs as fast as they come on to the market; I suspect one of the local patrons donates them as freebies. Anyway...they have a website where you can request an item and pick it up at the Library. Yesterday, I checked it out and found a TV series I have been dying to watch. It was available. I requested it and headed over to pick it up.
I checked with the desk to ask if they had processed my
I checked the shelf...not there.
I checked the system, it's still available,
and I ask the librarian to check if someone else might be currently processing my request.

Head Librarian overhears us and informs me it's not available for requests.
I say that's fine...but I'm there in person...I would like to borrow it.
Head Librarian tells me I can't request new items.
Fine ... but it's in the system as requestable... maybe correct the system when you can and ...I'm here anyway...system says it's available...not on me find it.
So we make the rounds.
Head Librarian checks the shelf...{she just saw me do that 3 minutes before}
Head Librarian checks the system...{ditto...system still says available}
Head Librarian proceeds to repeat that the item shouldn't be requestable.
{...I'm talking to a anal-retentive person...kill me now...}
We make the rounds to the different areas and....voila, they had filed this special unrequestable the wrong section. {what a surprise}
Head Librarian proceeds to inform me that she is going to correct the system
{...whatever makes you happy ... I've got my DVD...ciao...}

Meanwhile the other Librarian, smiling at me from ear to ear...was obviously highly entertained by this interaction. I get the feeling, she wished she could have left the place right behind me.

What is it with people?
Do they need to assert themselves to the world that they are in CHARGE?

Now ... I don't like to be critical...but when I got home I started thinking...
Do I Do that?
Am I anal sometimes? .....What are the signs?

Top 5 signs you are anal-retentive.

At this point you may be saying ... "NOT ME"
not so fast.
Do you get uncomfortable when someone does something totally different from Your Way...and still gets the same results?
Do you tend to eat the same types of foods within a month... over and over?
Do you get frustrated when you see spelling or grammar mistakes?
Do you get dressed in the same sequence every day and feel a little disjointed when the pattern is changed? Which leg or foot do you put in first...all the time?
Do you feel the need to explain yourself even when it is a trivial issue and no one asked?
Do you need to have the last word?

We all need a little help now and then emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Member Comments About This Blog Post:

    I LAUGHED SOOO HARD when I saw ur title Sheryl !! LOL U ARE A HOOT AND A HAlf !!!

Now DO I NEEDto have theLASAT WORD??? NO !!! I do not care,, I'd rather LET IT DROP !! Many things others think are SOOO IMPORTANT are NOT AT ALL TO ME !! I Live in a highrise,,, those who on some "committee" they SELF APPOINTED themselves to BE,,, THINK they RUN the building,, and THEY WILL ARGUE til the cows come home,, prob,,, we live in the city,, LOL there ARE NO COWS !! And so they are NOT COMING HOME !! And ESP NOT in a highrise. I've had to 3 times,, complain to management about "these clowns" who feel they can tell ya,, to WEAR SHOES,,,, I HATE shoes,, they HURT my poor little 16 surg's feeties,, and I DO NOT WEAR them. I REFUSE to allow some PEET SQUEEK to say I need to be hurt more. they also think they have TOTAL CONTROL over who uses the community room,, and they leave it MESSY , but yet, I have to leave IT PERFECT as I use it,, that I DO NOT MIND ,, leaving it CLEAN, but CLEAN IT UP FIRST FOR ME ! GRRRR !!A we've gone back and forth on this,, cause the PEEP SQUEEK would BLAME ME for things,,, and she's CLEARLY ANAL RETIVIVE !!! She'd HOLLAR at me,,, I didn't ever respond,, as I went down to get my mail,,, she'd SIT THERE FOR HRS, til I did,,, and so there were many days,, I'd wait til 9 PM or later. She'd be THERE with HER CRONIIES. I just let her flap her jaw,, and NOT respond,, but than I 'd go up and write to the managers. That DID THAT !! LOL than I put "if she does this ONE MORE time,, I am taking her to court for a "Cease of harassment order' and I EXPECT YOU , management,, to take ACTION upon this, if it's granted. So she's FINALLY SHUT UP !!!! now I have OTHERS in the building ,, quietly I work,,, way behind and sooo quietly,, doing the same thing,,, NOT complaining to others, that does NO GOOD for these CLOWNS, but to write to management,, and upon the 3rd time for the same person,,, than threaten also with court. IT"S WORKING !!

So does the HEAD (does she HAVE a HEAD???) LIBRIAN (remember ALL THE JOKES about these "people" !! UNMARRIED,,,, UNHAPPY,,, BOOK WORMS !) and SMILE Kiddo !!! U GOT iT MADE and BEST OF ALL you GOT THe DVD !!

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SMART4ANDREY 11/8/2013 3:17PM

    Nope, not me:)
I take charge of this possible situation.

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FUNLOVEN 11/8/2013 11:16AM

    Well, I suppose that could be me sometimes - LOL emoticon

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PATTISTAMPS 11/8/2013 10:50AM

    I have friends who are so AR it isn't funny - except theirs is not getting the last word - it is order... When we visit her husband vacuums our footprints off the carpet before we have cleared the driveway (note: I would buy carpet that didn't show footprints if I had this issue). There is never so much as a thread out of place in their home or their cars. Since I am the original Pigpen, it just cracks me up. I know when my friend visits me she just itches to tackle my house, especially my craft room... LOL

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RETIREDGMA 11/8/2013 9:29AM

    So true!

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REGILIEH 11/8/2013 9:16AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

The link list is not my husband, your list IS my husband! But he is a sweetie so I can live with it! Ha!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WATERMELLEN 11/8/2013 7:56AM

    Hilarious blog, love the pics -- and powerfully true. Important not to confuse some"civil servants" (does anyone call 'em that anymore?) with somebody who actually cares . . . despite the fact that there are a lot of terrific people who do devote themselves to public service.

You "niced her out": always the best strategy.

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KANOE10 11/8/2013 7:51AM

    Interesting blog. I work with kids like that ..They cannot handle change!

Good for you getting that series and waiting out the bureaucracy.

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    If we were honest with ourselves we'd all see ourselves in this woman. When I see this in myself (often) I simply smile a gentle smile and move on.

Seeing this behavior in someone else IS seeing it in myself and that is fine. LOL How I experience this behavior in another is the important thing. Am I understanding that this person simply needs my full attention? Am I understanding that she needs to be 100% right? Am I understanding that she is simply human, just as I am? How I treat others is simply a mirror on how I treat my self. Trying to be perfect and right and have the attention I am craving is simply being human. No biggie.

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    I took the test, and I'm definately not AR - the only reason I have more of a supply of some things is that I tell myself "remember to get TP (or whatever)" - then, the next several times I go to the store, I get the TP, not remembering I already stocked up!

I can just see you going over and over with the Head Librarian. I'd have been wanting to scream emoticon

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TRISTAROSE 11/8/2013 5:46AM

    I refuse to answer those questions!

emoticon emoticon

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LEANMEAN2 11/8/2013 5:15AM

    I think that I qualify but I thought it was all a matter of CONTROL.

I'll bet that during that whole episode, you were thinking about what fun you were going to have writing this blog!

Thanks for another winner.

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CHERIRIDDELL 11/8/2013 1:49AM

    My husband has spent 32 years in the air force need I say more , I know many anal retentive people !

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GABIBEAR 11/8/2013 12:15AM

    emoticon How wonderful and informative! I think I am partially guilty! I didn't answer yes to all of the questions, but I did to some. Oh and by the way, I don't think that feeling frustrated about a spelling or grammar errors is such a bad thing if it is contained in a published article or book, after all they got paid for it right??? emoticon

That head librarian was quite obnoxious! It is her job to give out items in the library to people that live in that town! They pay her salary! Like you said you left with the item you came in for so the only one who lost was the librarian.....

emoticon emoticon

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ARTJAC 11/7/2013 11:40PM


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DALID414 11/7/2013 11:20PM

    My name is Dee and I'm anal-retentive (_*_)
So what!! emoticon

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/7/2013 10:31PM

    Arrgghh!! I scored a perfect 6 on the anal retentive test. LOL. I'm not going to apologize either. I think people who aren't anal retentive are freaks. Who needs people who just release their bowels whenever and wherever? This term is rather misleading. Maybe fecal hoarder is a better term but even that can be good at times. Any one who has been in a feed lot or stable can attest to the fact that free flowing dookie is not all it's cracked up to be. Muck a few stables. You'll be begging for people/animals to keep their dookie in check.

Actually as a anal retentive person I pale in comparison to my ex boss who thought he knew everything and could not fathom that he could ever be wrong. An elderly farm wife was telling him about how she dumped the med he prescribed, which did nothing, and used Bag Balm to cure the rash on her breasts. He asked what it was and I said it was a product that was originally used on cow udders to keep them soft. The old lady nodded. He sneered and said it was sickening and outrageous and ridiculous. He decided that we were mistaken or perverted and also that the name of the product was Bag Bomb. LOL. No kidding, He was insistent. The patient and I, who both actually use the product said, no, it is definitely Bag Balm (you friggin moron). He walked off in a huff but not before he charted in her progress notes that she was using Bag Bomb. Can you say HARD HEAD?!! The patient asked me what his frigging problem was and I told her the old doctor/God joke. "What is the difference between a doctor and God? God doesn't think he's a doctor." We both laughed and he came back and wanted to know what was so funny. I told him he wouldn't understand. Watta prig.

I think that last dog and I may be related. The resemblance is uncanny. If I gave birth to a puppy it would look like this.

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LALMEIDA 11/7/2013 9:40PM


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LOFLLAMA 11/7/2013 8:33PM

  How dare you speak about me as tho (though!!!) I'm bad! emoticon

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WALLAHALLA 11/7/2013 7:46PM

    I am surrounded by A.R's at work.

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TERMITEMOM 11/7/2013 7:46PM

    Just one more day for the fiber, and then we move up to sleep... emoticon
So glad you finally got your DVD. But I am sorry to say I am guilty as I exhibit almost all the characteristics you mention... emoticon

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CHACHAOREO 11/7/2013 7:30PM


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BOSS61 11/7/2013 7:24PM

    Fiber Week... and the library... time to eat a good novel!

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COCK-ROBIN 11/7/2013 7:21PM

    I meet such people all the time and work for a few.

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FISHINGLADY66 11/7/2013 6:23PM

    emoticon I really enjoyed reading your blog. Glad you got your DVD.

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CORPUSANNIE 11/7/2013 6:06PM

    too familiar...yikes emoticon

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MOTHEPRO 11/7/2013 5:57PM


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KMICHA 11/7/2013 5:01PM


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LINDAK25 11/7/2013 4:29PM

    Funny! So I go to the link for Matt's blog and start reading and realize that not only am I anal retentive, but so is my husband. Then I continue reading the comments and realize that I'm not as anal retentive as some other people out there! I think they need an intervention. I'm working on becoming more flexible. I am. Does this fall into that question of explaining yourself even when it 's a trivial issue?

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HELEN_BRU 11/7/2013 3:24PM

    So enjoyed this! emoticon

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SWEETNEEY 11/7/2013 3:19PM


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IMAGINE46 11/7/2013 3:05PM


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CAREN_BLUEJEANS 11/7/2013 3:05PM

    OK, I give up, I'm slightly OCD.

I stockpile nonperishable when they're on sale. My wallet orderly. I keep my grocery list pdf online. I like all my clocks to match.

And I stick to a morning & evening routine.

But my house is clean, laundry done, sink is clean, people & pets fed, and trash goes out on a regular basis. And I can balance my checkbook in under 15 min!

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    Also buildings wouldn't get built, nothing would start on time, no one would ever shout "eureka!" in a lab, and teeth would fall out from not being brushed regularly, if it were not for "everyone" being slighly anal about SOMETHING. Of course, if they are not anal about what "I" am anal about, therein lies the problem. emoticon

Comment edited on: 11/7/2013 3:06:21 PM

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WORLDSERIES11 11/7/2013 2:18PM

    I agree with Gina! I do the things you mentioned--I am highly organized--but the items listed on the link you gave are not me at all. emoticon

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ANNETTEMARIE63 11/7/2013 2:18PM

    glad you got through that all without losing your temper... emoticon emoticon

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MOOMSHINE 11/7/2013 2:17PM

    There is another side to that coin.

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GINA180847 11/7/2013 2:10PM

    Are you sure those things mean one is anally retentive? I just thought it meant I had my s...t together. Glad you got your DVD.

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DONNABRIGHT 11/7/2013 2:09PM

    I've decided I am too much of a slob to be anal retentive about the things on the list but tomorrow could you talk about obsessive compulsive disorder because I think I fall into that category? Thanks for the chuckle.

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OBIESMOM2 11/7/2013 1:58PM

    emoticon for answering the age old question:
does anal retentive have a hyphen

I bet I'll really sleep tonight emoticon

the only thing I seem to ALWAYS get out of whack about is when DH changes his schedule. He needs to be OUT OF THE HOUSE no later than 6am M-F so I can do my morning workout.
yes, I have been known to push him out the door

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1CRAZYDOG 11/7/2013 1:55PM

    I resemble that description -- maybe?? LOLOLOL Nah, don't think so. Lord love a duck, I think that woman is plain psycho!

Glad you got your DVD after all that.

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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