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Medifast Day 120 -- Silent Treatment

Thursday, November 07, 2013

It feels like a Friday. I have tomorrow off from work because originally I was supposed to rest and get ready tomorrow for the trip to Texas. That isn't happening anymore but I still need the day. Unfortunately, my husband also took the day off and there goes my alone time. I feel smothered by him sometimes. Like, go do something. I always leave for at least a few hours each weekend day so he can do whatever. And he had the last few Fridays off. This one is MINE and now I get no alone time. We got into a huge argument over it last night and we're not even on speaking terms yet.

No, I don't want to have "together time" with him. I get enough of that already. Can't miss someone if they never leave you alone!

Well, this can go on all weekend for all I care. I'm still too mad at him. I think he pulled this crap 3 months ago when I had a chance for a day alone. He is such an inconsiderate jerk. Ugh.

I was supposed to meet up with my friend tonight but she is now suddenly busy with something. Now the plan is the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. I think I remember why I stopped talking to people. You make plans and they get canceled the day of or the day before. You know, I'm a busy person too. Respect my time.

It's such a beautiful day and the people in it are ruining it.

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FERRETGIRL28 11/7/2013 3:37PM

    Everyone needs their alone time, it's just necessary for peace of mind. Hubby probably thought you'd be happy he has off tomorrow too, but doesn't understand you were looking forward to having some quiet time alone. Hopefully you can figure out a way to have some time anyway....go out somewhere, or do something solo.

People can be so annoying. I hate people who cancel at the last minute all the time! It's so rude. I hope your plans for the farmer's market work out, sounds like a fun outing emoticon


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WHITNEYLD 11/7/2013 3:36PM


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BEEANDHAM 11/7/2013 3:05PM

    Will he follow you to the gym or on a run? Seems like the prefect excuse for some solitary exercise!

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NIMIRRA137 11/7/2013 3:00PM

    Alone time is VERY important. Does your husband think that since leave for a few hours on the weekends to give him alone time that it counts as yours too?

When you guys are home together, are you spending every minute together or do you go into separate rooms?

My bf and I have a pretty good set up with 'me' time and 'together' time. I get home from work a few hours earlier than him most days so I get my 'me' time then. I go to bed a lot earlier than him so he gets it when I'm asleep. In the time that we're home and awake together we usually have dinner but then go into separate rooms for an hour or two. I go into the bedroom and watch Netflix or read and he plays video games or reads comic books.

Is there a way to tell him without getting into a fight that you love him and value spending time with him but there are times you just want to alone? It doesn't mean you don't like spending time with him, just that you need time to do your own thing whatever it is. Dance around in your underwear, workout, or even just lay around and watch chick flicks.

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KATRICK528 11/7/2013 2:44PM

    I am sorry your friend cancelled on you.

I know 9 out of 10 times I plan something with someone, they cancel or just don't bother calling/texting to let me know it is not going to happen.

I hope you get your alone time.

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MISHAMW 11/7/2013 2:41PM

    I love my alone time, so I completely understand. When my mom or dad has a Monday or Friday off, I get so antsy, and so relieved when I have my alone day back. (Boy am I dreading Thanksgiving, four days with dad in a row).

It's not that I don't love them, it's just when they are home, I can't do things, like workout or clean. Plus my dad has this uncanning ability to drain energy from my mom and I.

Alone days are good for mind, and well, hopefully the husband will realize that soon. If not, then just ignore him.

Good luck and I hope you have fun at the farmer's market!

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DIETROCKSTAR 11/7/2013 2:27PM

    I so agree about alone time. And particularly when dieting. Dieting is freaking hard. I know I am less compassionate and more annoyed when I can't eat chocolate until I'm too sick to care.

Spending time with my bf can stress me out. I actually excuse myself to go hang out in his bedroom alone or take a bath even if I don't need one. Wait, I always need a bath.

I think it is something that you have to talk about. Sorry that it has already caused a less than stellar day.

I hope that your friend does not cancel on the farmer's market. Ugh.

Wishing you the BEST weekend possible!!


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MADEIT3 11/7/2013 1:37PM

    I loved Medifast - hope it's working out for you.

When I need alone time, I go on a wandering. I just get in the car and go where I want even if it's just to Starbucks for coffee and Wi-Fi.

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