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Wow, some people!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Did I get the spelling and punctuation correct on my title? Geez wiz! I'm a person not a robot! I make mistakes, and I admit that I do. I am flabbergasted that on a site about the struggles to getting healthy, that the grammar police have to police the blogs. When I read a blog and see an error, I snicker to myself and say "oh wrong button syndrome did it again" or "Sausage fingers at it again" We have ALL made a typo here. I also do not feel compelled to write a comment correcting on such errors. I comment about what the blog was about. It is sad that, that the internet has created the ability to hide behind random pictures and make snide comments to people you don't know, that you just randomly happen to read one blog of theirs.

When I blog it comes from me, just as if I was speaking to you like you were in front of me. I don't sit for hours typing up my blog, then proof reading it. It is not how I operate. I am the first to admit I am no English major. I do not write books, or articles for a paper. Therefore, I may get some punctuation or a spelling wrong on occasion. It just shows that I'm a real person behind this page, and not a robot.

I am:
A new mom chasing a crawling baby around the house
A wife doing household chores everyday
A runner, trying to get back to her fitness level before baby arrived
A woman struggling with eating healthy and getting in workouts
A teacher of phlebotomy
A jewelery maker as a hobby
A woman trying to stay positive in this cruel world and trying to raise a daughter to be this way as well.

OH and my title of my last blog did not have the word time in it. So I was referring to the general savingS over the course of the time that Daylight saving time does to us, as most people I know do. I also did not state that we changed our clock to DST nor did I state that we changed it from DST. All I stated was that we changed our time yet again, and it messed up our schedule!

If you feel compelled to write a comment on my grammar or spelling, this is not the blog you are looking for! Do not click on the "Post Comment" button, instead click on the "X" at the top right hand corner. You may learn that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Didn't my proposition make the day that much BETTER??? Can't wait to see you tomorrow night! I hope you will be wearing your new outfit/boots/make-ups!!! (Yes, I said make-ups! LOL)

    Typo shmypo.... I actually had to GOOGLE it myself! LMAO Delete their comments! No need for that here!
    1384 days ago
    I think I spotted a typo on this one...just sayin...lol!
    1384 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    I think that is why SP gave us a delete button - so we could get rid of the grammer police, the naysayers, the "I am right and you are wrong" people, the critics and the Negative Nellies/Neds.

    1384 days ago
  • GK1963
    I guess some people have too much time on their hands, And it sounds like you don't have enough! Wow, you are one busy gal.

    Best of luck on your journey and don't let the negative Nellies (or Neds) get you down.
    1384 days ago
    Don't let people get to you! Just laugh about it- you have no reason to have to justify your spelling or anything you say on this blog- I find comments interesting and even offensive from time to time, but one thing I have found is that people are sometimes ignorant and othertimes they speak their mind and say dumb stuff, but mean nothing by it. I try to be honest in my blog comments and I try to keep quiet when I have nothing nice to say, but sometimes stuff might come out wrong or whatever. And, truthfully, I find it highly amusing that people care about a typo- what does that say about them? Maybe they have some crazy annying OCD issue or maybe they are just A-holes-LOL. Whatever it is, don't sweat it! If it bothers you enough tough, unfriend them.
    Spark is supposed to be a place to be able to express yourself, to find true support, to find people who can relate and emphasize, lend you an ear, to vent to do whatever your intention is with this space!
    My site is on private, so I don't get comments like this- heck, I barely get any comments at all, because I'm not really all that active, nor all that involved. And that's okay too.
    I for one, find a ton of stuff annoying around here- from what people post, to what they say, to how they treat others and even how self-absorbed they are and how somehow they get so much more superficial support, because they have such a great life or whatnot ( not even sure if that makes any sense-LOL). I just take a breath and move on :-) Because there are a ton of real, fun, amazing people on here that inspire me and I have a place to be me- that's good enough.

    I'm glad you could vent!!!
    1384 days ago
    You get 'em girl!! Some people are just so ridiculous! Apparently they have NEVER made a mistake in their life and feel the need to be high and mighty in pointing out someone elses. I know it's hard, but try not to let them get to you. If they have nothing better to do with their time then make comments like that, then they have pretty sad and pathetic lives (in my opinion). emoticon
    1384 days ago
    Spelling and syntax? Not what this is about at all. You sound like one very busy woman especially with a crawler in the house!! And you make jewelry?? Wish I could learn - I am all thumbs when it comes to wire wrapping.

    You focus on yourself and Blog in whatever way suits you. We're here for our health not our spelling! The grammar police will eventually fade away...
    1384 days ago
    p.s. don't let the almighty persnickety ones get to you!

    1384 days ago
    I typo and make mistakes all the time. The way I see it is some people have to be a downer for others to make themselves look better. Guess what? I'm with you and half the time when I answer these blogs I do it in "chat" mode. no punctuation no caps, no feeling i have to do it grammatically correct.... and this comes from somebody who aced every english course i have taken... including college. they wish to make fun of me...so be it.. but remember people, when you point at someone you have 3 fingers pointing back at YOU!!!
    1384 days ago
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