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Funeral Home

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

I drove past a funeral home tonight where there were a lot of parked cars out front. I had a macabre thought. What would be happening if I were the one right in there now being waked. What would be said,...she did not take care of herself, she was such a good person, she worked too much, she was funny, I am really going to miss her. Yes, likely all of those things, and more.

But who would really miss me? Immediate family? Sure. A few close friends, true, colleagues? maybe, but not anyone else there who I have been giving over control of my life for. I have been letting work make the decisions for my life. I have handed over the reins and said you dictate when I can come and go. Work is important to me. It pays the bills, but it should not cause this much stress where it has been the all consuming ruler of my life.

Where was I going when I drove past the funeral home? I was on my way to the gym, where I am have not been for over a month. Let me remind you, that it is HARD to go back when you have been away. Of course, it is just a mind trick that it matters that you have been away. Anytime you go back is a good thing.

Tonight, though felt extra good. I need to make myself feel better. Eventually, I will lose the weight, but for now I am just going to go to relieve the stress. It is important to make time to go. I felt worlds better just making my circulation get rolling again.

Just do something, anything. Be bold, make a move. You can do it!
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