Wednesday, November 06, 2013

How do we show our love By having and showing compassion to others By sharing some of whot we have Food cloths Buy learning to control that harsh words of ours No gossip or slander Think before you speak Take care of whot you use put carts back open doors for the elderly or disabled Do not push or shove others to get ahead If someone falls help them up Be the good Samaritan Visit the sick Help clean an old persons drive way or go pitch in when you see them struggle with it on there own Do not anything by Government or low that would harm others If we voted for it we are responsible Put no one down Let God be the Judge of others We only have control of our self Only can change our self By our light can make others follow us By our wards action and love night make some want the same thing we have Peace love light and Gods salvation We are Gods not the worlds Peace and love to you all
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