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The ‘Mix’ Called LIFE

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

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I had said a couple of days ago that when I had more time I would talk about what has been happening in my life. But, I have changed my mind, as that would be focusing on the negative. I have been going through a lot of intense stress taking care of a number of ‘fires’ at once, but I think that is called LIFE. No cure for that, except death, and I’d rather go through the stress than that! LOL.

November especially is a very busy and stressful month for me, but this November has been especially busy and stressful, as I have had more on my plate this November than I usually do most years. Suffice it to say, “There is NO ‘easy’ button!” But, this too shall pass, and things will once again slow down to a reasonable pace where I can accomplish more things I want to get accomplished, and not just the most pressing stuff. Most especially I want to get more focused on eating healthier and getting my exercise in regularly - something I have not had much time to focus on the last several weeks. This is the roller-coaster of life. And, I am thankful I get to still keep living it, however tough and stressful it may be at the moment. So, on to other things…
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My Days Dog Story:
Last night Mocha wouldn’t do his last of the day potty, so I took him down to Chucks to crate him for the night (as Chuck gets up a few hours earlier than I do, and so Mocha wouldn’t end up being 13 hours without doing his potty duty - from when he had last done it in the afternoon). Well, Mocha knew what was happening, and so instead of going into the crate down there, he runs to Chuck and hides behind Chuck, to have Chuck (save him) from ME! So funny! Just like a child, these dogs will try to play one ‘parent’ against the other, or if one disallows something they try to get it from the other. So, last night Mocha tried really hard to stay hidden behind Chuck and to have Chuck ‘save’ him. To no avail.

This morning Mocha was all into asking for forgiveness, and even though he had only been 3 hours since potty he wanted to demonstrate his obedience to me by running to his potty station up here and doing potty as soon as I brought him upstairs. And, he has been a really obedient little dog all day long. LOL.
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Today’s QUOTEs - From the Book “Spoiled - Why Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It“:

~~ The paradox of change is that whenever we do something differently, even when it seems an improvement, we open a door into the unknown.

~~ Society never advances. It reseeds as fast on one side as it gains on the other… For everything that is given, something is taken. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 1841
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I learned some really interesting things in this book today:

1) Ready-to-eat salad greens or other vegetables remain unspoiled for an even longer time in the bag because of something called ‘modified atmospheric packaging’ (MAP): The oxygen is removed and replaced with nitrogen or another gas. Some researchers have been concerned that the absence of oxygen creates a very pleasant environment for C. outline, as well as Listeria and Aeromonas, any of which might be present on the leaves.

MAP pathogens can grow in great numbers before vegetables show signs of spoiling. {{I guess this a WHY it is really important to throw out those greens if they aren‘t used by the “use by date“, even if they still look fresh and healthy to eat}}.

2) Some time back a University modified soybeans with genes from Brazil nuts to produce a soybean with more protein. Unfortunately, the new soybeans were found to be capable of setting off serious - potentially fatal - allergic response in people sensitive to Brazil nuts.

Critics of moving genes to food plants from other plants say that this study, the first to demonstrate that allergens can be transferred from one food to another through genetic engineering… {{What OTHER side effects and health risks are we getting from genetically modified foods?}}

3) Do NOT cook meat in microwave ovens. Cold spots remain in microwaved foods - even when the meat is considered hot when it is removed from the oven. There is no residual heating effect once food is removed from the oven. {{So, when I cook eggs in the microwave, and there is always that center area that doesn‘t cook well, I am definitely putting myself at risk of salmonella.}}
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  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    Sorry about your challenges and issues; hope there is something good in there, besides the trial.

Your dogs have such personalities!

There are some really sickening things they are doing with genes. Inserting human genes into rice - just nauseating. Organic seeds, grow it yourself, and throw out the microwave for multiple reasons. I'm looking for Stanley thermoses for myself in the car.

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CHANTENAY 11/7/2013 7:27AM

    I agree that GMOs are a dangerous thing. It's tampering with nature too much. Scientists would like us to think that it's not much different than hybrids, but I don't think so.

I have a lot on my plate right now - but you already know that!

Your dogs sound so cute!


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PHOENIX1949 11/6/2013 11:30PM

    Weird things going on with SP. Comments to previous blog are showing on this one.

Appreciate this blog. More and more I understand why my mother (diabetic heart patient with additional challenges), when in her 80's, would often say she wished she could just pop a pill with all her day's nutrients and be done with the shopping, preparing and clean-up.


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