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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Wow if I had a kitchen, would I have ever stocked up on pumpkins at Aldi's for $ .99 ea! I would have baked pieces and then pureed them and frozen the pumpkin puree in my mini chest freezer that's currently in ministorage. I would have also picked a few small ones to make lovely Thanksgiving centerpieces out of, with candles and silk flowers in the top. And baked the seeds of all of them in the oven.

I also noticed a bargain at Aldi's I never noticed before. I usually only buy groundbeef when it's marked down due to being within 1 day of it's date. But they haven't had any for a long time, and when I was working the past 3 months I could only check on Sat & Sun mornings (the marked down items go quickly first thing in the morning, you have to check when they first open). So I haven't had any groundbeef lately. I looked in the frozen section for 93% frozen burger patties and was surprised they have none - I know other stores do. They did have 85% frozen ground beef patties though. I noticed the price, $3.00 lb, is cheaper than Aldi's fresh 85% ground beef, and cheaper than 80%, etc. It will do until I find a better sale. Also it acts like a chunk of ice in the cooler, which is a good thing.

And I bought my 1st package of organic spring mix lettuce salad at Aldi's, it is the perfect size at 5oz and almost as good a buy, per unit price, as Food Lion's 11oz big organic salad container. Sometimes the big Food Lion container starts looking bad in the icechest, before I can get it eaten. The organic salad, which also comes in baby spinach, is definitely a bargain.

It's now been one week of vacation since my day job ended. I have been cleaning out my car for an embarrassingly long time. Yes, a whole week. It's like going on an archaeological dig, uncovering layers.

I am making progress. I found my pedometer, after 3 days emoticon emoticon which I knew had to be somewhere in there. Haven't got it working yet. I have to insert a battery, go to settings, measure my stride (which I should have written down in my address book so I can't lose it), and then enter my stride. I don't understand why I dread doing this so much. I like using and wearing peds once they are working.

I am doing a new daily routine, so that when I get the next job, my organization in my personal life will not fall apart this time. The last 3 months, with 2 jobs for 2 of those months, were a test of my SparkJourney and personal org kills, and, I got an F. I looked back at some blogs and it definitely seems like I am slipping in my SparkJourney / Lifestyle Change process. So routines it is. When you find yourself needing to take control or regain control, start with preparing tomorrow's food, clothes, and scheduled exercise today; and then in the time remaining, work on clutter and taking the trash out.

So I have scheduled devotions, walking, daytime and nighttime job hunting, and tomorrow's food & clothes prep. Also 1-2 hours at ministorage repacking and decluttering during the day before the sun goes down, because I never want to go there at night during winter, and shudder at the thought.

I have divided these activities into scheduled events interspersed with FlyLady routines, . I and am once again doing 3 routines: Morning, Daylight, and Before Bed. The front passenger seat in my car, and front passenger floor, is my kitchen sink. I now have a "rest stop bag" in the trunk. In it I keep small washing projects, dish detergent etc., and a large Tupperware bowl so nothing touches any public surface.

In ministorage I remind myself that I can only keep the best 10%. Like the hoarders on the show, "Hoarders", I feel a need to look in each and every box, and see or touch each and every item. But I don't seem to have a problem with throwing out and donating, as so many do. Thank goodness. It's better to keep those skills practiced and honed however, so one doesn't grow old and become like one of those people on the show. And vigilantly, sometimes viciously, I remind myself and force myself to remember I can only keep 10%. If you are constantly keeping the 10% goal in mind, that eliminates stacking higher, organizing clutter to make more room for keeping it, etc. The goal is to get rid of the stuff and keep only the best 10% - not organize it better or stack it higher. I have found if, when making the decision whether or not to keep it, if it takes more than a few seconds, if there is hesitation even slight hesitation, that means it belongs to the 90%. 10% items have zero hesitation. So when decision making if there is a hesitation, it has to go. The best 10% will probably barely fit in my new apt when I get one - barring a miracle I expect it to be a small space and I do NOT want it crammed full of STUFF. Also, it is a cardinal rule, within 60 days of moving into the apt I have to empty ministorage, totally and completely, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. I refuse to pay rent and ministorage rent at the same time. And I will not have time to go through boxes and look at and touch each item then, or make decisions then, because I will be working. And I will not have room for the stuff in my small space. So this is my opportunity, right now, to take care of storage items in ministorage, and keep only the best 10%. Ministorage is definitely a disaster right now.

I can't wait to have my own apt again. In the south-facing livingroom I want mostly empty space for plants, stands, container gardening, and herb gardens. Very little to no furniture or living space there. I will mainly live out of the kitchen and bedroom, with a sunny open window that is mostly bare in the livingroom. Every time I throw away a Greek yogurt cup, I think what a wonderful seed planter it would make. Soon, soon; as soon as I have full-time gainful employment . . . hopefully this Spring.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    i hope you do have a permanent home soon. I love pumpkins too. They are one of my favorite decorations.
    1535 days ago
    you are an inspiration to me for how you are coping with all that is handed out to you
    1537 days ago
    I am really impressed by your organizing skills, most especially under the circumstances you're dealing with. Also am impressed with your ability to throw or donate things. That is something I have a problem with, but mostly due to not having the energy to give to going through things to decide if it goes. Though to admit I do have a tinge of a hoarding issue; probably level one.

    I will be so happy for you when you get a place. I do hope that will not be a wait till spring when you are hoping to get another job. I hope you are planning to find an apt before winter.
    1537 days ago
    I love that Hump Day camel!
    You are doing a great job de-cluttering mini storage, Carol. It will make it so much easier when you get your little apartment!
    1537 days ago
    So glad you are organizing and planning for your new apartment. I pray that the new home comes into your life soon (along with a good job!)
    1537 days ago
    I will have to see if the Aldi's closest to us has that sale. It is in a neighboring state so we don't get their flyer until Thurs. I wonder when the new sales start.

    Organizing my time is so important to my success and something I lack in quite often.
    1537 days ago
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