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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Cankles (Urban Dictionary term)
chubby ankles. From the English "calf" meaning wide portion of the lower leg, and "ankle" meaning slender joint of leg with foot.

I've come to the conclusion that I am always going to have a belly and cankles.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do with chubby ankles?

I'm going to pick up some green and red cabbage today in the hopes of making some healthy coleslaw and increasing my fiber. Getting 28 gr of fiber isn't easy. I thought that all the veggies I eat would do doesn't.

I'm walking over to the produce store...
every little bit helps.

enjoy your day
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    1444 days ago
    If you just have thick ankles, like I do, no big deal... If they are swollen and retaining water, definitely a dr. issue.
    A long time ago a woman who worked with my then-husband (snotty little thing) said to me "you have Hollywood legs. That's what my grandma called people with big legs". Sigh. Yes it's true. Couldn't wear high boots. Straight leg jeans cut off my circulation. Life's hard...

    BUT... those peglegs have served me well, and I have walked a lot of places on them, and plan to walk a lot more! Hope your day is wonderful, and your cankles are not a health issue!
    1445 days ago
    Some time ago I asked an Orthopedic Foot Surgeon about those cankles. It seems to be a hereditary issue as he reported to me that he sees even very thin people with that problem. But losing some weight will make it less obvious he said.
    1445 days ago
    I don't have and never heard of cankles but I love the post.
    My problem is a large stomach and leg warmers are not long enough to hide that.
    I have skinny wrists and you suppose that it's because I'm constantly moving my hands and feet?
    1445 days ago
    I don't know about Cankles, but I have to agree with PatriciaAnn!!! She said exactly how I feel!!!

    There are certain foods that contain a lot of fiber such as apples, raspberries, and beans. That should up your fiber pretty quickly!

    emoticon emoticon
    1445 days ago
    Good to learn new vocabulary. Hope strength training will work for that matter. (^^)
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1445 days ago
    I spend ages in physio and because my knees are a problem they have me draw circles with my feet I do 100 to the right and 100 to the left and I don't have cankles I can wear bracelets as anklets !(you would not want to start doing 100!!!) I do them while I watch the telly.
    1445 days ago
    Ru-Paul poodle! I almost spit my coffee reading that. Too funny.

    Cankles . . . don't know what to tell you. I have 'em too.

    HUGS Guess we have to learn to love them.
    1445 days ago
    emoticon You people are on the heater today! All terrific ideas!
    1445 days ago
    I love the word "cankles" !! :-)

    Being an RN, I suggest that you have your primary health care provider check you out for possible ankle edema (fluid on your ankles). He/she can assess whether you may have a related cardiac problem and decide if medications and/or further diagnostics are necessary. The ankle size you have cited may indeed be related to fat accumulation, but being sure that it is not a symptom of an underlying problem could be reassuring.
    1445 days ago
    If we have them--then let's hide them like the poodle!!
    1445 days ago
    crankles I don't have, but the belly I do! emoticon
    1445 days ago
    One of the best things about cold weather is you get to wear thick socks, leg warmers, boots, and long pants - any and all to help hide the cankles. That said, I'm lucky not to have them, but, as someone else just said, what we think everyone is staring at, they probably aren't.
    1445 days ago
  • GINA180847
    God made us in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I for one have humungous boobs (makes one's back ache and impossible to buy sweaters), okay legs and every ounce I eat immediately goes to my belly. I look at family pictures and I see that I was not adopted. Darn!!!!! Crazy family, I always had high hopes that someone made a mistake even though I was born at home with a midwife. Morticia and Obie's mom you slay me. Now see what you made me do, I need all new underwear!
    1445 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/5/2013 7:22:40 PM
  • SOFT_VAL67
    This is one subject I am happily able to say, I have no advice on. I have very slender ankles and wrists. Now, if you ever find out how to get rid of a belly, I will be back to find out. emoticon
    1445 days ago
    Hi Sheryl.........
    It is said that Laughter Is The Best Medicine...........
    I just want you to know that I come to your blogs on a daily basis as therapy!!!!!!
    It always works!!!!!
    And, what you don't supply, MORTICIAADAMS does.

    emoticon .......both.
    1445 days ago
  • DALID414
    Much like you can't spot train to lose the midsection, you definitely can't spot train to lose around the ankles emoticon
    1445 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    I don't think I have cankles, per se. But it's weird how sometimes my lower legs look slim(ish) to me and sometimes they look really big. I won't even talk about the thunder thighs...eek!

    1445 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I got cankels , too
    1445 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    I will never be able to get this image out of my head now! Never look at ankles the same way again!

    Go fiber!
    1445 days ago
    OBIESMOM2 .....
    Are you suggesting I go topless to 'cover' my ankles or
    so that people look up instead of down ...
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1445 days ago
    the first time I saw the picture of the dog...all I could think of was bimbo poodle, but then I was not sure of the gender.
    Then I thought ...RuPaul Poodle emoticon

    for those not familiar ...
    RuPaul is a famous drag queen/actor/author/talk show host
    who loves to sport big hair when in character
    1445 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/5/2013 3:56:25 PM
    Long pants work for me but I like the going topless idea better!

    I have had thick ankles forever - even at an ideal weight - so just try to love the fact that my ankles hold me up all day and move on to more important matters - like my bat wings emoticon
    1445 days ago
    I like the white hairy look the poodle is sporting for the cankles. I'm assuming that you cant achieve that look naturally, right? So maybe you could get some FAUX fur and wrap your ankles in tiger, leopard, fox, mink, rabbit, beaver, possum. rat, skunk, gerbil, hamster, mole, goat, grizzly, gorilla, walrus, whatever. The bouffant hair to match would really bring it together. You could match it to your outfit and have the neighbors guessing what animal you will appear as each day. I'm surprised you didn't think of this yourself with your fashion sense.
    1445 days ago
    go out topless, year round. Nobody will pay any attention to your legs.

    seriously - most of the things that we are so self-conscious about go unnoticed by the rest of the world. It may be a point of contention for you, but 99.9% of those around you never even see it.
    1445 days ago
    only wear socks with vertical stripes...the horizontal ones just have to go emoticon
    1445 days ago
    Wear ballet warmers, pushed down around your cankles and tone the rest of your leg to be muscular and lean. Or get a nose piercing so that no one looks down!
    1446 days ago
    emoticon I don't know about cankles but love the name! I guess ballet might help.
    1446 days ago
    All of the below. Walking and ballet helps, but you still can't beat your genes. Unless you want to be skeletally thin. That works too.
    1446 days ago
    Look at your family's body type. There might me a disposition to that shaped leg.

    I found that ballet exercises help strengthen ankles. And maybe build up your calves to add shapeliness.
    1446 days ago
    I am contmplating pork and sauerkraut in crock pot today.
    1446 days ago
    All I know is when I walked ALOT and mean 2-3 2 mile walks a day is when I got rid of mine. My ankles are starting to get chubby again so I need to walk more. That is all I know!
    1446 days ago
  • CAROL494
    1446 days ago
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