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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

So today, my arms hurt. Like a lot. But I consider that a good thing. If they weren't hurting, I wouldn't have a constant reminder that I, Heather the fat chick, did strength training yesterday....and I nailed it! I can so totally do this. The personal trainer at the gym we joined even gave me a cheat sheet for upper body days. I go back tomorrow for my son's session & my lower body session. She says I need to be doing cardio every day & doing upper body once a week & lower body once a week. It doesn't sound easy, but I'm pretty sure I can rock this. If nothing else, my frugal side will have me going to the gym as often as possible....it's not like me to spend that much money on something & then not use it. I also had a bit of an epiphany last night while I was doing the machine that works my triceps....I had been eating healthily for days & allowed myself to eat "bad" yesterday for lunch-McDonald's double cheeseburgers minus the buns. Well it hit me....the short term gratification of eating something tasty was totally not worth it when it came to sweating my ass off in the gym & knowing that the work I was doing was just erasing today's mistakes instead of yesterday's. If I hadn't eaten that greasy ball of goodness, I may have actually burned some of the calories that I've been storing up for the apocalypse (ok not really storing it up for that, but that sounds better than admitting I've just gotten lazy and fat)!

So yeah, my arms hurt...but it's a good hurt. I think I'll find a way to incorporate more yummy foods into my everyday diet and still be inside my goal ranges so that I don't binge like I did yesterday. Either way, I think I'm making progress! emoticon

my arms hurt so good!
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