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BMI charts for children

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

So one thing that my DH and I have noticed is that the children are always asking for snacks or treats. I know most kids do this but it is like overboard. And as I mentioned before their pantry is full of all kinds of crap. Yes there are some good things but so much junk. Anyway our granddaughter is a big girl She has a big tummy for a 5 year old girl. I think she looks fine but then I got to thinking about it and did some research on the internet and goggled to see if they had charts and calculators for of course they do. And you enter in their age(birthday) sex, height and weight. My DH was with me as we did this. As soon as I entered this information it came back with a notice that asked me if I entered the weight right as it was a high weight for a child this age. I had entered it right so we processed and click yes the information is correct. It came back that she is obese. She is 3 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs 62 pounds. I certainly don't think she looks obese but that is what Web Md said. Anyway, we started something new with the kids. My husband put alarms on his cell phone for breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner, and evening snack. The kids are all excited about the new "healthy kid program" and can't wait for the alarms to eat when it's time and they so far aren't asking for so many snacks. My DH has started showing them the nutritional labels and talking to them about how much sugar are in things. They are working along with us. I read more about my granddaughter and we won't be putting her on a diet or anything as she is growing like a weed. so we will just focus on healthy foods.
I was happy that my DH wanted to do this and he is almost too crazy about it but he too needs to lose weight and stop eating so much junk food. So I am glad he is now reading labels. So that is one good thing that is coming out of this exercise. I just don't want the parents to think we are "sticking our noses" into something that we shouldn't. It's just that we love our grandchildren so much and we want them to be healthy and I especially after having been a fat pre-teen and teenager, I don't want her to suffer like I did. I would have loved it if someone helped me when I was young to understand things better. Our grandson who is an excellent reader is really getting into ready labels. So he is having fun.
Anyway since we are going to be here another month we thought we would work on it since we have the time. I just want to be careful and not offend the parents. Especially my DIL who admits she likes junk too much. But she is a runner and has done two marathons and isn't overweight at all. But overweight does run in her family. Her mother is obese and very unhealthy.

So sorry for venting here. I do it out of love. Thanks for listening.

Both children are home today as there is no school due to election day. we are going to Ikea to look for a table for the game room. They both have colds and aren't feeling great. I am back to spraying Lysol and using hand sanitizers.

Hope you all have a terrific day.
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    The best thing you and DH can do is just what you are doing - to teach the grandkids about healthy eating. All kids grow at different rates and as long as they are eating a majority of healthy things and growing along with getting good exercise and play time. My kids are usually at the lower edge of their weight ranges but at the upper end of the height and our pediatrician tells them they could stand to add a few more pounds but to make sure it's healthy food that they are eating. It's a fine line, but good nutrition and exercise go together to keep them healthy.
    Great job Sallie
    1596 days ago
    What you are doing for your grandkids is awesome! Good for you!!

    My granddaughter got a report from school saying she is in the 82nd percentile for weight at her height. Her BMI is 17.1. The report says that she is in the healthiest group, however, I noticed that if she was at the 84th percentile she would no longer be in that group, but in the mildest overweight group. We try hard to feed our grandkids well, but they still get an awful lot of junk, even at school. My daughter is mildly overweight and is a very picky eater. Luckily the kids eat fruits and veggies well, but if given a choice they would often choose junk.

    1597 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Good for you Sallie! I really hope your dil sees the bright side of this. They are lucky kids. You would be surprised at how much grandparents can influence kids in the opposite way!! And THAT is even more frustrating because it is easy to spoil kids with treats and get them to "love" you more and then the parents have to be the bad guys saying no to the junk.
    My nephew who is over weight has had his problems made much worse by two diabetic grandmothers who spoil him with treats and super fattening homemade food and desserts.
    So do not feel bad about what you are doing in any way! You are totally in the right on this and I am behind you 100%! Keep it up. You are going to help these kids in ways you will not believe. Their lives will be better thanks to these efforts by you two. emoticon
    1597 days ago
    You are good grand parents and it is wise not to go the diet way for your grand daughter. Eating real food will help a lot.
    1598 days ago
    You are really doing a great thing to teach your
    grandkids the ways of healthy eating. It is hard
    when kids are bombarded with ads for so much
    unhealthy junk to know that there is a healthier
    alternative. I hope the GK are smart enough to
    realize that healthy eating is in their best
    interest. On the other hand, they are kids and
    there will be times that they will buckle.
    1598 days ago
    As long as you do not obsess over th junk food for the children, but just gently guide them into healthy eating habits I do not see that you and Dh would offend the parents . Teaching them healthy eating habit now can carry over to a lifetime of healthy eating
    1598 days ago
    I think it's wonderful what you are doing for your grandchildren. You are really showing them how much you love them. Discuss this with the parents and maybe the good eating habits will continue after you leave!!! God bless you!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1598 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/5/2013 11:14:44 PM
  • SKATER787
    Good thing DH is doing this. Way to go. emoticon
    1598 days ago
    I think you and your DH are doing a great thing. Kids are never too young to start learning about healthy eating and exercising. If we would teach our children about these things from the beginning, just like we would teach good manners and respect, I believe it would become a life long habit. Kuddos to you and your DH for taking the time to do this for your grandchildren!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1598 days ago
    You know, it makes me mad. Schools do no teach anything about nutrition, nor do they have healthy food options available, nor does TV (which most kids spend too time watching) advertise HEALTHY food (when's the last time you saw an ad for broccoli or carrots?),and the kids are FAR too inactive.

    KIDS learn things by example and soak it up like a sponge. YOU are doing the very most loving thing possible for those kids! Blessings to you.

    1598 days ago
    You and your DH did a great job, teaching the grandkids about healthy lifestyle in a fun way. I'm sure they enjoy the time spent together!
    1598 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    No school for election day? Weird.

    This is great for the kids! I was thinking the other day that making it a point to read the nutrition labels has REALLY made a difference in what I eat and what I don't eat.
    1598 days ago
    It's great to see children starting early on good eating habits. Enjoy your day with them.
    1598 days ago
    Great that your DH has taken this to heart, nothing better than leading by example.
    This can make a big difference in those children's lives.
    1598 days ago
    This is a tough situation, but I'm glad you checked the numbers. I saw the photo of your granddaughter, and I agree, she didn't look obese. If she's really active, that might not be true, but regardless, I think it's great to teach kids healthy habits. I can't say my mom didn't try with me. She cooked healthy food and we had regular mealtimes, healthy snacks (and not too many of them), and she shopped at our co-op. No soda for me, and chips were a rarity. But once I got old enough to buy my own candy, I got myself in trouble (and into a sugar habit that was hard to break).

    I don't know why I was so heavy as a small child. I was active and athletic and we didn't eat unhealthy food. All the pictures of me from age 2-6 show a pretty chubby kid, though. Hopefully your grandkids have better genes. emoticon
    1598 days ago
  • LIS193
    emoticon DILs are tricky territory and you are handling it like a pro. There will come a time when she won't running as much and she will need the knowledge of eating better. Good for you starting with the kids and making a game out of limiting snack time and reading labels.
    1598 days ago
    Good for you! That is great you are teaching your grandchildren how to become healthier!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1598 days ago
  • _LINDA
    That is fantastic you and DH are helping your grandkids understand about nutrition!! Its the best age for them to learn! Surely your DIL should have no problem with it, given her relatives' state of health. Parents should want what is best for their children, to keep them healthy and happy. See if you can add more citrus to their diets to help ease those colds.
    Reading labels is so very important! So glad everyone is getting into the act! That is so awesome they are all getting into it!
    Keep up the fabulous work!!
    1598 days ago
  • TINY67
    emoticon You're pointing them in the right direction.
    1598 days ago
    You are taking it one step further and starting them on the right path sooner. Hope the parents agree with you.
    1598 days ago
  • MAGIK0731
    You are doing a phenomenal job! You are showing that you truly care for your grandchildren and there is nothing wrong with that.
    1598 days ago
    I would have loved to have a grandmother help me understand how to eat. You are doing the right thing!! Clearly, there was a reason for the long visit.

    1598 days ago
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