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Monday, November 04, 2013

Hi friends!

This weekend was jammed packed with festivities. We had a scooter rally called Rally De Los Muertos.
I had planned to go to the first rally stop boneshakers, then watch my brothers play at a bar, then go to the San Antonio MuertoFest, then check out the Diwali festival. I was really tired but I gave it the old college try.

Friday I worked till 5PM and when I got home to ride my scooter to the rally it wouldn't start emoticon I can't use my scooter right now. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon. My mom was nice enough to let me use her new vespa. The vespa is nice but I missed my own bike.

FRIDAY 11-01-2013
Friday we went to Boneshakers in Downtown San Antonio

Then to watch my brothers play at a bar called Tonic. My brothers band is called All Sides Equal. There I meet up with my cousins. One of them is visiting from Scotland. It was nice to catch up.

Then I ran out of steam and had to go home. I was exhausted and a really disappointed my body didn't let me do everything I wanted to do. The hubby was tired to.

SATURDAY 11/02/2013
The first rally stop was at the Motorcycle shop.. I took my eldest son Eddie with me for his first ever scooter ride and he did wonderful! He loved it. He even fell asleep most of the way.

My mom usually takes her doggie on rides so I wanted to start taking Eddie.

The next stop was at Browns coffee shop

After a while Eddie started getting tired so I dropped him off at home and went to pick up my car. Then I met up with my scooter group at MuertoFest in la villita.

This is me and my Dad. Scootering is a family thing.

me and my mom , dad and scooter friends. My mom is 3rd from the right with the yellow shirt.

Then on the way back to my car I was taking some pictures and I noticed some people going to Hemisphere Park. I followed them in and to my surprise the Diwali Festival was still going on! And that was it. I got to do everything on my list that I wanted to. But that was not all.

I laid a floating candle for my loved ones who have passed.

Then I left to the Cove. It's a great Outdoor restaurant and the last stop on my scooter rally tour. At the cove, awards and prizes were given out, but I missed the ceremony because Albert my husband called to ask me to pick him up. His scooter had died on the way to meeting me at the restaurant. Upon arriving at the Cove we found that we won the most muerto couple award. I'm not sure if it was for me and Eddie or me and Albert but I find it funny that we won the muerto (death) award as a couple and both our scooters died.

SUNDAY 11-03-13
I went to church and then we met up with some of our Houston Scooter buddies at Big Lou's. In case you don't know what big lou's is they were on Man Vs Food and are known for huge pizzas and portion sizes. We conquered the 42 inch pizza! I regret nothing! We had an awesome time and now I'm back to being on program! We had so much fun!

What I learned from this experience is not to give up. Even though things might not happen when we want (like all crammed in a Friday) or how we want (riding in a car as opposed to a scooter) or with who we want (I stumbled into the Diwali festival alone) good things will happen. And as long as you stay calm, cool unexpected things happen along the way (like the diwali festival and Big Lou's).

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