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I'm Mad! And I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore!!

Monday, November 04, 2013

Had to leave out a couple of key words to allow this to be published, but I've sure most of you have heard the saying or the song!

But what I'm mad about is working so hard to get fit and toned, only to have holidays and birthdays roll around and the weight comes swooping back down on us. Sure, we could be martyrs and not eat the birthday cake (canolli, cupcake, whatever) but even that wouldn't make us happy. We could starve ourselves on the days we are going out to eat -- not healthy and still doesn't guarantee you won't gain. We could eat a small healthy meal before going out to the party or restaurant. In my case, my DH would be wondering why he was paying $17.95 for food I was just pushing around on my plate!

Like it or not, there is no easy way around the holidays. Food is everywhere, and if it isn't food, it's drinks (they can be worse as they don't even fill you up).

None of my ideas are new, but here are a few guidelines you can count on:

1. Eat fresh fruit when given the choice.

2. Drink half and half wine/soda water for a fraction of the calories.

3. Little squares of ham or chicken, even cold shrimp are OK. We need protein.

4. Nuts are healthy, but quite high in calories -- it's best to skip them.

5. If you're in your own home and want a dessert try sugar-free jello, even with a dab of light cool whip on it, it's very low-cal.

6. Eat a bowl of tomato soup before you go out to eat -- you'll be forced to bring home a doggy bag (for lunch the next day).

7. When everyone wants dessert, see if you can share with someone.

8. Suggest a moonlight walk around the block, or a dance or two. You'll feel better and it will use up calories.

9. Drink plenty of water as your day goes by. Take it with you shopping!

10. If you cheat on something, don't go ahead and eat everything in sight -- start over right that minute -- you can do it!!

Good luck with all your celebrations, lunches with friends and family and those big family dinners that are coming up. Remember pumpkin pie is better for you than pecan -- start studying, so you make those good choices instead of the bad ones.