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Floor Presses - A great way to end October

Sunday, November 03, 2013

October was a month of change for me - I changed my workouts and schedule, time changed, my eating habits changed - and all seem to be for the better.

My eating in October was much better, and the scale has started to slowly move downward. Makes me wonder if I wasn't pushing my body so hard physically that it held on to its nourishment for dear life. I feel pretty comfortable that I can keep my eating habits regular and healthy.

Workout -wise, I added in yoga once a week. I REALLY enjoy it - and it is not near as placid as I thought. It is relaxing, yet at the same time your muscles and body are working so that you do get a workout - just a different kind. It is also nice because my husband decided to join the class, so it is something we can do together. And - for him it was free! One of the other guys said the first one was hard on his knees and told hubby that since the sessions were already paid for, go ahead and take his spot!

In addition, I have been working twice a week with my trainer of 6 years. Dang he is good! I should have just stuck with him! The first couple weeks were a bit low key. The workouts were more of a test to see what I could and couldn't do along with what I would call rehab. It was kind of a mixed bag with some frustration - I had improved in some areas, but in others I had lost some of my skill and strength. At least it gave him a blueprint to work off of.

The last couple weeks have been phenomenal! I have felt so good and feel like I accomplished so much working with him! The turning point was the floor presses, which we had not done in ages. It is an old bodybuilder trick - lay flat on the floor on your back, and do a chest press with dumbbells. It is a great way to build strength as it differs from chest press on bench. First, you are on the floor - your legs can't help you - chest and core are it. Second, your arms on the down stroke are stopped by the floor - you don't get that little "oomph" from your arms going slightly below parallel on the bench . Finally, it's dumbbells which require a bit more control that the bar so.

Imagine my surprise when we built up to 50 pound dumbbells and I actually got 4 reps! Not a lot of reps, but holy moley, I feel pretty good for an old lady! That was one area I did indeed improve. Last time we tried this, I could get only 1 rep with 45 pound dumbbells.

I am so looking forward to November and working towards being a more healthy individual!
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