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Looking for the magic bullet

Sunday, November 03, 2013

I spend copious hours reading about subjects related to my health and ways to deal with issues such as poor eating habits. I have had people suggest I am avoiding dealing with them while telling myself that I am truly doing something good for myself. Given the years I have spent doing this I would have to agree. What if I had spent that time doing active things like learning how to cook appetizing, nutritious meals or being physically active? I guess the answer is obvious! Sure I have had events intervene in my life such as 2 hip operations but why would those cause me to not act on a healthy lifestyle change? I read about people who are coming from a much more challenging situation such as being bedridden due to obesity or inconstant pain who still achieve amazing success. Why can't I?!
There I go! Something more to research. The vast amount of time I have spent researching has not given me the magic bullet. It's time to just do it a s Nike says.
Addiction sounds like a good theory. The pleasure I get from eating/gorging is immense. In the meantime I have choices e.g. I wait until they find my magic bullet or get doing something productive. There certainly are many things I could be doing to move forward. Start one thing once and ramp up gradually makes sense. I also need to get rid of the perfectionist thinking i.e. if I can't do something perfectly all the time then there is no sense doing it.
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    LOTS to think about in your blog. The perfectionist thing is so me, but fighting that daily. Realizing that at least if I try and fail, I've learned one way that DOESN'T work, and won't try that one again.

    Good luck to you and HUGS
    1444 days ago
    I think perhaps your reference to addiction in your blog is telling. I think most obese people are addicted. Unfortunately, unlike many addictions, you can't simply say "I'm done with food" the way an alcoholic or a drug addict can. Without food, you will eventually die.
    Having said that, a 'food addict" can borrow from those more widely recognized addictions. If there are particular trigger foods that you know set off your binges, don't bring them home. That doesn't necessarily even mean you have to give them up forever. If it's ice cream, make a bargain with yourself that you will NEVER eat it anywhere except your favourite ice cream shop and you will NEVER order more than a single scoop. When the craving strikes, you'll have to get dressed, hop in the car, drive to Ben and Jerrys (or Dairy Queen, or Baskin Robins ...). If the craving was more about something to do than about real hunger, the odds are good you'll decide it's more work than it's worth, and if not, at least you don't have to resist the rest of the carton as it calls to you from the freezer.
    The other thing we foodies can borrow from conventional addicts is their philosophy. Narcotics Anonymous has a pledge called "Just for today". If the idea of changing your life and making hard changes for the rest of your life is just so overwhelming that you spend your time researching the next great diet plan rather than actually trying one or making the commitment to get more active, then make a pact yourself (or maybe some of your fellow members here at Spark People) that you will make those changes "Just for today'. If you can do that every day for a week, and then a month, before long it will be a habit and you'll be feeling enough of the good effects that you won't want to go back to the way you were.
    Remember, research won't change your life. Only you can do that.
    1444 days ago
    emoticon Brilliant to ask the question "What would I do if I weren't looking for an 'easy' way out?" Brilliant to recognize the search for no effort as quite a bit of effort, and unproductive wasted effort at that.

    You helped me with that skillful thought and I bet you'll help others, too.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1444 days ago
    Taking action is what is necessary for any movement towards a better you as you know and stated in your blog. However you will need to watch and make certain you are indeed taking action in some way every day. You mentioned you research a lot. This will be tempting to continue to do. It can be a form of perfectionistic procrastination...LOL If one does nothing, one cannot fall short.

    So, as with all of us on this path if we want what we want badly enough we will go through what it takes on a daily basis to get it.
    1444 days ago
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