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Saturday, Nov 2, 2013 - Storms

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Storm Storm Storm is what it is doing today. Winds as high as 65 for us here on the coastline. Inland strong too, but not quite. Lots of power outages. Thank God, and pray I keep my power. This storm is supposed to last through all day into evening.

I did pretty well, my sugars remained low all day, but then this morning, they are still in goal, but were a little higher, so I think the cashews I nibbled on at bedtime or in bed (not a lot) but a few, well that must have been enough to kick up my sugar some. I see my package has arrived. I am having a cup of coffee this morning. My sugar ranges seem to be stable overall, but slightly higher than what I want for overall. I am working on seeing if I can stablize them to an overall lower (closer to normal) meaning as if I don't have diabetes. I don't know if that will be possible, but I am going to try.

Eating more of the low GI and low GL seem to make a very huge difference and mild exercise. The more exercise, the lower.

I do love the fact I can eat my favorite buffet because it is mostly Low GI and Low GL and low calorie. I just can't do all the time and have to do in moderation, and have to keep my day very low GI / GL for my foods.

It will be interesting Monday when I meet the nurse.

125/96 99
211 (after eating) forgot fasting number/73/98 (Had a major spike)
missed 10/22 & 10/23
117/161/93 this is ok
127/122 ok, but higher than I want
131/126 ok, but morning a little high
138/129 ok, but morning a little high
131/150/134 ok, not liking the high - meaning being in the 130's
140/150/107 WOW, not good 140 fasting - TOO HIGH, began my research, ate very low GI/GL and only raised 10 points after eating. Some exercise, ate low GI/GL and 107...start of getting better.
112/76 Excellent
110 Excellent
126/73/91 Excellent
133 (a little high which is this morning. Having a cup of black coffee. Going to eat low GI/GL See if the number goes down.

I did an average calculating all my fasting by adding them all together and dividing by the number of days and I was pleased to see that my average is 122 (121.8077)

I am pleased ... very pleased that I have reduced my average fasting. My goal is to be 120 or less for my fasting. I am almost there.

Ok, I am even more impressed. I averaged (added up all of my 2 hour after meals) I have an average of 111 (110.7586)

My goal was 150 or less after meals. As you can see I have some very low numbers. When I saw the doctor with husband, he had so far been pleased with my numbers. Well, even with a couple of bad days, I put myself back into check and I have kept my self pretty even. I thought my average on the fasting would have been higher because of the few higher numbers, but averaged out, I am 2 points from 120. Diabetes Association recommends 130 or less for fasting and 180 for after meals. You can see that I am succeeding with the after meals by a LOT :-) :-) :-) and you can see that my fasting is good too. Now, to improve and stabilize it more.

I got the shipment in of the product he wants me to try. I have to go pick up in office. Afraid to walk out door in this wind rain storm....mostly wind.

Ok, some may be asking, what are you eating.

I eat lots of spinach/kale/lettuce with just olive oil/vinegar and piece of salmon (small) and this is my early lunch in Seattle at Market Fresh on days I go there. For breakfast, I have been having Steel Cut Oatmeal, 1 cup - w/tsp of honey and tbsp ground flax in oatmeal, tsp of slivered almonds.

If Marlene's market, Giant Green (kale, spinach, cucumber, parsley, ginger) all juiced up 16 oz.... small salad...and if numbers good, do a 12 or 16 oz Matcha Tea (sugar free) they have organic sugar free and I have sugar free unsweeten hemp milk that I request. Sometimes there will be a not unsweetened hemp milk which has some carbs but not many.

Dinners vary - but sometimes it is Tostada, sometimes it is hamburger, sometimes it is fish, sometimes it is buffet (shrimp, crab, lobster) sometimes I splurge and have either the spinach noodles with sauce and only eat part of it, and no meat, just veggies or I do a tiny bit of mashed potatoes with prime rib....but only eat part. Or I do neither.

Or we do Gyro Salad for me

or I cook at home

Most of my meals do consist of salad and no dressing except for once in awhile will put caesar in a cup and dip my fork only into it and go very sparingly. It will look as if I have all of my dressing still in cup.

Oh, with my oatmeal I have two strawberries, with my lunch I have two strawberries

Now, one day, I did chicken gizzards (split order with hubby) and we split a chicken garlic 12" pizza. We did not finish the pizza (2 slices left over). I was not stuffed or hungry. I was worried about my numbers, but I was low, and the next morning, was low, but didn't want to push it so had oatmeal and then salad, then salad.

Homemade tomato soup, home made chili, all low gi/gl stuff.
I am experimenting.
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