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This past week in a nut shell

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Nut .. now isn't that an interesting word .. a great way of describing the pot stirrer in my life ..
Those folks that just can not stand to see anyone at peace .. enjoying their work or play or just plain enjoying life
Their misery makes me feel sorry for them .. but not sorry enough to let go of my peace and join them
Such a test I have chosen .. yippee
Bring on the next challenge I have passed this one!!
I had the most amazing Oct 31 .. at the rig shack (temporary office) .. spent the night there .. never realized how much land 5 acres really was until I walked it with my grand dog "Tiny" (Poodle /Maltese cross ) a whopping 10 pounds of protection !! She loves her grammy and I know she enjoyed the sleep over as much as I did.
We walked and we locked the gates .. then had some popcorn and then salad .. and apple and a cup of tea .. this silly little dog love fruit and vegetables so we shared almost every bite .. then another walk outside for my little miss and in to wash up and put on the pjs .. listened to some music and caught up on my letter writing plus got my spread sheet done for payroll .. had a very productive evening
My bed partner and I crawled in the sack at 9 .. wow I was amazed how comfortable it was .. and the pillows were amazing .. i must be losing because I brought all of the bedding from home and if I would have known those pillows were dream land I would have them on my bed ..LOL
They think of everything in these rental units honestly everything from alarm clocks to fly swatters . Nice bright light above the bed to read .. and I did Doreen Virtue and I spent a half hour or so hand in hand learning about angels .. so easy to shut the light off (in a strange place.. when you are scared crapless of the dark !! )
Slept like a baby .. honestly I was amazed .. the alarm went off at 5 .. up and showered .. made coffee and breakfast for the two of us .. Beautiful fresh picked mac apple sliced up with cinnamon .. multi grain bagel only half with fresh ground organic peanut butter .. yummy
Water with lemon and honey (thanks Little Bird) I bought two containers of organic unpasteurized honey this summer at the farmers market ..
Payroll all done by 8.. cheques printed .. and then off to the optometrist .. what a doll Dr Sliva .. on Sept 30 I put the eye appointment in my phone for Nov 1st .. seems I was supposed to be there Nov 20th .. now I know I don't pay attention some times but out by 19 days that is a record for me !! well they all laughed and squished me in .. I will never know for sure who was at fault but who cares right .. eyes are checked not much change .. new glasses ordered only because Momma Bear needs more than one pair (just in case) lol
So today will be a high gear morning .. vaccume , dust and wash the floors .. I've set myself a 3 hour time limit and that's it then I'm off to Estevan to check out a new table , the set I have is a 4 seater High Table and high chairs that matches a regular 6 seater table with leather chairs (or pretend leather I should say ) .. this set is going to the lunch room the high set will go under the TV / computer for safety training and the other will be for meetings and visits.
Next week will be a whirl wind of move and settle but so so worth it .. when I drive past the property we sold its hard to believe we worked out of that small cramped yard / shop and office area that was right smack dab in the heart of the city .. really hard to maneuver big equipment down those city streets .. it was in a bit of an industrial area but honestly never should have been allowed there years ago .. So glad to be out side of the city now and can easily take a grid road across the highway .. a few jogs here and there and join up with my highway that takes me home .. and I have bypassed the city completely .. now that doesn't mean I've missed the traffic because oh no siree there are tonnes of folks making their way back home to the city .. my reverse commute is usually wonderful .. because I take it as it comes .. too many people in front and all going way to slow bumper to bumper .. well I pull off listen to a tune .. and then start again .. I love speed ..(oops did I confess ..) but I need space and can't stand to be boxed in in traffic .. so I will leave earlier or stay later in order to avoid that insane group of travelers .. they are mad .. mad as hell .. bad energy .. they cut you off .. honk and wave their arms .. give you the finger ..
Oh for the love of Mike I say to myself .. so I pull off .. listen, read or have a talk with Mother and Father then take another stab at it .. Life is so valuable and my peace is priceless so I refuse to lose either to some dim whit that is making everyone else's life miserable !!
So dear Spark Friends .. have an amazing day look for the good in everything .. and try a different approach to the nasties in your life .. the other day the "boss" my husband was on a rant and rave .. crab and complain run for about 10 minutes .. mad at everyone and everything .. I got up from my desk .. grabbed him by both cheeks .. looked him straight in the eye and planted a great big smooch on his lips !!
It was just the four of us .. all family .. so it was priceless .. shut him up immediately .. and I never missed a beat .. never lost my peace .. did what I needed to do to shut him up and back to work LOL
now that was a moment .. I've come a long way .. !!
As you can see I can ramble .. and I still have a half hours typing to do so will check in again later with pictures .
Thanks to all of you and my Spark Tracker "Sam" I had a great week .. even my muffin tops feel like someone opened the oven and looked before they should have !! .. yippee
Huge hugs
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awesome blog! HUSG
    1505 days ago
    Please...Continue to ramble! It's delightful! As for the "boss" - it just goes to show you have to kiss a frog once in while......

    And by the way, if this was your day "in a nutshell," it must be one helluva big freakin' nut! emoticon
    1505 days ago
    What a wonderful positive blog. Thank you.
    1505 days ago
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