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Life is Short

Saturday, November 02, 2013

I've been thinking about this for the last few days.

Life is short. Life is too short.

We often say this as a justification for indulging in something we wish to have.

Life is too short to not enjoy this chocolate. Life is too short to not have that cookie.

I don't believe in denying myself anything really but it is important to make smart choices and to have the thing that really is special.....and enjoy it. That's different than mindlessly noshing. I don't always practice what I preach mind you, but I am trying.

It's November now and soon we will be preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, or whatever holidays are meaningful to us. More often than not, these holidays are based heavily on food traditions. It can be hard to make good choices at this time, but we can.

Life is too short not to have some of mom's wonderful pies. Maybe we need to think about that a minute.

I'm lucky in a way. I don't care much for a lot of sweets. That doesn't mean I can't over indulge at the holiday table though, and there are usually so many appealing things that we may not enjoy that often. Life is short.

I think we need to think about which of the "treats" are worth the indulge.....or yes, we will follow the holidays with too much bulge.

It's hard to do but having a taste of that special item would be a better choice. Also, if there are three or four kinds of pie at the table, do we really want or need some of each?

Are Christmas cookies about the cookies or are they about the family connection? A lot of us love the baking itself and there are often long lists of special cookies, candies and cakes. Do we need to make them all? Could we pare that down to one or two from our family and one or two from our partners? If we didn't make dozens and dozens before the kids come home and instead made some things together as a family activity, would we find more satisfaction in the doing than the eating?

Life is short.

Life really is too short to not choose to do what our bodies really need. Diet and exercise might seem like things we can shelve for the holidays but Life is too short for that.

Back in the sixties there was an expression. " If it feels good, do it" Of course this often meant something that wasn't particularly good for a person nor even legal for that matter. LOL But I thought of this on my run the other day. If it feels good do it. That run felt really good. Hmmmmm......Over indulge at the holiday table? End the day feeling bloated and tired? Or....take a walk or a run or take a yoga break or whatever else feels good?

Life is short.
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    This is it really, the crux of what defines which direction you choose to go. When I say life is too short now, I think "I want to live each day in the time I have as healthy as I can be". It doesn't mean forbidding all other joys, it simply means being smart about it and indulging in a way that lines up with being healthy. Life is too short to waste time being something or living in a way that we actually don't want to. Great post, I always love your writing.
    1568 days ago

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    Yep, life is short and indulging does lead to bulging. I've scaled back a lot since the children started leaving. I only make a few cookies and let them make what they want. Usually I'll make something Erik likes, and then a favorite along with my fruit cake that is made with dried fruits, nuts, whole wheat flour, molasses, oj etc, but I usually give those out as gifts to those who like-too expensive otherwise..
    At Thanksgiving I pick two pies I want to taste, take a 1/3 or 1/2 of a piece of one as dessert and eat the other piece for snack. I've taking to walking with some of the children after dinner too.
    I still eat too much, but I'm getting better. Guess I'll be perfect when I reach the Pearly gates.
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    1570 days ago
    Great blog for thought. I think that this year just one small slice of my favorite pie and savor each bite instead of a slice of every different kind of pie on the dessert table. Just one of my favorite cookie with a hot cup of tea, instead of a plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk. (Santa only has to take one bite to show he was there after all.)
    1573 days ago
    Food for thought once again!

    We do enjoy baking the cookies more than eating the cookies....but have scaled back a LITTLE over the years. We still make too many though....but as you say, life is too short, and holiday baking will someday end too, and we are going to make a ton of good memories now.

    We will definitely scale back Thanksgiving though. Jeff and Abbi won't be here again, and Lisa and Ryan will be accomodating both families by eating TWO Thanksgiviing dinners, so there's absolutely NO need to do it all for just me and John, and my mom who will eat a couple of bites and then be full.
    1573 days ago
  • JANET552
    Indulging leads to bulging. I think you've given me a new mantra!! Everything you wrote in this blog is true. We need to prioritize our health and well being. We also need to find a balance between food traditions and what's good for us. Those are tough lessons but I intend to keep practicing till I succeed. Good luck to us all!!
    1573 days ago
    Life is not short enough for me. (smiling) I feel like I've lived enough for three people. And I'm soul tired. Yes, it's mostly about the family connection (of the past) when it comes to goodies. I am going to stop my annual tradition of eating the entire pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.
    1573 days ago
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