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Way back when-oh things were so different then!!

Friday, November 01, 2013

Hey hey it's Saturday. And that is wonderful, Saturdays can never come fast enough sometimes. And as good as that is if they go too fast, we will speed through time too quick to enjoy them-and every other day too. So, I am going to enjoy this day today. And live every moment like if it is so precious. And thinking about that, every moment is a moment we will never live again. There will be happy, estatic,sad,tragic, fun,so many moments. And them moments will travel us through our universe we call earth. In our "oh so lucky we have it-Cyberland". What would we be doing now if the internet was never discovered?? It has it's bad aspects admittedly. But lets think back when there was no email,no facebook,no spark people,and communicating did not exist beyond us phoning, or flying across the world etc. We couldn't look up information on the computer, it didn't even exist. We had to find the time to fit in going to the library for information. We sent mail the old way, through the post. No iphone, or i or e products or experiences. Just imagine if that was how it still was. Younger generation people-the kids and young adults grew up with the computer age. But I grew up in the 70's and back then none of this would have been possible. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
The calibre of the technology today is so so advanced and it is amazing how fast that it is moving. Every new gadget arrives and before it wears out a newer better version or gadget all together replaces it's importance. And people that study and research and are up inventing new things and new medicines are amazing. The people who care who are trying to make a better world by researching to find cures for untold illnesses. People even looking to find a way to be immortal, or to live as long as they can. Then on the other side,well another angle there are the bad to society people who commit constant crimes,unthinkable violence against other people. They have to be removed from society and locked up, and live year after year doing bad things. We are such a diverse creation. And even saying that, we all have different views on where we came from, why we are here. The more we think into these subjects the more directions we can go into.
I'm not even going to take any more directions right now. I am going to greet all you Sparkies, every Sparkie with a welcome emoticon . I hope you are enjoying your Saturday. And "Shell" don't go there, but time zones find us all at different time frames. I am experiencing and living Saturday 1.36pm right now. And some of you will join me there,many others will be living yesterday. And some will be sleeping and getting up to your Saturday in a few hours. I slept in today and weighed in and am now twelve kilos down. I thought about my new weight for a moment or two. And when I think that on Thursday I was given a box of chocolates, I was woken up by a messege on my cell phone by my boss. The way she worded things saying we had to talk, I thought I was in trouble. So, with that frame of mind, a little curious and concerned when I couldn't get hold of my boss what she had to tell me. I gave in and opened them choccies emoticon emoticon emoticon . My son and I ate the lot. Another unusual thing happened that day I won't go into. I decided we would have greasies for tea-fish and chips. And as all us slimmers know, fish and chips, chocolate and halloween lollies aren't best when wanting to lose weight. They are ideal if you are wanting to gain however. So, with that in mind I did good with my 200grams down since my last weigh in. I aren't weighing in on any specific day at the moment. I am working on health and eating healthily as much as possible. I'm working out and enjoying that. But I have had the odd day here and there, more that I am allowing myself than giving in to temptation. Well maybe a little of both!! I said I would dye my hair when I reached twelve kilos down. To cover up the greys which are sprinkling throughout my hair,and my mousey colour. And I agreed that photos to go with it too. I might do that tomorrow. I am happy to be twelve kilos down since June. I am not racing or doing it fast. I want to make this a lifestyle change not a diet, so it is long term. And I want the results to be long term too. I was thinking I could be down twenty kilos by christmas or the new year. And that is a goal I want to be under a hundred kilos. By christmas might be pushing it, but being under a hundred is where I want to be. I am heading towards that and my journey continues. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Happy Sparking Sparkies, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the journey-whatever journey you are on. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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  • KIM22211
    it is nice to know we are human whereever we are in the world and we all have the exact same temptations! Hope all goes well with the boss!! hope that box of chocolates is gone so it cant tempt you anymore!! Kepp Sparkin' girl!!
    1573 days ago
    I think back to how things were and I have mixed emotions. I loved the way things were slower then. It reminds me to take time for me. But I also love that some things don't take as long to accomplish. If I could just quit over-scheduling, I would be so much better.
    1573 days ago
    1574 days ago
  • KAREN608
    I graduated from high school in 1977. I remember the first video game machines were pong and so simple, and I had no extra income to play them. I was paying for my high school tuition and uniform. What I miss most from them is my size and my energy...and youth. It was a time of new things before it all got so complicated. Hope your scale number always goes down.
    1574 days ago
    Technology is amazing isn't it? It has allowed me to reconnect with friends from my childhood, stay in constant touch with my family who all live in different states, travel to places online that I could otherwise never see, call family or friends while standing on a mountaintop and describe the beautiful view before me, be a part of this Spark community, . . . . Yes, it is amazing, but like everything else in this world, the good comes with bad. It's part of life. Still, we would have a hard time living without it now.

    Congratulations on your weight loss. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. I'll be working tonight and tomorrow night, but off on Monday and Tuesday!

    emoticon emoticon
    1574 days ago
    I love your blog because it's so positive and it brought back some memories! I was a teenager in the 1970s and the world was definitely very different then. And I agree with you - let's make each day have memories we will love in the future. Thanks so much for sharing AND emoticon on your weight loss! emoticon
    1574 days ago
    Hey there buddy sorry I've been so quiet for so long. Another great blog as a 70's child I too can't get over how fast tecki things have advanced, and I love the way I can talk to you even though your half way around the world
    1574 days ago
    One of the things I love about Spark is that I get to know people all over the world.
    1575 days ago
    I grew up in the 50's and things have changed. I will just ride this time machine and try to enjoy it the best and healthiest I can. Let's both enjoy the ride.
    1575 days ago
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