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Another 5k, no ice cream, trick or treat, and my first sip.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Let's do this one in reverse order.

Had my first sip of alcohol tonight and didn't even know it. Was out with my daughter, and was offered some hot chocolate. First I said "No, thank you though". Second time I didn't want to seem rude and I said "yes, thank you". After the calories I've burned up lately, this won't even touch me. Then I'm walking, thinking, this tastes a little funny. So what does every good parent do, have your young daughter try it. Behold, hot chocolate with Bailey's. No biggie, just dumped it out. This is probably the most anti-climactic way for me to have my first sip. Oh Well. My plan was to do my St Judes marathon on Saturday and if I had some celebration wine, then so be it. No race, no wine, and no hidden meanings. Sounds like a good way to me.

Why was I out with my daughter. It's Halloween. She was a female Slenderman, and I dressed up (literally). Black and whites from head to toe. Mr. Tux was taking his daughter out. This is one of the BIGGEST EGO BOOSTS I've had in a long time. I heard people compliment my daughter for her dad dressing up and taking her out. SO AWESOME!! Then the single moms checking me out, YEA BABY! One lady at a house made me come up because she "has something to give me". Must have been more than one house hitting the booze, because she didn't even pretend to hide it. The best one all night was the most polite. A woman simple told me that she "liked the look of my costume". Saying it nice in front of my daughter, but dipping her close shoulder just enough with a slight head bob that I knew what it actually meant. So, was I a walking "hottie!!"? Probably not. Am I borrowing someone's kid to take out next year, ABSOLUTELY!

Now the ice cream. At the beginning of this month I told someone I would try and go all month with no ice cream. I did it. No trial was so great that I turned to that evil delicious yummy demon.

I just did another 5k. This was for fun on an indoor track and somewhere around 27 minutes. Seems odd to mention this without talking about my first one on the 26th. And, here it is.
My broken heel release date was the 26th. I went and put myself through some low speed and high speed running on the 25th (about 1 mile worth). On the 23rd I did a mile very slow. Wanted to make sure everything worked before my race. Then the race day hit. 42 degrees with rain, and wet mud every where. This was a trail race and could not have been better for me. The course was a mix of wet leaves, tree ruts, and mud slop. My running form is way way off. I could keep up my strength and lungs on the machines, but nothing was smooth. Well, nature made everyone not smooth. This is when I found that a little strength can go a long way. The race was small at around 45. I finished 6th overall and 1st in my age group. I was amazed. Everyone was slowed way down except for 3 young healthy bucks, the cupcake lady who is amazing, one guy who looks like Banister slipped in the race, and then me.

Was this a good month? No, not really.
Do I have some inner family stuff (not discussed) to deal with? A big yes.
Are these four good things to "hang my hat on". Definitely!!

That's my happy report for now. See you in November. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    lol, dude you're hilarious! :-D I most envious though that people in your neighborhood offer drinks to unsuspecting men on Halloween! Would be awesome to go trick or treating for shots, lol, though I suspect the liability side of things would put a hamper on that lovely concept. I'm gonna have to read back in your posts to learn about this broken heel of yours, that sounds BRUTAL! :-O Glad you're back at it though!
    1586 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Nice job dressing up, Dad!
    Sorry you had alcohol by accident. At least you dumped it and didn't throw a bit fit about it!

    Even though the month wasn't your best, you made it work the best you could! Keep moving forward!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1596 days ago
    I don't know why you don't see this as a winning month. You repaired your injury, you ran a 5k race and came 1st in your class, you took your DD out on Halloween and you got your dues from the ladies.

    Just when DON'T we have issues? Aren't those supposed to come up when we are on the path to personal betterment? Jesh! I would think so. That is exactly what is on the contract of life in the small print written in invisible ink. Call your attorney if you must. LOL

    I give you 10 on the scale of 10. And, I'm a harsh critic. Just ask anyone. I cut no one any slack.

    I'm not going to tell you to straighten out your personal life. I'm going to support your looking at it and doing your best.

    1598 days ago
    What a nice boost for you after a rough month. It's so nice to get some positive reinforcement of our efforts every now and then. I have a feeling November's going to be a great month and I'm looking forward to cheering you on along the way!
    1599 days ago
    Awesome job on the race! Glad to hear you're back up and running!

    I'm foosballing this weekend for a tournament. Should be fun. Will come back with calves of steel. :D

    Have fun!
    1599 days ago
    It was me that you gave the ice cream up in a challenge for! I was working on no fast food. I did fairly well but not as good as you. emoticon I did give into the power of fast food calling my name three times!

    So glad you had such a great time with your daughter tonight! That is a special event to remember for a lifetime!
    1599 days ago
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