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Review of October & November Goals!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Wednesday & Happy almost Halloween! I am not dressing up tomorrow at work because we have a client meeting. If I didn't have the meeting, I would probably wear my costume!

Self Review of October:
I reached my 1,500 fitness goal minutes for the month! I got about 1750 for the month. I am really happy with that! I think this Fall 5% Sparkteam is motivating me to push pretty hard!

My 5K race went pretty well! Only one of my friends ran with me. I got 34:12. I am very happy with this time especially since I didn't do enough training. Every time I run a race, I want to train more! It will be tough with the cold weather coming in. There is that treadmill here but... I just can't get myself to use it that often! My friend wants to do another race in the spring. She beat me by 5 minutes, so hopefully I can catch up to her next time!

I haven't had any french fries or tortilla chips since the beginning of October. It is tough, but I am glad! My boyfriend is also giving it up because he knows how hard it is for me. He tells me how he is struggling giving them up! It is true- we get so used to having certain foods at certain places, and it is tough not having them!

I have been doing my best to stay positive. I am tested time and time again with negative situations. But.. I do my best to be realistic about what is going on. It may take me a few days of feeling bummed out before I pick myself back up, but I can't let the bad things take over! Life is too short to be completely overwhelmed by the bad things. There are too many good moments I would miss!

Lately I have been trying to eat on a regular schedule. It definitely helps keep grumpy Kimmy away. I just need to have some food & I Don't get moody! When I feel like I am getting hungry around snack time, I am drinking some water and/or chewing gum first. If I am actually hungry, I will have a snack. Sometimes I forget that I was craving something to eat! I have been trying to have a bigger breakfast in the morning too. I haven't had the chance to do it every day, but I hope to keep trying to do it more often! I would like to make my own breakfast (with oats maybe?) It is tough for me to plan this stuff out when I am not home at night, but I will try to make it work!

November Fitness & Food Goals:

-Cardio Kickboxing - Mon & Fri one more time
-Find a new workout place for November
-Get at least 1500 fitness minutes this month
-Try new recipes (without dairy)
-Stay under 160 pounds
-Keep tracking my food
-No french fries & no tortilla chips.
-Stay positive the best I can
-Eat on a semi-normal routine so I don't get as grumpy
-Drink Water when I feel hungry and wait and see if I am actually hungry or not.
-Eat more fruits & veggies as snacks
-Have a bigger breakfast and/or have 2 parts of breakfast spread out

Other goals for November:
-I would like to save more money & spend less! Christmas is coming "soon" & I like to make gifts for my family. Instead of spending a lot of money, I will be doing a lot less this year. If I have time before Christmas, I may make some chocolate covered pretzels for my family members. It doesn't cost a lot for the supplies & they are pretty tasty! I just have to make sure I don't have many!
-I want to spend more time with my Mom. I love her & I don't see her that often even though I live here! We are going shopping on Saturday, so that should be fun!
-Spend more time talking/being with other family members. My Grandmother is 94, and I keep putting off seeing her. I NEED To make time to go visit her. She only lives 45 minutes away.

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