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Get Out Of My Way

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I’m tired of avoiding obstacles; I’m going to start climbing over them.

I recently got very upset with a close friend for mocking my desire to avoid restaurant foods/high sodium foods the night before a weigh-in. She wanted me to admit that it is silly to avoid something on one day just to have it on another day. First, she doesn’t really understand the concept of a team weigh-in where it does matter to my team since I don’t get a “do-over” weigh-in the next day to report a better number. Second, I was more upset by the lack of support than the stupid debate about what day I’d choose to enjoy a restaurant meal. However, after several days of stewing over this, I have to admit that I see that unpleasant nugget of truth. There is a fine line between wanting a good showing on the scale, and pre-planning for a cheat day. Was my true intention avoiding the sodium in a restaurant meal, or was it my desire to go to a restaurant and eat/drink with abandon? I am chasing a healthy lifestyle and not just a good weigh-in on a particular day.

This brings me to the thought that I’m tired of stressing about avoiding obstacles, because there is always going to be an obstacle. I can’t change how other people react to my efforts at losing weight/living a healthy lifestyle. I can’t (and don’t want to) avoid social situations because of the calories involved. I don’t want to eat a plain, grilled chicken breast every time I go out either! Where is the balance? When does it get easier? I’m a fan of having a “reward meal,” but the problem is I tend to “reward” myself to many times throughout the week. Reward meals only work when you are spot on your nutrition the rest of the week. Ugh! Could I be my biggest obstacle?

In a round-a-bout way, I guess I am answering my own questions. If I want to enjoy a treat outside my normal routine, I have to earn it by sticking to my low calorie plan the rest of the time. There are some things that are best left uneaten – even at a reward meal – so I need to be smart about my rewards (think quality not quantity). A healthy lifestyle doesn’t revolve on a weight loss challenge schedule; however, part of living a healthy lifestyle is learning to be assertive about your wants and needs. Avoiding obstacles is one way to cope, but blasting through them can be even better. Last, but not least, stop standing in my own way!!!
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  • GEORGE815
    Good sayings!
    1597 days ago
    Holly - I see something in this blog beyond the obvious. I see someone that has reached a point in her journey where she even has these internal debates. That's PROGRESS. There was probably a time where you didn't even "face" these issues about food, justification for overeating, treat meals, etc. You have moved beyond the driveway well out into the main highway to "Health & Fitness". WELL DONE!

    Here is where the journey does become less "exciting". It's sort of like a cross-country trek when you get into the plains and the scenery is rather the same mile after mile but but you know you have to just keep going! ALL parts of the journey must be made to reach that destination.


    1600 days ago
  • SARIC3
    Do I do things differently during the challenge than break time? Absolutely. Here's my opinion (at least for the time being, it has been known to change)

    Running/Fitness, portion control, better eating are all things we have to learn to do better for life, but not as strick for life. Right now we are all trying to drop pounds, which means we have to be a little more intense in what we do to maintain.
    But it doesn't mean as soon as we lose weight or run in X minutes we can go back to life as before. None of us would be here if that was working.

    I'm talking in circles too. Again, yes I do things differently during the challenge and plan around weighins. I don't splurge after,but I did certainly pay attention to sodium and water intake. But I'm confident in time A) It will become the norm rather than the exception and B) The balance part will be easier because of A.

    I've said this many times. I'm all or nothing. I can't do the cheat meal or splurge day because it causes new cravings to start all over. BUT the longer I do without, the less I really want. Fruits and veggies make my mouth water more than a bowl full of candy. I'm finding its kind of like quitting smoking. The longer I'm without, the less and I want and it even starts to look bad.

    1600 days ago
    I too struggle with ALL of these issues and questions and don't have ANY answers. On Sunday afternoon, after our half marathon, we are going to a "famous" 100-year-old country cafe. It will probably be our first and only time to visit this restaurant. So do I splurge since it's after a half-marathon, or do I get the veggie burger or grilled chicken sandwich and feel virtuous but deprived? I've been looking and looking at their online menu and still don't know what I'm going to do....so if you have any answers to your questions, send them my way, 'k?

    1600 days ago
    A totally circular blog about a totally circular subject and I get all aspects of it...ride every aspect of it! Well thought out and said! I wish I had the clarity that you share in these moments!! The challenges do throw off perspective at times, but the ultimate perspective of making healthy choices stands firm. Good luck to you as you find that balance!!
    1600 days ago
  • MTAL203
    Excellent blog, and just what I needed to read today! Thank you!
    1600 days ago
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