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Your health...you are the CURE and you are the cause..food for thought~

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

emoticon I have a million things I should be doing right now. Mainly preparing for a 'whole house' estimate of furniture and accessories to come into our consignment gallery.

I always like to have my ducks in a row with all of the particulars I need to make the estimate go smoothly. Clipboard for inventory, my trusty I-Phone for pictures, MapQuest map printed for the location, my websites loaded up and ready to go for retail price estimates and my handy dandy tape measure.

But after checking in with my phenomenal Teddy Bear Team to rally the team with motivation I was so PLEASED to note that as a team effort we actually completed almost 31 hours of sweat instigating exercise just yesterday alone. Imagine that...we really moved mountains! emoticon

Seven astounding bears did 120 minutes of exercise (which is the ultimate daily exercise cap) and 3 more did over 80 minutes. emoticon GOOOO BEARS!

I have consistently been devoting 60 minutes a day...not so much for myself...but for the team and whoever I do it for I'm the winner in the end right?

I've lost 2 pounds! Yep...just by being mindful about what I put into my mouth and allowing NO EXCUSES for moving my body. Some days my back was sore...but I pushed through..this is what we need to do if we want to be healthy. We can't expect to lay around the house with no exercise and then bemoan our chubby stature...health takes COMMITMENT.

That's why I say we are the cure and we are the cause of our health choices.

I'm asking you to swear off the fake phony crap the big foodies pass off as food when it is nothing other than chemical laden, test tube cooked up CRAP!

If it doesn't come from natures vast bounty don't let it taint your beautiful bod!

Okay this takes some effort...who would think that REAL food would be so hard to find..even our fresh fruits are GMO riddled so you DO have to take the time to educate yourself and learn what you can trust as REAL and what you have to discard as tricky schemey~ FAKE!

Realize that some of the ads you see here on our beloved Spark are not necessarily healthy...remember they are a business and they are in business to garner profit. The big foodies sneak in their deceit wherever they can. Spark makes those ads available so that we can all have this website free of charge...remember think and RESEARCH before you believe.

AND search out PURE water and hydrate yourself well. NOTHING replaces pure water..not chemical laden sodas, not coffee, not energy drinks, or juice or tea! Research the water brands that you can trust and give your business to them...maybe someday the big foodie corps will realize we consumers aren't just a bunch of sheep waiting to be fed their next deadly but profitable concoctions...vote with your wallet...that's the only thing they understand.

We start our life being 99% water, as fetuses. When we are born we are 90% water, and by the time we reach adulthood we are down to 70% water. If we reach old age we are probably about 50% water. Mostly throughout our lives we exist as mostly water.

But most of us are severely dehydrated which we often mistake as hunger. So we head for the food sack instead of the water bottle.

Chronic dehydration will kill you....we all know this..we can exist for a long time without food but only a few days with no water.

Every organ in your body can only function according to the energy that we give to it. Energy is generated in our bodies through the water we drink...think about it if we don't drink enough we greatly compromise our digestive system...at least 50% of constipation is because of poor water consumption.

We need water to eliminate toxins from the body through the skin, the bowels, the kidneys and the bladder. A dehydrated body has a difficult time eliminating toxins, the solution to pollution is dilution! HEY...aren't I the clever one! emoticon emoticon smirk!

All messages from the brain throughout the body are sent through electrical currents, water is the carrier of the conduits for that electricity.

All nutrients for the body can be delivered through the cell only in water. If you are chronically dehydrated, you are literally starving yourself of nutrients.

Chronic dehydration equals chronic fatigue.

So you get the gest of the above information...water is essential to rebuild every cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies. If we are chronically dehydrated, we are not regenerating properly. We are a water-dependent, water-burning machine and this fuel must be replaced constantly.

Distilled water with lemon slices and juice is a GREAT way to start your morning.

It can help remove the inorganic minerals out of the joints which cause stiffness as we age. If you don't detoxify those lovely organs with tons of water and some fasting from time to time they actually harden...yuck...no wonder they can't support us. No wonder we stiffen and have trouble walking and standing up straight...our poor organs are actually solidifying. They just can't keep up with all of the toxic waste we bombard them with daily.

Kick those chemical laden sodas to the side. STOP using artificial sweeteners that can cause strokes! Think about the convenience of packaged foods and throwing something in the microwave that is bathed with the chemicals of the plastic container that you are cooking it in and then shoving into your poor body. Do you want convenience today and ill health tomorrow...that's really what it all boils down to. emoticon

We just keep throwing more and more pollution into our body until our organs finally yell UNCLE...then we wonder what the heck happened. emoticon

Hey...I'm right there with you...so this pep talk is as much for me as it is for you my dear friends!

Be kind to yourself...be smart about your organs! You do need some of the minerals that are removed from distilled water so adding a pinch of UNREFINED sea salt helps balance it more. Distilled water is probably about the purest water you can find..but there are some other commercial brands that are better than others. Google healthy water.

The cell is immortal, it is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. This theory was proven by a well known research experiment conducted by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrell.

He was able to keep a chicken heart alive just by changing the fluids around it each day. By renewing the fluid at regular intervals, and giving the cells what they required for nutrition it stayed alive for a very long time until he went on vacation and his assistant forgot to change the fluids...consequence the heart died immediately!

Something to think about when you want to reach for a twinkie...have a glass of water with lemon instead. emoticon

Check out 'The Hidden Messages in Water' 2005 by Masaru Emoto if you want to learn more about this fascinating way to help yourself to health!

AND always remember...we are the CURE...or we are the CAUSE of the state of health we are in. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Now off to my estimate with a Spark bottle of distilled water/ lemon slices and a tiny pinch of unrefined sea salt!

Stay sparky my dear buddys...if I learn something you are going to know about it too...that's what we do...look out for each other! emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you for your encouragement. Sharing your knowledge and research is much appreciated. I know I need to drink more but sometimes the little kick in the butt really helps the mind to start thinking healthy! ;-)
    1559 days ago
    I can drink to that!
    Water, of course!
    1560 days ago
    Oh, you were so right -- this water message went straight to me. I WILL get my 8 glasses of filtered from NOW ON. My poor body has worked on "dry" for too many years. It's a wonder my face isn't shriveled. I WILL do better. Big emoticon on the 2-lb loss, and on keeping our Bears motivated. SEE what you can do!!!!
    1567 days ago
    emoticon , dear Bobbi on your loss! And your exercise victories... I'm having a tough time with that. Can I hang onto your coattails? Just think of all the extra calories you'd burn that way.

    emoticon also for the reminders about hydration, advertising buyer beware warnings and all the other gems.

    You are a blessing to all of us, emoticon !
    1568 days ago
    emoticon emoticon on the 2 pound loss! emoticon The teddy bear team is really small compared the Beautiful Butterflies team I'm on. We have 44 team members.

    I recently found out that I'm dehydrated. So, I've increased my water intake. emoticon The internet was a great invention! emoticon Probably one of the best inventions in the 20th century! However, there is so much information out there that conflicts with each other it can be hard to know which article to trust. Finding websites that actually know what they are talking about can be a bit difficult at times. We have well water and I'm trying to find the best water filter that will filter out microbes. I'm still researching... emoticon

    Here's to drinking more water! emoticon

    1569 days ago
    Bravo on the 2 pounds! I love what you have to say, but got a little twitch at inferences to BOTTLED WATER. Bottled water is frequently LESS clean and pure than tap water and those disgusting plastic bottles! They should be outlawed for all the damage they are doing to our global environment and how stupidly most humans deal with them. I totally agree with TSISQUAUSDI that a filter on your faucet or a filtering pitcher is the way to go. In Denver, we have excellent quality water in our municipal water system and I have a Purex water filter on the kitchen tap. I drinki LOTS of water and I use a big plastic glass or a stainless water bottle I re-use. I refuse to BUY bottled water.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1570 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/1/2013 3:30:31 PM
    Lots of great thoughts...drinking my water!!
    Smiles Barb
    1571 days ago
    1571 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1571 days ago
    Absolutely awesome!!!
    1571 days ago
    Great blog! emoticon emoticon And I really like this (that's what we do...look out for each other!) emoticon
    1571 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1571 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1572 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1572 days ago
    great info! i love water. when i'm properly hydrated i feel so amazing! sadly, i have been having issues with it lately. probably the temperature change. i have no problem guzzling water in the summer.
    1572 days ago
    1572 days ago
    emoticon Thanks for the reminder! I drink 10 glasses a day, minumin! Yes! Filtered. At first I was running to the wash room, allot! emoticon but it is OK, now. I DO drink before I eat... just to make sure I am hungry.
    I love your blogs: emoticon & YOU! Knowing your back is getting better! Rest is OK, too, RIGHT!?
    1572 days ago
    Thank you, Bobbi for getting down to the nitty-gritty on the facts of the why we need water! I'm sure we all knew that without it we become dehydrated and that is unhealthy, but I question how many of us knew down to the cellular level how truly dependent we are on the stuff!! I have always had a problem with getting enough water, so I constantly try to bamboozle myself into drinking it. I do however prefer it after a walk or any sweat session!! I'm thinkin' that if we take the time to listen to our bodies once in awhile, we can actually hear what it's trying to tell us!!!
    Great blog, my friend! Thank you so much!! Now, down the hatch with some fresh, clean H2O!!! (((HUGS)))
    1572 days ago
    Great blog! emoticon
    1572 days ago
    Great blog!!!!!!!!!
    1572 days ago
    Great post my dear!
    1572 days ago
    Ooo-wee, Bobbi Anne! You're just like butter, baby - really on a roll today! People think I'm nuts because I order organic, heirloom seeds to start my vegetable garden plants - Yes, they're more expensive, but at least I know the end result will be healthy! My tomatoes I planted last Spring are almost done, but the one thing that everyone says when I either gift them some, or if they are at my home for a meal, is "Man! The tomatoes have so much flavor!" Not rocket science - They're organically grown, ripe and fresh, so they taste like they're supposed to!

    As for water, there are so many good filters on the market, that unless you have some sort of nasty well water with salt water intrusion or something, you can get plenty of good, clean water at home. The addition of fresh lemon and juice is a great choice. I'd make one addition to that on occasion - 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey per cup of water. The Lancomb spa in south florida used this formula all the time: 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1/2 tsp raw honey to each cup of water - Mix it up in a gallon jug and put it in the refrigerator. Drink LOTS of it. The lemon cleanses and refreshes; the honey has vitamin A and makes your skin amazing!
    1572 days ago
    Very educational piece. I agree, it is actually harder than you would think to find "real" food. I have changed my eating habits drastically. I honestly can't even remember the last time I had fast food or any kind of take out. I cook from scratch and don't use anything artificial. It has taken me a while, but I finally got over my sugar addiction. Now food really tastes fresh and wholesome. I learned to use spices and now I make desserts with mostly fruits and spices. I agree with everything you wrote. Nice job.
    1572 days ago
    Hurray for 2 pounds! and those Teddy Bears sound like real Spark plugs. Anything that helps keep you moving is a good thing. Have a wonderful day. I'm going golfing (yip!) and will be drinking plenty of water!

    1572 days ago
    1572 days ago
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