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The only thing to fear is fear itself.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm watching 'American Experience'. It's about the 'War of the Worlds' broadcast and how everyone freaked out because they didn't know it was a play. I was also not aware that that speech happened because of this broadcast.

It's amazing how people can freak out from not having all the facts. The fear of the unknown is probably the biggest thing that many people have to overcome. It could be as bad as fear of alien attack or as simple as fear of success/failure.

Once you overcome that fear, then you can feel better and move on from the fear. If you hold onto the fear, then you'll be stuck. You may start to panic and do something that will not be good for you. You may keep on doing what you've been doing because of the fear of the unknown.

The only logical thing to do is face your fear and learn what you can do to be proactive about what you fear. If you learn about the thing you are fearing, then you have the mode to conquer that fear. You may even find that the thing you fear is completely imaginary. Most fears are in your head. Many fears are because of some untruth someone told you and because you don't know any better, you still go on thinking that there is something to fear.

So go out there and learn about the thing you fear. It will dissolve with every new thing you learn about it. Don't listen to the propaganda that others want you to think, no matter what the topic, read for yourself and do the research so you can be powerful in the knowledge of those things that people want you to fear to keep you stuck in the place you are now.

Don't listen to the person telling you that Martians are invading until you look out the window and see them there yourself, then grab your hanky and sneeze on them.

Today's Holidays: National Cat Day (I swear this happens once a month?), Hermit Day and National Oatmeal Day (what do you like in your oatmeal?).

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
BRENDA_G50 10/30/2013 12:39PM

    I always loved one of my friend definitions of fear. it goes like this:

F = False
E = Evidence
A = Appearing
R = Real

Put it all together and it's: False Evidence Appearing Real.

It's been several years since he told me that and I have never forgotten it. emoticon

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CODYG123 10/30/2013 10:53AM

    Col. Chris Hadfield, for 3 months in 2012 he was the Commander of the International Space Station, has just released a book called An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth. Chapter Three is a revelation about fear. And Cakermom, just like Commander Chris says, you are so right, knowledge kills fear!

However, many entities have a big invested interest in the masses staying in fear. Go figure.

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KAREN608 10/30/2013 6:59AM

    Do you remember the swine flu? in our area ladies stopped buying pork products, afraid it was related to swine flu, and the price dropped so cheap on pork items. We stocked our freezer! Misinformation sure does cause problems. But sometimes a good deal.

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NYARAMULA 10/30/2013 2:14AM


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FRAN0426 10/30/2013 12:51AM

    Oh yes fear can freakone out without knowing the entire story. Brings to mind a thing that happened to my sister. We were going for dental check-up and she needed an extra baby tooth ( a second tooth grew over the first tooth and needed out of there ). Our youngest uncle, who is eight years older, told her she would get this long needle stuck in her gum and then the dentist would pull the tooth out, and it would still hurt. Needless to say, she was petrified when we got to the dentist. Dentist was less than kind to her that day as she didn't want to open her mouth. He came out and point blank asked our mother who had scared her. He finally got the tooth extracted and that was the last visit to that dentist. He was getting old and even my mom didn't think he handled the situation well and refused to take us to his clinic again.

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BJPENNY70 10/29/2013 10:21PM

    That happened about 10 years before I was born. It did cause a great panic. There was a movie made about it in the late 50's or 60's. You are right about everything you said.

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