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Revamping The Streak

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Thank you SO much for all the friendly feedback from my last vlog! I knew youíd be helpful; thatís why I posted my dilemma. I got some really great advice and itís helping me think things through some more. Yes, I over-think things sometimes. Often. Regularly. What can I say, the wheels are always turning.

This is what my brain feels like sometimes. I wish thinking hard burned calories. Iíd be on the cover of Shape magazine by now!

This is probably more what my brain looks like, though. Just add hula hoops, ukuleles and tennis shoes to the mix.

And this is most days...

I sifted through all the feedback and came to this conclusion: Donít break the streak, just freshen it up, so itís motivating again. I like the thought of that! Iím not usually a fan of throwing the baby out with the bath water, so I like the idea of revamping the streak, instead of killing it altogether. Here are the big ideas you suggested:

Celebrate and Reward: When I started the streak, I rewarded myself along the way. I bought myself SparkMerch, books, music, lots of little things. Then, the streak became so powerful, it was its own reward and I stopped giving myself treats. But when that feeling sort of fizzled out, I didnít replace it with anything. No real celebrations or rewards, just day after day of plodding along. No wonder it isnít motivating anymore! So, Iím going to reintroduce the reward and celebrate system. The first thing Iím going to do is start planning a celebration for Day 1000. If I can get some of my friends in on this, it could be something fun to look forward to. We all know Iím powered by FUN, so I think this could be instrumental in fanning the motivational fires. Iím still thinking skating party...

Mix it Up Even More: Iím somewhat limited as to what exercises I can do, because of my neck injury and Iíve always tried to have variety in my routine. But there are probably still some new things I can add to the mix, even at home. Yoga-- thatíd be new for me. Itís been a long time since I looked through some of the Spark exercise videos; I can try some of those. I can keep finding new places to walk/hike. I can create new ways to mix it up.

Add to the Streak: Keep the big streak going, but make it more specific, with little, mini-streaks within the streak. So maybe one week, add 20 crunches to the end of every workout, or work on a hoop trick every day for a week, or a freggie streak to go along with the exercise one. I like the idea of challenges within the streak. Anytime I can make something into a game, thatís a good thing. Once again--fun-powered. That could be a game-changer for me.

So, for now, the decision is to KEEP STREAKING! Many of you pointed out that the streak will probably break, on its own someday. In the meantime, I might as well keep going while I can. Some days will be hum-drum, some annoying, some hilarious, some inspiring, some challenging, etc. But, for now, I will keep stringing those days together, because I have a feeling like they might be more powerful than I realize.

Today is Day 933. My stack of post-its continues to grow on my Shelf of Awesomeness. Newest Dilemma--Iím out of post-it notes!!

Spark ON (and streak on), Brave Sparkers!!

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