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I guess a recap is in order.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Last week was rough. Honestly, yesterday was the first day that I havent felt nauseaus since I had my upper GI scope last week, but I think the nauseau is more from acid reflux than anything else. But it was nice have a nauseau-free day! I went back to work on Friday but I was still feeling a bit off. My computer account was still disabled and the help desk still had a busy signal, so that was extremely frustrating. I had a meeting that morning at the legal office so I figured I would try and deal with the computer issues afterwards. When I got back after lunch time I was finally able to find someone on this base to reactivate my computer account so I could at least get through my emails from 3 days of missed work! I then chatted with my boss for a while over the phone and she did not force me to take anytime off, but did tell me that I need to be able to ask for it when needed. So we'll see.

I got good news about my mom on Thursday night - her biopsy results came back and they said she definitely has breast cancer :( but it is actually only Stage 1. My family was very relieved to hear that good news. She has her surgery tomorrow morning so I will be thinking of her often.

Friday, I ended up leaving work early becuase my boss told me to. I went home and just laid on my couch still feeling a bit off. J decided to stay home on Friday night also which I was kind of bummed about but also wasnt in the mood to socialize so I guess I shouldnt have been that bummed, really. I went to sleep early, but woke up 3 hours later and couldnt fall back asleep so I really didnt get much sleep at all on Friday night.

On Saturday morning since I was up ridiculously early, I decided to run some errands. I went to JC Penney because they were having a sale but I saw nothing that I wanted :( I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond looking for some new bedding but it was all ridiculously expensive and nothing I felt I needed to spend the money on. Then I went to Walmart and bought a carpet cleaner. It is supposed to be good for removing pet odor. And works on tile floors as well as carpet. I havnet used it yet because I am intimidated by it! But hopefully this week. I was home by lunch time, heated up some leftovers from the freezer, and then rested on the couch all afternoon. I tried to take a nap since I was so tired but I couldnt fall asleep. I did make some headway cleaning out some random boxes that were in my hallway. Progress, right?

Saturday night J and I had a date night! We went out for sushi and then planned to see a movie. The sushi restaurant we went to was super close to the movie theater, but we finished dinner an hour before the movie was to start. Guess we had our timing off. So we walked around Dicks Sporting Goods for like a 1/2 hour since its near the movie theater. I saw a treadmill that I really really want for $799 but J keeps telling me I probably wont use it as much as I think I will and it wil become an expensive coat rack. I want it, but I also dont know if I will use it as much as I think I will, either. But it just seems like having a treadmill in my house would be more convenient - no excuses, right? I dont know what to do about it. I looked on craigslist and there are some good deals as well. Just not sure whether to spend the money or not. Plus, I am still in my running hiatus - but plan to break it once my next procedure (the dreaded colonoscopy) is over.

We saw Escape Plan at the movie theater. Its an action movie starring Sylvestore Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was fantastic in that it was so horrible it was great. I love action movies. The acting is pretty ridiculous, as well as the plot lines, but they are enjoyable escapes! This movie was about a guy (played by Stallone) who breaks out of prisons for a living, and is essentially tricked into going into a privatized prison for terrorists built based on his book that he wrote. He befriends Schwarzenegger's character and together they try to break out. It was fun! I enjoyed it! I would watch it again, too (when it comes out on DVD).

On Sunday we decided to go play mini-golf at a new mini-golf place that opened in the spring. It's been a while since I played mini-golf and I was terrible! I lost by a good 30 points! But it was fun and since we went around 10:30am it wasnt crowded and the weather was nice. Then we had lunch at a new Mexican restaurant that opened in town. Since I may be lactose intolerant, I got chicken fajitas since there was no cheese, and I did not eat the sour cream. I actually didnt have a stomach ache after eating. Hmmm... Anyway, the food wasnt that great so I dont know that I would want to go back. Not expensive, though, so that is a plus.

After lunch J went home to work on grading research papers. I went to Joann's Fabrics and bought a new quilt book that has 14 patterns in it, a pattern to make a large tote bag, and a smaller quilt pattern of puppy dogs that I think I want to make for my mom. Then to Target to pick up some food. Then home to rest, do laundry. I also cooked a spicy turkey meatloaf last night and it was yummy. I am excited for leftovers tonight!

That's what's been going on. I am having a colonoscopy on Friday and definitely not looking forward to it. But I know I will be asleep for the procedure - just the idea of it seems really invasive. I didnt feel wel lafter the upper GI scope - I think primarily from the medicine they used to put me to sleep, so I am kind of not looking forward to that again. I am still feeling pretty anxious about what I can and cannot eat since I dont really know. Once my tests are all over, I am going to have another appointment with my doctor to discuss the results and the way ahead.

In the meantime, I am trying to catch up on work since I was out last week for 3 days, though luckily there isnt too much going on right now so I should be able to catch up today. I am giving a large briefing next week so I need to prepare for that as well. J and I have plans to attend a local beer festival this weekend so I am looking forward to that, also.
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