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Critic or supporter?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

This has come up a couple places recently. The question is am I my worst critic or my own biggest supporter? I know I used to be my own worst critic. Self doubt, negativity and low self esteem all combined to make me believe that things wouldn't... couldn't... get any better. But now that I have lost the weight, and improved my physical and mental health, I have proof that it can get better. It did get better, which means the negativity was a lie I was telling myself. I still have my low days. Days when I doubt my ability to maintain my weight loss and fitness. But those days are less frequent now. I can look at my accomplishments now and prove to myself that I CAN do this... I have DONE this. The only way I can mess up now is by giving up and going back to old habits. As the weather gets colder it is harder to motivate myself to get out to walk or run, but I still do it, because I like my life now, and getting out and walking is part of the healthy habits that make my new life possible. So, time to dig out the gloves and hat, dust off the Winter coat, and just get out there and go. I tell myself to "just keep moving!" So, I guess the answer is that I still have days when I tell myself things that I would never say to another person, but for the most part I am my own best supporter. Fear and self doubt cannot get a foothold in my head, because they get brushed away with all the good things I have managed to do in the last 2 1/2 years.

Even today, when my day got hijacked, I managed to squeak out over 120 minutes of fitness between dog walks, lunch and errands with mom, and a concert with mom this evening. (It was a great concert BTW... she said it was an oboe concert, which didn't really excite me, but mom wanted to go and I am her wheels these days, so... Anyways the oboist was this fun guy from Canada, who started out playing traditional classical music, but when he started doing gymnastics while playing it really livened up the evening! The second half of the concert he played Celtic music, and music from Canada. He also switched up instruments and played fiddle and electric guitar and sang. Talk about a wide variety! The oboist's name was Colin Maier, and he has an album out if anyone is interested in checking it out.) But I digress...

I got my fitness minutes and extended my streak another day. I think I am on Day 765. Someone told me the other day that that is no longer a "streak", but a lifestyle. I hope they are correct!

I had a big lunch today, but I wasn't hungry at dinner, so I just ate raspberries for dinner. I was organizing my cupboards today, and realized I have wheat berries, kamut, and squash. This means I can do stuffed squash. I will have to make it sometime this week. I also have the ingredients for beef and barley stew. I see some big batch cooking in my future. YUM! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Everything in moderation even criticism and supporting
    1422 days ago
    Just embrace your supporter self and ignore the critic.
    You know you can do it. emoticon
    1423 days ago
    May we all find relief from the internal critic!
    1424 days ago
    You are awesome! I'm so proud to know you.
    1424 days ago
    There is no doubt each of us is our own worst critic. But I have to say, you are transformed. The biggest change is that your self-esteem and confidence is so much stronger. I can't believe that you will ever go back to the negativity - at least for more than a few minutes.


    1424 days ago
    The Oboe guy sounds awesome, I will be checking him out as well. You've done an amazing job over the years. It's very important for those of us at the beginning of the road to a healthier lifestyle to remember that the goals we have set for ourselves are not really the end of our journey. Maintaining the healthy standard is just as difficult as the road to get there was, and it's great to hear from people who are maintaining their weight lose because we have to realise that once we reach our goals, we can't just stop what we're doing and go back to our old ways. I have been the victim of that mindset on ore than one occasion, and am here at my heaviest ever starting over new as so many others are as well.

    Thanks for the reminder, and the inspiration to continue.
    1424 days ago
    How serendipitous and funderful that the oboe concert you were attending to be there and please someone else turned around to be something you thoroughly enjoyed! AND you got your lifestyle emoticon minutes in! emoticon
    1424 days ago
    you are one amazing woman- you have come so far and are a daily inspiration to me.
    each of us have to do the self evaluation- whether yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly- we take stock of how we are doing- critiquing (not criticizing) and making adjustments as needed- that is what leads to success and maintaining what you have achieved. the goal to maintain weight loss also means frequent re=evaluation to change things up, be it food or fitness, so we don't get bored and fall into bad habits. the change of seasons is a great opportunity to do that at your stage of the game. and Cooper will never let you get lazy in your approach to healthy living- you motivate each other on the days it is hard to face the cold outdoors
    1424 days ago
    You're doing emoticon
    1424 days ago
    I love raspberries .I admire you trying something new an oboe concert sounds great,I am going to check him out.I think we all talk to ourselves in a much meaner voice than we woul;d to others.Just for the record I think you are amazing !
    1425 days ago
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