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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hey all. Today is Saturday, October 26, 2013.

I've not been Sparking a lot this past week or so ... work has been ... well ... work! Ack! I've been online the past hour and a half trying to catch up ... got to some forum posts ... a few blogs ... but ... I still want to catch up on a few more forum stuffs ... and DEFINATELY get to a few more blogs I like to read. And emails too. I owe some emails I know ...

Anyway, more stuff about today.

But first I want to say - I am NOT a runner. Wah. I'm not ... not that I don't want to be one. In fact, I get soooo envious of those of you that do run. I am in awe of you.

Basically, I've had trouble running all my life. I used to get INTENSE shin splints. My doctor told me I am super prone to getting them ... it's just that way with me. If you want to know ~ when I do get them, its like someone has slit a cut above my shins, and gripped the skin, and PULLED my skin off my shins ... and then blown cold air over the exposed nerves as they toss IODINE on the bleeding flesh.

(Ok ... I might be exaggerating a bit. I mean the part about slitting a cut above my shins is not true ... but the rest is true!)

Also, I got diagnosed with spinal stenosis this past year ... and that is what I determined gives me back and hip and leg issues. (If I stand or walk for more than 5 or 10 minutes my left hip starts to hurt ... and my left leg and foot go numb.) Strangely, doing ANYTHING else does not bother me. Bike riding -good. Gym exercises -good. Hauling gravel -good. But I figure running is like walking (just faster) ... so have stayed away from it. Anyway ...

I forgot what I was going to say after that mess of a diversionary ramble ... let me go back and re-read stuffs ...

Ok ... so, I'm not a runner yada, yada ....

Nevertheless ... there was a 5K run today in the Portland area. (Actually, it was in the Hillsboro area ... but if you don't live in the Portland area you wouldn't know where Hillsboro was so ... Portland area it is.)

It was for the 2013 5K Color Vibe Run. Soooo cool. Run 5K and get covered in colored powders as people get splattered as they run! It looked like an ABSOLUTE blast. A color blast!

My favorite line in the brochure was a FAQ -

"Is the race hard? No, that’s no fun! Hard races aren't fun. Hard races are hard! We are a fun race ..."

That totally sold me on it.

And actually, it was my wifey that signed up for the run. I actually just signed up to volunteer ... toss colored stuff at the runners.

Unfortunately my wifey had to bow out. She had another commitment that she was unaware of when she signed up.

Still ... I decided to go and do my volunteer duties. And besides, my wifey still paid for the run and shirt ... so the least I could do was pick up her freebie shirt.

The cool thing?

My volunteer duties started early and ended early. (Instead of color tossing, I was sent to the check in table to help hand out the runners bag of goodies.) As my duties ended I looked over and saw that there were still people lining up to run. (It was a LOT of people ... and they were letting waves of people go every 5 minutes. The start line was going on for almost a full hour I think.)

Soooo ... I rushed back to my car, got my wife's bib # ... and did the run! I have NEVER run a 5K. Heck, I've never run a 1K. But people were looking like they were having so much fun I had to try.


Admittedly, my quads were REALLY sore when I finally stopped. (Does it always feel like that? I have nothing to compare this experience to.)

And when I got home, after about an hour, my right knee started to ache. (I have been icing it off and on.)

Still ... it was FREAKIN FUN!

I still don't think I am a runner ... but at least I know I can finish a 5K now. Sooo ... come December, there is a 5K called the Jingle Bell Run ... and I know wifey wants to do it ... so maybe this time I can run WITH her and not just be on the sidelines. Yahhhh!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That is cool. I've had shin splints. I was pretty sure that some invisible being was beating me in the shins with a bat.

    I'd say if you were not sore after suddenly running a 5k, that would be odd.
    1606 days ago
  • GHK1962
    Loren - Yup yup ... this was the culprit!

    And ... hehe...on a 'Greg Blog' ... whadya mean?!?!? This was a totally valid Spark topic .... sooooo unlike my normal cra...errr... stuffs.

    Now if there were Greg Math involved then I can see what you might mean ... :P
    1607 days ago
    This is such a Greg blog! For a while there I didn't know there was going to be an actually story in there :). So was this the fun that caused the leg pain that cause the awesome conclusion of foam roller? If so, yah!

    By the way, the person that wrote the brochure needs a pat on the back, that if great!
    1607 days ago
  • BILL60
    Way to go!!
    1608 days ago
    WOW! You ran the entire thing YOUR FIRST RUN OUT??? Greg, did you know it took me literally 18 months to get to where I could run a full 5K? You suck! haha, just kidding, you know I love you. That's awesome! And your leg didn't go numb? How was it running through all those clouds of dust? I admit, the fam and I did a color 5K back in December and it was fun, but the clean-up process was NOT fun, and I don't think I'll do another one, especially as it was hard to BREATHE in all those color bomb areas! It was a once-is-enough experience, I think, haha. Got some cool pictures, though! Blogged about it if you want to see all the fam pics. I'll email you the link. :)
    1608 days ago
    Very cool deal!

    Not a runner either, but I DO push myself into one of our local 5K's every May. I train and prepare in April. When it's over, fuggedaboudit...gimme da bike! :-)

    1608 days ago
    Hi Greg,

    That was a fun blog to read and I look forward to reading more. I need to pace myself though. I can easily spend hours reading peoples blogs and get nothing done over here.


    I love that idea for the race. You should be so proud of yourself for just jumping in on the spur of the moment, finishing it and ENJOYING it! I love that pic! I think that kind of race is one I could possibly do. At this point, it has to be fun and on flat ground. I used to run on soft tracks, or trails, but when I ran for the first time on the street.... wow. I had shin splits and was convinced I cracked my shin bones. I couldn't put my heels flat on the ground. I was forced to walk slightly on my toes or had to wear heels. It was the worse... (besides back spasms)... and I haven't had those in a long time.

    Thanks for replying to my little note. That pic on my background is just something I saw somewhere on line and saved it. I WISH I could go there, wherever it is. I love Hawaii and Florida, but haven't been to either in a few years. I still think your leaves are the most vibrant red I've seen.

    I've been to many places all along the west coast, so when I read your funny intro on your front page I KNEW where you're talking about!

    I haven't been up that way in over 15 years, but I've been to many places all along hwy 5 from California to Vancouver BC. You live in a beautiful place.

    Thanks for adding me as a friend!

    1608 days ago
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