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In the Long Run

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Each and EVERY week I look forward to my weigh in. Why? Because I know that I am really doing what I need to be doing to see results. Almost each week, I get a tad bit frustrated at my results. I always think it should have been a teeny bit more. But I just take what I get and learn from it and go forward, sometimes tweaking things up a bit to hopefully see that "magic" number. Well, over a period of 4 months that I have been a sparker, suddenly I realize I had accumulated a total of 40.4 pounds GONE!!! So even though it isn't what I think it should be each week, it's the long run that makes the difference and matters really. I am slowly starting to look in the mirror and see a difference. I have reached the goal of being able to get into the new ugly jeans, I even was able to wear a pair of smaller ones than those. So as the Eagles might say:
I used to hurry a lot, I used to worry a lot
I used to stress out on my weigh in day
Oh, that didn't get it,
It was high time I quit it
I just couldn't carry weight that way
Oh, I did some damage, I know it's true
Didn't know I ate so much, till I tracked all the food
You can go the distance
We'll find out in the long run
(in the long run)
We can handle those resistance bands
If our spark is a strong one (is a strong one)
SparkPeople talkin' about us
they got blogs & things to do
When the weight comes down we will
still spark through
In the long run
Ooh, I want to tell you, it's a long run
You know I don't understand why we don't
treat ourselves better
do the crazy things that we do
'Cause all the debutantes in Houston,ladies
couldn't hold a spark to you
Did you do it for points?
Did you do it for goodies?
Did you do it for goals?
Did you think you had too much honey?
Who is gonna make it?
We'll find out in the long run
(in the long run)
I know we can make it
if our Spark is a strong one
(is a strong one)
Well, we're scared, the scale ain't movin'
Kinda bent, but we're still groovin'
in the long run
Ooh, I want to tell you, it's a long run
in the long run
in the long run,
LOL! Just a little play on their words! Hope they don't mind! Have a great weekend all!
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