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Near miss

Friday, October 25, 2013

When we left the hospital on Thursday (from Daddys chemo treatment) we saw the fire truck leaving and wondered why they had been at the hospital….well, it was on the news that night….A nurse had been stuck on the staff elevator for 2 hours – right around the corner from our room! We ALWAYS use that staff elevator because I take Daddy up in a wheelchair...he decided to walk Thursday so we took the public elevator! The lady got stuck a few minutes after we got there…it was pure luck that it wasn’t us on that elevator!!!!

Still trying to figure out how much my new furnace is going to cost to run…I’ve figured out that it runs about 4.5 hours a day. So I am estimating from that. Looks like it’s going to be around $200 a month…I hope that is right! I can handle that. Keep your fingers crossed that my math is right!!!! I did sign up for AMP (average monthly payments) today with the power company – not quite as good as fixed payments but there won’t be a huge settlement month either.

My weight loss has slowed tremendously. I am trying to figure out how to get it restarted. The only thing I can think of is that I am drinking more diet soda than usual so I will have to watch that more closely. (I drink it for the caffeine as I hate coffee)

I hope you all have a great weekend!
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  • CAROL_31649731
    Kathy, I, too, am glad you and your father weren't stuck in that elevator! Wow, what a close call, though! Life can be funny--not (LOL)!!!

    Just a thought with the weight loss stall . . . do you do much strength training? Might want to consider kicking that up a notch, to get the ball rolling so-to-speak. Listen to me (stalled as well); I need to take my own advice!!! Let's pump it up together then! emoticon
    1609 days ago
    Soooo Glad you were not stuck on the elevator. I was stuck in the old one at hubby church once. I found out in about one nano second that I was very claustrophobic. I was screeching get me out of here and hitting buttons and making sure the gate was truly closed. I had no clue that I was before this. I had nightmares of being trapped in all kinds of situations for weeks afterward.
    1609 days ago
    think the diet soda is not letting you lose why not try cocoa or tea instead?
    1610 days ago
    Sometime its good to miss things, such as elevators that get stuck! emoticon Move! Wonderful that your Dad felt like walking.
    You have a great day.
    1610 days ago
    That nurse was in a sticky situation I am sure happy that you didn't get stuck in it with her.
    Take care of yourself. sometimes we get so busy being the care giver that we forget about the situation is also affecting us. God bless
    1610 days ago

    That wasn't luck that kept you out of that elevator, it was the grace of God! I can only imagine how your dad would have faired in that situation.

    I don't anticipate your new furnace costing more than your oil that you had. And the big thing is you don't have to fork out $2,000 every year to have heat, and it will never run out!!!

    SP has an article on how diet soda can cause you to gain weight. That was one I ran across, in my pursuit of knowledge and getting my Sparkpoints. It was a really good article. I'm sure you can type in under search, asking if diet soda can cause weight gain. You have a wonderful weekend, too!!!

    Be blessed,

    - Nancy Jean -
    1610 days ago
    I'm glad you missed being stuck in the elevator! Hopefully, whatever caused it to get stuck will be fixed so that it won't happen again in the near future.

    1610 days ago
    Kathy, Yo emoticon u are one of my heroes. So, stick in there, and keep moving. I am trying to ignore the scale. Yesterday I was the same, then this morning I was up a pound. I can tell in my clothes though. Anyway sounds like you have a lot on you right now. Take some time for you. Hugs Cathy
    1610 days ago
    Glad you weren't stuck in that elevator, that would be no fun! As far as the furnace goes, if you can take it, set the thermostat a couple of degrees lower, that should help with the running time. Assuming that you aren't already doing that of course.

    Get rid of the diet soda!! If you can't stand coffee, drink tea instead... anything but the diet soda!
    1610 days ago
    So glad you were not on that elevator! Whatever the heat bills are, I am sure that your dad will require the heat this winter. Hopefully it will be manageable! Congratulations on making your weight loss goal minus one pound! You can do this!

    1610 days ago
    Glad you're ok.

    Sometimes you just have to go back to basics, as if you are starting all over again. If you think it's the soda, try adding fruits to your water, or some cucumber/lemon. emoticon
    1610 days ago
    God was looking out for your Dad when he decided to walk instead of taking the elevator. Being stuck in an elevator would have been a horrible experience!

    Kathy, from the sound of it, your exercise routine is pretty much always the same, and if you're like most of us, what you eat is fairly consistent too. So maybe you need to shake things up a bit -- for example NO DIET SODA for a couple of days and see if it makes the scale move.

    1610 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    Regarding your weightloss, how are you doing calorie-wise?
    1610 days ago
  • SLACHETKA103145
    Sometimes we seem to make our own luck when we look back!

    emoticon emoticon

    Seriously though...glad that you weren't on it!!!!

    1610 days ago
  • LETHA_
    Hang in there. Our path is not a straight line but rather a joy ride on hilly curvy country road.
    1610 days ago
    I certainly wouldn't want to be stuck in an elevator for 2 min. let a lone 2 hours. emoticon
    1610 days ago
  • JACKIE542
    Yes, so lucky you were not on that elevator, don't think I would like being stuck!!!
    Hope you have a good weekend!
    1610 days ago
  • KAREN608
    I'm sure glad your Dad decided to walk and use other elevator! Weight loss: I was on a plateau for a month so sure understand. Can you add some chair exercise or something? My weight loss is slow and I've been tracking faithfully. I hope the cost of heat is lower and home more cozy.
    1610 days ago
  • KITT52
    emoticon ..you were lucky

    have a healthy day
    1610 days ago
    Whew, what a close call. That poor nurse! Glad you and your dad weren't on there. You have a good weekend too!
    1610 days ago
    That was divine intervention!
    1610 days ago
    Wow that was a close call. I hope your Father is doing well. My son works for the elevator union here in Chicago and that happens often in the big buildings , scary. He made me proud the other day - he stated that he lost 15 pounds in order to be able to walk up all the stairs with equipment to fix the elevators. Good for him.

    Do not get discouraged on the weight slow down its just your body adjusting. I have started to give up a few pleasures to budge the scale , myself. Enjoy your weekend. I'll keep my fingers crossed on your math. emoticon
    1610 days ago
    I love coffee but not without creamer and that adds lots of calories so what I've started doing is drinking 2 cups of coffee first thing in the morning and then switching to Green Tea with truvia after that for the rest of the day. It takes some getting used to but tea (unless it's herbal) has caffeine too. You could make iced tea if you didn't like it hot - just a thought. A couple of years ago I stopped drinking soda and, at the advice of a nurse friend of mine, started drinking SOBE instead. It's pretty good, zero calories and you can get it either at WalMart or Costco. I don't know if Costco is in your area or not but I'm pretty sure WalMart is. SOBE doesn't have caffeine though but it's much better for you than diet soda.

    So glad you didn't get stuck in the elevator! Hopefully the hospital will take a look at the other's in the building to make sure everything is OK with them instead of waiting for a problem to occur.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your heating bill. We use a woodstove for our heat and it's pretty nice. Rod used to be able to cut firewood and built up a pretty big supply, enough to last us several years, before he had to stop because of his back problems. Before marrying Rod I spent too much of my life cold, not being able to afford the heating bills so I know what that's like. It's supposed to be an unusually cold winter this year so you're definitely in my thoughts. emoticon
    1610 days ago
    Glad you didn't take that elevator - and watch the diet soda only one a day is good
    1610 days ago
    1610 days ago
    So glad you and your Dad didn't get stuck in that elevator!
    1610 days ago
    Wow very lucky escape. It would freak me out. Just keep plugging away and you will lose. My weight loss is very slow this time, but every pound and half pound adds up. I pay for my heating in with my rent - very expensive £20 a week all year, but I don't have the worry of huge bills. emoticon Have a great weekend.
    1610 days ago
  • DALMOM2007
    Wow....I'm so happy that you two didn't take the elevator. That is one of my worst nightmares. (Luckily I don't need to use them too often.)

    If you don't like coffee, how about tea? There are some very tasty, caffeinated teas out there...and you can even add lemon to it.....Just a suggestion.

    Wishing you a great day!
    1610 days ago
    What luck! That is a near miss. Keep on pushing toward your weight loss goals. Sometimes after you loose weight, you loose a lot at first and then your body gets adjusted to the diet and exercise. Just stay on track. If you feel you are not reaching your goals, adjust them!
    1610 days ago
    Glad you and your dad missed that elevator!
    1610 days ago
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