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Friday, October 25, 2013

Hey all

I was just writing a follow up blog to say thanks always for support. There is alot going on but like all things, taking it one day at a time helps. Its hard to do that while financially planning your month out but I go through the day trying not to spend alot. We have a budget set up too and hopefully we can really work on keeping it strict.

I did have pizza tonight. It was the first night in several days that I had not grabbed fast food I had a huge headache that caught on in the early afternoon! Watching my son all day is some serious work. He has constant demands and meltdowns. Ugh! So headache caught on. So I had some pizza and hubby did dishes! So awesome!!

I wasn't too worried about the pizza. I ate pretty good during the day. Obviously by eating out less, you save a lot in calories and sodium. I ususally don't eat a lot of pizza anyway before the bread bloat sets in. 2 pieces usually.

Speaking of eating, my one year old can pack it away. He even overeats to the point of throwing it back up. So strange. I've talked with the doctor though. Its just up to me to keep an eye on things. No problem really. He still loves to eat though. Signs of what is to come?? Yeesh!

I maybe watching my neighbor's little girl soon. My neighbor has been taking her to daycare and like Joey she is getting sick back to back. This isn't good for my neighbor who teaches at a local college and online. Like the students, she can get into trouble too. So I make a little money and help my neighbor. It is a win win.

I found DENISE AUSTIN AGAIN! LOL. I credit this woman for the first time I lost weight. I was 12 years old and I lost 15 lbs and hit a growth spurt. It was sooooo nice not to be called a big fat cow by my peers anymore. Because of that woman, I felt pretty for once.

I exercised to her videos 4-5 days per week. They were the perfect workout. Anyway, she is on Youtube. It is a youtube station. IB fit or something like that. Don't quote me or anything. LOL.

If you go to youtube though, you can find a TON of free workouts. Its really cool.
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    Glad ya'll set a plan and are making moves to get back on track. U tube videos might be my new thing too getting tired of the same old thing. Oh and talking about over eating babies. My little girl does the same thing she will not turn away from the food she will just keep eating till it is coming up in her mouth. Been trying to keep a eye on her portions myself. No joke though 30 min after she eats if she's sees you eating she wants to eat too. even though i know she is full and just ate crazy.
    1601 days ago
    I hear about Joey on here and Facebook..and he seems to be an interesting kid! My hubs is talking about possibly wanting to start a family, but then I hear how exhausting it is and I'm like "omg how would I work full time and care for a new baby"?!?! How are you doing this???

    Eating so much he throws up, I haven't seen a kid do that. most of the babies/toddlers I see seem to have very little interest in food other than to PLAY with it!

    I like the idea of you doing videos...anything to help YOU to feel better about yourself. You are a pretty girl, but you need to feel it too!
    1605 days ago
    I like pizza occasionally. It's one of my favorite treats. That and ice cream. I try not to eat much fast food - it's so expensive and has such poor nutrition in my area. I can't afford the sodium or calories you mentioned. I love it but it packs the pounds on me.

    I think having another child around would be good for both Joey and the little girl. They will have someone to play with.

    I've always heard that they either get sick before they start school or after - there is no getting out of them getting sick. My son was never around kids so after he started school he was sick all the time until he got some immunity.

    You are still pretty, GF. It has nothing to do with your weight.
    1611 days ago
    I would really avoid eating pizza at all costs if you are wanting to lose weight.

    1611 days ago
    Glad you found Denise Austin again. Once you find something that works and you like it, everything is much easier. Hang in with your son and try to give him as much attention and love as you can. Usually that's what they really want: just our attention. I always found that reading to my sons was a good way to calm them down. And of course many, many trips to the park!!! Stay strong!
    1611 days ago
    Glad you set up a budget. Knowing where your money is going always helps. Sounds like things are looking up. I love youtube for the free workout videos. My favorite is Casey Ho and Blogilates. Its a form of pilates that she created. Really challenging and fun! Have a great weekend!
    1611 days ago
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