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I thought we were supposed to “Spread the Spark”?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yesterday I tried to download the Fitness and nutrition tracker app for mobile phones – and kept being asked for $3.95. Not a huge price – BUT – to pay that $3.95 it is necessary to pay Google Play and they only accept a credit card or their gift cards, no PayPal Facilities.

1 – There is NO notice on the Sparkpeople page you get the app, about the app that was advertised as free, now being charged for - however when I messaged, Coach Jen answered that it is now $3.95 to get as they say they made some "improvements" but I have also heard that the reviews aren't so good and that people have seen very little change!!

2 – I have not seen a notice or blog saying that Sparkpeople have changed the conditions for this app.

3 – To have to give a credit card number to Google is a real problem (they only take credit cards) – they may be a huge company but they have no sense of personal privacy or security –they even have made it so they can read your Gmail messages and use what ever they like as advertising – so they can take a picture of your weight loss that you send to a friend in a gmail and sell that to a company that makes “magic pills” and you have no say in the matter!!
And we are expected to give this company our credit card number and details!! I value my credit card too much for that!!

4 – yes I could use a Google Play gift card – however they are not generally available in country areas of Australia – and I can’t get one!!

5 – I see that you can also get the app through Amazon – BUT you need an account – and again they only take credit cards – not PayPal

I have once used a credit card in a large USA company – and it was compromised – the bank caught it – but that is hardly the point – the fuss to get a new one was really not worth the item purchased!!
And its not only that your bank account can be cleaned out – but you can have your identity stolen too – and that can cause a very real problem!!

I am annoyed because I just got a smartphone – my first – and I wanted the tracker, not for my use, I have a computer, but because I am often out talking to people about weight loss and healthy eating – and as we all know tracking is very important part of this – I wanted to show the tracker and get more members – Spread the Spark!!

Since I cannot get the app to show – and since “My Fitness Pall” app is free – I will obviously be recommending that one to them – so Sparkpeople have lost all that “spark spreading”!!
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    1290 days ago
    Yeah, I had the free version on my old phone and when I got a new phone saw that they were charging for it. I never bothered and I use MFP as well. I do still "spread the spark" when I talk about the relationships I've built on here, often mentioning that it has trackers for exercise and nutrition. I just don't mention that there's an app unless the person asks.
    1299 days ago
    I want to comment on what you say about Google. I believed they were a good company, even when I started hearing some negative stuff I thought it was just competition stirring it up. I've had a google email address for years, but when they began to repeatedly request - near enough demand really - a phone number I became irritated, and slightly worried. In the end I decided to leave and now use Microsoft email. I had a Youtube (now owned by google) account, and they too started repeatedly asking for a phone number. It's difficult to find a good alternative to youtube, so I use it but no longer through an account. My browser was chrome, (also owned by google), so I now use firefox instead; basically, I'm trying to get away from the prying noses of google staff.

    When you think about it, there has been no great outcry about their going around with cars taking photos, yet it is extremely intrusive. Also, Microsoft is regularly lambasted for its profits and monopolising of their software, although these attacks might have some justification, I have not heard of Microsoft getting up to such breaches of trust and passing on of information as google does, not just now and then, but by default it seems.
    1304 days ago
    1305 days ago
    it is becoming increasingly difficult to be on Spark yesterday it took me over an hour to do the trivia questions as it went back to question l, today with the food tracker they showed I ate below for everything except one I enjoy interacting with my friends here & like getting the points but it took me about 15 minutes just to get the comment page for writing to you sorry for commenting here but what to do
    1305 days ago
    1305 days ago
  • SHARON2017
    I use MFP - easier than SP and it syncs with Fitbit. Unforunately, it does not sync with SP. I thought it would via Fitbit but Fitbit only syncs fitness info and any food I actually log into Fitbit...complicated...I paid for the SP ap too but I don't use it.
    1305 days ago
    Hmm, I have the old Spark App on my smart phone. I hope that I don't have to get a new one anytime soon because I will NOT be paying for anything on my phone, now or ever. I can track everything online, AND DO. It seems to be that this is probably just a warning of things to come. I sure hope that Spark People remains a FREE site. If it does NOT, I will be leaving. Thanks for the update. emoticon
    1305 days ago
    I know, there is no where that says it is $3.95 anywhere or saying its fee like it used to be. I got it for free in my smart phone 3 years ago. When I bought my new phone this year, lost the app.., had to pay to get a new one. But, actually I now just access the internet through my page, on my phone. It is easier than the app.. I can track more foods at once ...the app. You could only do one food at a time, on the app. I can access all...friend feed, etc, app. You couldn't . Would not pay for it either. Shame!
    Thanks for the info. On Google, need to get rid of that email addy now. The only website I use is Amazon for my purchases.
    1305 days ago
    Ann, Thanks for the warning of sorts. I, too, worry about Goggle, and now I am glad that you have pointed that out. I really detest those adds you see for free then it requires you to pay, and then having to go through all that other red tape is such a bother.. Glad to have honest people aboard that are helping us by letting us know the good and bad about things.. THANK YOU emoticon
    1305 days ago
    It sounds like it is to Google you are having to pay, not SP. Many of the Google apps have to be paid for. I'd check with SP about the fee being charged.
    1305 days ago
    Ann, I have opted for Fitness Pal too as it has all the
    Australian foods. Last year I have also had my card
    compromised and am wary of using it online.
    I only use Pay Pal also. Please take note Spark people
    as we in Australia seem to miss out. emoticon
    1305 days ago
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