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Day 4

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Well, I've been back on track for four days. I've stayed under my WW points which is near impossible to track here in the Philippines sometimes because I can't read the nutrition facts on certain things. The scanner rarely works, but at least I can make a guesstimate on what I eat is worth, so there's that.

I've also been to the gym four in a row. I don't think I've ever been to a gym four days in a row. The hotel I am staying at has a gym on fourth floor, and it doesn't hurt Nick and Justin also go to the gym. They keep me motivated when I don't want to go. Let's face it, I never want to go.

Today was a unique experience because I promised myself three days a week at the gym, at least to start, which meant I didn't have to work out today. But I wanted to. When I got to the gym I just planned on reading and walking on the treadmill... but I didn't. I decided to start a Couch 2 5K instead.

I feel like this time is different because the will is there. It's not "hey Deb, you have to work out or else." It's more like "hey Deb, what else are you gonna do? Sit on your butt and watch reruns of Top Chef that you've seen ten times already?"

I think having my mental breakdown on Monday helped me. I think that by breaking things down and really thinking about them and the setbacks I have encountered has helped.

My skin is even starting to look clear again. I can sleep through the night again. It's just all around all good.

The Philippines agrees with me this time around.

I felt great today when Nick came up to me while I was all sweaty and disgusting and patted me on the back and said, "You know what? You made it four days. That's awesome. We should take a break and start again on Monday."

...I have plans immediately following work tomorrow, but I might just go on Saturday. I think I'm starting to get addicted!
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