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You're an Overcomer!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I didn't post a blog yesterday and didn't even spend much time on SP. The site was incredibly slow yesterday when I wanted to use it. I got frustrated. Said a quick prayer that it would be better today when I picked up my laptop. Ahhh. It is better.

I have a song in my head, you know how that is, singing it over and over. I was not tuned into what it was, though I knew I was in a loop of a song. I finally istened to the words I was singing...."You're and overcomer" was what the lyrics were, it's a song by the American Idol singer, Mandissa.

I was just repeating those words, which is great, but I should've been listening! I just looked up the lyrics and thought I'd share them. You can find her singing this song on youtube if you google her song.

"You're an overcomer
Stay in the fight 'til the final round
You're not going under
Cause God is holding you right now
you might be down for a moment
Feeling like it's hopeless
That's when he reminds you
That you're an overcomer
You're an overcomer

Everybody's been down
Hit the bottom, hit the ground
Oh, you're not alone
Just take a breath, don't forget
Hang on to His promises
He wants you to know

You're an overcomer
You're an overcomer...

I've had a great couple of days. All the encouragement from you all and hubby has sunk in. I hope the motivation sticks around for a long time. I'm determined to be consistent and do well with it even through my vacay in Hawaii. I'm determined to swim more this time. Walking and hiking are on the agenda. But the priority is getting to know my new grandson and getting closer to my granddaughter. Fun times. My DIL and I get along so well, and my son is going to have some time with a quieter time at school.

Accomplishment of the week that encourages me the most is that I did ST video twice! I would have to really work at getting up early on Saturday to do this, but I may even get to it a third time on Saturday before we take off for the mountains!

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful morning with my daughter and her two kids. The 4 yr old and I played hard, and laughed, too! We all went to a bakery (my pregnant daughter has cravings) and we had a sandwich there and treats. Sharing with all of them helped. I didn't buy any sweets for myself, but had a taste. Just the taste was satisfying and I was very much able to not let the taste of sweet drive me to having a sweet binge later in the day! Happy dance!

Wonderful day yesterday for me,
You all have a great Thursday and move into the weekend feeling great!
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