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Lost so much weight my pants fell off!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Well I have the single greatest excuse EVER for why I didn't run yesterday: my pants kept falling off!

My mom loaned me the earphone set from her ipod shuffle so I could listen to my interval training podcasts and work on building speed in my running. Yesterday wasn't TECHNICALLY a scheduled running day, but I missed it on Tuesday, and it wasn't too horribly cold out, so I thought why not?

Walking (briskly) to my timing spot, I start the stopwatch and began my "warm-up" jog. I start feeling a weird sensation around my hips and eventually stop and look underneath my hoodie -- only to find my pants and underwear are sliding down my thighs! Thank heavens there was nobody around to see that. I guess I've lost more weight than I expected.

I try to fix it, but end up throwing in the towel and heading home, where the PLAN is to work on the Saidi piece I've been assigned, only guess what -- the dvd I've burned of the dance isn't working. Sigh. I drag down a laptop to my studio and put in the dvd, (which did play, and I get a whole 16 counts learned (big deal) but by this time, Little Bear is awake and Daddy's making his plate, so I give up. I notice I've lost one of my only good gold earrings, and I'm searching the house sad about it for about a half hour. Daddy suggests we go to my favorite Mexican place for dinner, since neither one of us has a good idea of what we want to eat. I have to go to a mystery shop, and when I get back I check Little Bear's rocking chair in his room, and there's my earring! But we still went to get Mexican. (Grilled shrimp and veggies. Actually remarkably healthy!)

This morning they brought donuts in to work, and of course I ate one, because I'm still in "tour" mode thinking I can eat whatever I want. If I keep this up, my pants WILL fit again -- but that's not my goal. Today I'm trying a different pair of pants and attempting to run again. I have a race Saturday and I'm out of practice!!
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