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Know & No

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

We start this journey at a place that seems hopeless. We start at a place where the answers seem few and far between. We start with just an idea of where we want to be and a dream to one day make it to that point. But...we start.

In the beginning, I started by learning two words, know & no.

Know is hard. Know is something that is constantly changing and ongoing. Know is something that we think we have a grasp on until we realize we actually do not have that grasp on it. Know is something I had struggled with for my entire over-weight life. I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to diet and exercise, but I really didn't.

When I was playing baseball in college, I had a weight problem. Not as significant as it was after college but it was enough to where I had to make real efforts to lose weight. So I took diet pills from GNC. I remember sitting in class, feeling my heart race while my hands literally shook. They later banned that pill because high school and college football players were actually falling over dead from taking it. I also remember riding a stationary bike in a sauna with a garbage bag on. How was that a good idea? How was any of that a good idea? It wasn't, because I didn't know.

I read article after article and blog after blog. I learned from every resource that I could get my hands on to know that I was doing this right. I had to learn what I was doing and to know that I was doing it right! I know I couldn't have done it without Spark and it's endless, free resources to learn from!

The other word is no. Maybe the hardest word for us to get a grasp on. We are doing so great with diet and exercise that week until a co-worker brings in cookies and candy for the holiday. So why can't we say no? Why is that so hard?

It isn't fair that the skinny girl in the next cubicle can have two cookies and not gain an ounce! It isn't fair that the guy down the hall can have all the candy he wants and it doesn't show at all! IT ISN'T FAIR! So what can we do about it?

I started saying NO! No, not this time. It won't kill me to pass on that cookie. It really won't. Seems like a pretty obvious thing to say but I swear that sometimes I try to convince myself that I might actually die if I don't eat that cookie! You aren't saying no to that thing forever. Think of it as just saying no to it this one time.

This journey can seem daunting and never ending, so don't make the no's bigger than they are. Just say no this one time and move forward. You KNOW that cookie will be good, but you also KNOW that when you say NO, you will feel better later on for your decision! It isn't easy, but it is possible!

Keep an open mind and learn. KNOW your diet! KNOW your exercise! KNOW that you have it in you to say NO! KNOW that you don't have to be afraid to say NO!

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