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Wednesday ... a mighty fine one at that

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Now let me ask you all .. what kind of friend sends a beautiful wrapped gift .. then tells you there is a kick in it ??
A darn good friend .. that's who .. thank you my dear once again even from 3500 miles away .. you can reach my butt and my heart .. dunka
I have had an amazing day .. one of peace, a day off again from work , as I have complained before they have been few and far between .. but the new shop will be finished in a couple of weeks , so Saturday I'm off to Regina to shop .. ( I really don't like shopping but I have to get blinds and area rugs and office furniture .. in our old shop we had two desks in the same office .. holy crap now we have a reception area that will need to be furnished and decorated as well as three offices .. momma and poppa bear will share the biggest office then both baby bears have an office .. my son is in charge of the men (12) now and my daughter is in charge of safety and training , on work site inspections and observations .. Momma Bear .. counts the beans and deals with the government , taxes , the bankers , pension plan, health plan and all that real fun stuff !! And poppa bear well he is the brains behind the business .. he is a very very hard worker but over the years he has lost his spark .. like most of us ... in fact as I have done since March of this year, he snuffed out my complete fire .. not much of a spark left then .. but I know deep in my soul that ....
Lessons in life come in all kinds of sizes and shapes and are delivered in all kinds of ways .. some are welcome and make us better people .. some are not so welcome and make us better people .. lol
Things are as they are .. you run , you hide , or you deal with it !!
As for me I did all of those things .. I hid with booze and food .. I ran away and cried .. I screamed and hollered .. but that was March .. this is now and I have dealt with it ..
and guess what ?? I'm better for it .. I am a survivor .. and even though I have learnt my marriage isn't what I thought it was .. I can go on .. and on and on .. until you are so tired of hearing me you say "oh for crap's sake already .,."
I love you dear Spark friends .. thanks to you I have a sounding board to express myself.
I'm on track again thanks to that gift box with the kick in it!!
And I promise I will be here in the morning right after my walk .. while I start my day with a fresh cup of coffee while chatting to my dear dear friends .. sleep tight .. supper time here ..
spaghetti squash with oven roasted pork tenderloin and asparagus salad .. ..
love you !! D
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    You are so cute .. I love your fire .. but that fire had me walk away twice .. I've started from almost zero both times .. and refuse to give up 18 years of hard work over a massage !! I've become separated from the incident because when I got real with me .. I really didn't care!! over the years the bs has piled up .. so today I honestly could care less what or who he does !! lol
    He is free to be himself
    I am free to be me
    I know this wouldn't work for many but it's working for me right now .. not saying it is a long term situation but for now it's as good as it gets, civil , honest, and both focused on the business and guiding the kids to be able to take over one day.
    I think because my decision would effect so many people I had to put on the big girl panties and face things for what they are and leave the emotions out of it ... did it happen over night .. no siree bob .. it has taken all of this time for me to find me in this difficult situation!! I love the cat and bird .. you make be giggle ... !! and as far as money ... whole different can of worms .. it doesn't have very much power over me .. because I have had none and been happy and had some and been miserable .. when I started giving it away when my heart and soul told me to , its power was changed into something good .. instead of evil.
    So exciting to be sharing and learning from our past and being excited about today and our futures .. Have an amazing day what ever comes your way !!
    1607 days ago
    So glad you're back! You are so much more sensitive than I am - and patient. I wish I could be more like that. You put up with a lot - If I were in your shoes, I'd be divorced. And that's precisely why I'm "monetarily challenged." I simply cannot put up with a man that is not honest or faithful. LOL - I tell people I have a cat that stays out all night and a bird that talks back to me - I don't need a man! And for me, that's pretty much the truth! emoticon
    1608 days ago
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