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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Where did the 6 extra lb come from?" I moaned yesterday morning as I stared at my scale. I was expecting 2 or 3 lb gain - I had a really fun weekend, after all, but 6? Really? I wasn't that bad over the weekend. Granted, I drank way more then I was supposed to on Friday, but on Saturday I barely touched alcoholic beverages. I may have not worked out Friday or Sunday, but Saturday I went for a run and hiked in the hills for a few hours during the afternoon. I had one real 'cheat' meal, on Sunday, when I had desert that had both gluten and lactose in it - and swiftly paid for my sins with raging tummy problems for the next two days. Since my clothes still fit just fine, the extra lb may be stray post-travel bloat, but seeing those numbers on the scale is super depressing. In response, I tightened up my diet, added more salad and subtracted some of the nuts, starchier veggies and avocado. I also added more cardio to my day, another 30-45 minutes or so of steady-state. So, lets see where I end up on Sunday(weigh-in day!), and go from there.
On another note , I looked up the symptoms for Celiac disease.
I was astonished to see that I have mild forms of the majority of them! Anemia - check. Skin rashes and itchies - all the time. Balance problems - oh yeah. Joint pain (and various other joint issues) - also check. Fatigue - chronic! Headaches - migraines from hell! Am I going to go to the doctor and get official diagnosis? Nah. Good enough for me that most of those issues went away after I got away from gluten. Celiac and various gluten intolerances are often undiagnosed. I can honestly say gluten free is working well for me right now. Thank goodness.
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    1551 days ago
    That weight will be gone in no time! You really didn't ingest that much in extra calories to gain anywhere near 6 pounds. Plus you were active for quite a while, so you really did not skip exercising. And you are all the more confirmed on your knowledge about the gluten intolerance. So hey....I think it will all come out in the wash!
    1551 days ago
    Between the weekend activities and gluten exposure, I have no doubt it's bloat. You'll see a drop within the week! Don't be too disheartened!

    I have another Spark friend that has the same symptoms you described and has been struggling with the gluten free diet---not that she doesn't make good choices, just that gluten sneaks its way into practically everything so she has accidental ingestion issues. From what she's said, the diet makes a WORLD of difference. She's finally starting to lose a bit of weight after plateauing for like a year or something like that. I'm thinking more and more gluten free is a good direction to take for non celiac sufferers too.
    1551 days ago
    Water weight... just sweat it off...

    God bless & continued health!

    1551 days ago
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