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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm a bit short on time just now, but wanted to remember to write this after the end of school pick up! Come back soon! I shall have it written! emoticon


Ok, so yesterday somehow my husband decided he was going to challenge ME! emoticon

Yea right! I thought.

In all seriousness, he really did!

He bet that he could beat my time biking any distance at any time. I just about fell over but firmly stated that there was NO way he would be able to do that.

He insisted we do it and I said that because his bike is so big, he could cover more ground more quickly and because I'm so short, there was no way I was going to be able to ride his bike. He settled and to keep it fair, he rode my bike.

So, we agreed on a route. The following route is nearly 5Km.

HA! MY lazy, unfit husband thinks he will beat ME in a bike race using my bike! emoticon

Um... NO babe! When was the last time you did ANY kind of fitness??? Mwahahaha! Can't WAIT to see the results of this! I'm gonna kick your butt!

After our littles were in bed, we grabbed Kiki's watch and I went first.

Now, I've done this route before but with my border collie practically pulling me the whole way. He helped me manage a 15ish minute time. This time, I was also aiming about 15 minutes.

About 3/4 of the way through the route, I was exhausted! I felt like my legs were going to fall off just above the knees as I had already done day 2 of week 1 5K walk/jog program.

I pushed through that last stretch. Finally, I was on the short decline home! emoticon

I could feel the rush and adrenaline begin to race through me as I approached the final block home! Victory was going to be MINE!

And... HOME!

My hubby was shocked to see me back so soon. emoticon

"Wow! That's pretty good. I was expecting 20-30 minutes." He says to me.


REALLY!?! WTH do you think I have been doing for the last 2 months?!?! UGH! Senseless man!

"Your turn." I smile.

Off he goes.

15 minutes has passed. I'm sore but pacing and stretching my sore quads. 17 minutes passes. I begin to worry a little. Maybe since it's darker out now, he fell or something happened and I don't have my phone in case it did. Maybe he passed out or had a heart attack... I'm anxious now!

18 minutes...

I keep watch in the distance and FINALLY I see him... and as he approaches, he begins to ring the bike bell.

Nearing, I can see the sweat beads dripping, nearly pouring off his face.

Hehehehe. I can't help but feel strong, empowered and motivated!

"I KICKED YOUR BUTT!" I shout at him.

"I knew that before I hit the canal path. I was seeing spots before the convenience store. What was my time?" He pants back at me.

"19:23! I beat you by nearly a full 4 minutes!"

My time was 15:46. emoticon

Oh yea! I can gloat for the next week!!!


It really does feel good when a person who is 6'2" thinks that just because they have longer legs and a larger lung capacity than someone who is 5'1" that they could win something like that.

I have been active for over 2 months and increasing my fitness daily. I track my food, aim for good calories and try my best to keep processed foods out of my diet. I pay attention to me now. I am no longer on the back burner and though sometimes my social life is neglected for it, it doesn't matter because until it becomes a natural part of my lifestyle, I will keep on doing ME first! I'm just as important and moreso since there are so many who depend on me.

I hope a little friendly competition has helped my husband see how unfit and unhealthy his potbelly has become.

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