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SOUP SEASON!!! Theater Show!! And 20 pounds = everything!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When I went out to warm up my car this morning, I could see the trees in the distance swaying against gray clouds. It's still dark when I get up, and will be even darker once we switch to daylight saving time (groan) but it was light enough to see what looked like snow clouds looming in the lower atmosphere.

I could go for some snow right now :) It doesn't do much for my joints and hips, but there's something kind of nice about cold weather -- as long as you are out in it by choice. If I lose my job in the next few weeks, I am planning to NOT be out before about 9:00am, unless it's to run. walk, bicycle, or take the dog for a drag. (A husky-beagle mix, he LOVES him some cold weather walking!)

Cold weather means soup cravings, and my soups are notoriously low-cal and delicious. It also means I can make or buy that artisan bread I love, and I can roast up some root vegetables for sides. Autumn and winter veggies are starchy, but delicious. And a fennel-roasted chicken (or pork loin) is about the closest thing you can get to Top Chef in our house!

So .. the weekend! Yes, I debuted my Nebtidi, and hopefully I will have video of that soon. My coach/teacher praised it highly, and I had audience members come up after and tell me how much they enjoyed my piece. We didn't have a green room, for some reason, so people were just kind of peeking around corners to talk to us. We don't bite! Well, most of us don't! My mom actually got to see this show, since I recruited a friend to watch Little Bear while I was dancing. She said I looked beautiful and skinny. That's high praise from my mom.

Little Bear was bored to tears, and it was stupid of me to think a BABY wanted to be out that late, in that noise, just to watch dancing. He loves to watch the dancing on TV, but a theater is just no place for a tyke.

However: during the intermission, there was open drumming and dancing, and he "danced" for a few minutes until one of the Arabs asked him if he wanted to drum. (Little Bear understands about as much Arabic as he does English. It's weird. We're not bilingual in our house, but even if he doesn't speak it, he may be able to understand it!) Well the minute he heard "tabla" (Arabic for drum) he ran over to the woman and took command of her drum. EVERYONE was laughing and cracking up at this crazy little gringo with blonde curls, banging with all his heart on that drum head. Another woman tried to teach him how to play a frame drum, and he kept turning it inside out to play it. He went back to the tabla and finished out the set like a pro! That made his night. He's been talking about it ever since. :)

It was a long weekend and all of us were ready to get back to our normal lives. Little Bear made it home in time for Kindermusik on Monday, where he did remarkably well for a child who hadn't slept all weekend, and then was super excited for Story Time yesterday. I was ready for a nap, especially when I woke up an hour early yesterday because I had forgot to reset my clock from Indy time.

Needless to say there was no exercise on Monday, and only half an hour of dance yesterday, in between private lessons and a trip to Target to try to buy cold-weather running gear (with no luck -- for some reason Champion seems to have changed their sizing, and the "small" that I wore in the summer now won't go on over my feet. Was I in the kids' section???) Mom tried to reassure me that I had actually lost weight and that I wasn't fat. I'm well aware of that, but it was still annoying to have all these adorable clothes in front of me that are sized for a 12-year old. Grr.

So I'm still 139, which means I've still lost 20 pounds since I restarted Spark in May. There are several things I need to do to maintain my new figure:

1. RESISTANCE TRAINING!!!!! -- Goodness I KNOW I'm supposed to be doing this, but I haven't yet built up a "streak" for it. AIAIAIAIAI!!!! What is so hard about this????

2. YOGA -- Again, I feel better when I do it, so why am I not? It's 20 minutes, for heaven's sake!!

3. REGULAR CARDIO -- I have GOT to get back into a running groove, or at the very least a walking groove. I keep telling myself I'll do Tae-Bo, which is my normal cold-weather exercise. But I haven't quite honored that promise.

TWENTY POUNDS -- it's a lot. It's four 5-pound bags of sugar. It's two 10-pound dumbbells. It's basically just slightly less than my SON! And that's what I've lost.

I've lost twenty pounds, I've written more than one novel, and I've run a half-marathon. I seriously am starting to believe I can do anything. So for my next trick, I think I might try working at home.

This is the part that is so scary -- working at home means a LOT of discipline. It means actively searching out work, whether it's freelance writing or mystery shopping. Can I make enough each month to pay our bills? Hopefully I can hang on at my crappy day job long enough to get a small stockpile of money I can use to pay immediate bills, while trying to build a freelance/mystery shop/merchandising whatever career. I know people do it. I know it's work. But honestly, if I can do all the above, can't I make a work-at-home career actually WORK?

One of the Spark Coach quotes that went by the other day said: "Use what talent you possess." Well, I'm a trained writer and editor, who gave it up because it was "hard." Maybe it's time to make a go at a freelance career? My friend Lauren did it! Heck, she sold everything and moved to a third-world country to write! THAT's some serious courage. And I don't think she even ran a half-marathon (lol). So it CAN be done -- I just have to decide if I'm the person who can do it.
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