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Day 22; audiobooks

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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***~**Suck-Free October DAY 22**~***

Days all food tracked: 22/31
Days in calorie range: 15/26
Days under 2000 cal: 19/29
Protein over 90g: 16/14
Fiber in range: 14/23
Took vitamins: 18/31

Cups of water: 8 / 8
Total water: 172 /248

Fruit & Veggie servings: 8/6
Total F/V in October: 120 /190

Workout days: 8/15 total
Strength training days: 5/5

~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~

Good day yesterday! I didn't walk or run, not really sure why... I was awake plenty early. I am slowly transitioning, though, to waking up early EVERY morning, which is good. I'm going to try to continue the habit and just get up early every day and either walk, run, or do some ST or a video at home. I am liking it.

My last few runs/walks I've listened to audiobooks instead of music. I really like it, and it actually helps my speed! I'm not focusing on whether the beat of the music feels "fast" or "slow" to me, I just run whatever is comfortable, and surprisingly there are a few segments where "comfortable" is much faster than usual. I also get tired more quickly, so I need to work on endurance at the new faster speeds, but it's fun!

I have to include a few more structured workouts in the next few weeks because I just discovered the Turkey Trot back home by my parents is FIVE miles, not 5k. AHHHHHHH. hahaha. I'll live, it'll just take me a long time...
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