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Wk 8 of chemo and downs of last week

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm off to Nashville today for wk 8 of 12 chemo treatments of Taxol. This past week was probably the hardest week so far (other than week 2 when I may have had food poisoning), but in retrospect, it was managable.

The things that made this past week harder were the increased fatigue I felt for almost the entire week and the UTI i got Sunday night. I'm pretty sure that my white and red blood cell counts went much lower during the week than they have in the past weeks. The UTI took a lot out of me Sunday night and it probably made Monday and Tuesday low energy days. I felt like someone had sucked out all my energy for most of the week.

Finally, yesterday afternoon, I started feeling a little peppy. I had a nap which helped a lot and went to a ballroom dance clase with my husband. It was our second class. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. I felt so much better when we left the class. I think the exercise of dancing also helped me get a good sound sleep last night. It's amazing what some good sleep and some gentle exercise can do for my energy levels.

I hope this week is easier. I know I can trudge through it if things are like this past week again, but weeks like that can take their toll. Five weeks in a row like last week would be hard on my emotional state and hard on my husband who had to do a lot more to take care of me. Five more weeks like last week would wear both of us down.

After I finish the next 5 weeks of chemo, I get at least two weeks off before I start then next chemo. That one will last two months (December and January). For that chemo, I go every two weeks for infusions instead of every week. Somehow, I got the bright idea that it might be nice to go to south Florida for those treatments. Jim's best friend lives in Stuart, Florida and I have a cousin that lives in Vero Beach. The second form of chemo that I'm getting tends to produce more fatigue and other side effects than this one. While I probably won't feel like doing much more than lying around in the shade, it would be nice to be in a place where the weather in nicer. It can be pretty gloomy in Tennessee in the winter.

Jim loves the idea. It's probably a good idea, but with my low energy levels right now, it also seems like a lot of work to get things arranged. The first step would be to talk to my oncologist and figure out where would be a good place for me to get medical care while I'm in Florida. From there, we could find housing that rents by the month. I think that once we are down there, things shouldn't be to difficult. It's just the logistics of getting things set up that seem more than I want to deal with right now. But that's not saying much, this week, there were days when it took me a couple hours of lying in a recliner to get up the energy to go take a shower! No wonder why I think working out a place to get treatment and a place to stay seem like a lot of work.

The good news is that, in reality, I probably would have to do very little if we decide to go through with this plan. Vanderbilt could set up the medical connections in Florida, and Jim would take care of the housing and packing. All I would have to do is get in the car and go for a 12 hour ride. That could even be split over two days if I wanted.

I guess I will just need to ask my doctor the question about getting treatments in Florida and see what happens.

In the grand scheme of things, this is what i call a "high quality" problem. I'm fortunate to be able to even consider doing something like this an option.

We'll see how it goes.

One last thing...I mentioned in an earlier blog that they are going to do a CT scan of my throat today because it has been bothering me for months. It kind of feels like a swollen gland or something that comes and goes, but is there most of the time. Of course, this morning, I woke up and my throat feels perfectly normal. I'm wondering if the antibiotic that I'm taking for the UTI has somehow helped what is going on with my throat. Who knows? I have a feeling whatever is going on there is going to be hard to figure out. Oh well.

Life goes on....


Edited: I'm in Nashville now and just got the results of my prechemo blood tests.....everything came back perfectly NORMAL!! Wow...I can't ask for any better than that! I have to believe that it is all the juicing that helps so much. I also am guessing that things probably went back to normal in the past 24 hours judging on how tired I have been. It's all good.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Bless you dear one! I'm SO sorry that we are in such a flux about this house situation...we have another trial date 12/4 and then have no idea what will happen if we are forced into summary judgement.

    Otherwise I'd surely offer you a place to stay here with us! Stuart is a jaunt away from our location.

    To be totally honest....I'm not really keen on FL health sure to check and double check the credentials where ever you will be receiving your chemo treatments and make sure you google all of the doctor's names affiliated with the clinic. Better to be safe than sorry.

    On the other hand the sun and rest and slower paced lifestyle in the milder weather would do you a world of good. Everything is better to think about in the sunshine...every thing!

    Hugs, hugs, and MORE hugs to you dear friend! emoticon
    1452 days ago
    1453 days ago
    good new indeed!
    1453 days ago
    Kay, you're doing great. It's normal to feel exhausted. Going to FL sounds like a great idea since you can just chill out and maybe go for a walk on the beach when you feel up to it.

    I'm so glad you're taking good care of yourself. I knew Jim would be our hero, too!
    1453 days ago
    Glad things are going well. Florida sounds like a great plan to me. Keep us posted; it is possible I will be down there at some point (not likely though),
    1453 days ago
    I am glad that you are feeling better.
    My SIL lives in Vero and rents out her house. Let me know if you are interested and I can email you a link.
    Take care
    1454 days ago
    So glad your tests were good. Remember this too shall pass. You can do it.
    1454 days ago
    1454 days ago
    Prayers honey....stay strong and eating right....

    1454 days ago
    1454 days ago
    I'm glad your blood tests came back normal!
    I hope that you can get through the rest of your chemo without any more rough weeks.

    If you can get to Florida, I think that would be great! Having some nice weather to enjoy would really lift the spirits.
    1454 days ago
    1454 days ago
    Another treatment down. You go, girl! BTW I was no more tired on the other chemo that I recall although mine was i reverse (A&C first,Taxol second)
    1454 days ago
    Hello Kay, glad that the blood test came back normal.
    I see you got a busy week a head.
    Spending you positive thoughts and prayers my friend.
    Hope that you have a good day and a great weekend!
    Your sister in Fitness, Holly emoticon
    1454 days ago
    Sorry to hear you were so tired. But from experience it goes with the territory I used to perk up the day before the next treatment, and then I would eat a steak to get my blood count good. Florida hospital is where I went they have good oncology. I hope you will start to feel better, but don't be surprised if your under the weather in between treatments. Wishing you the best God Bless You.
    1454 days ago
    1454 days ago
    1454 days ago
  • MISSG180
    Florida sounds like an excellent idea. Just being able to go out for a little walk in the warmth and sunshine, even on the days when you aren't up to much, will be good for you emotionally and for your keeping your spirits up. And a lot of the arrangements can be made by telephone and computer, so it shouldn't be too hard. I hope you get to do it!
    1454 days ago
    Hey, if you think going to FL (a nice change in the weather) would make you feel better, I'd say go for it!!

    I didn't have to do chemo (just radiation), but a good friend of mine did several rounds of chemo & she did radiation. She & I go to the same gym & we compared notes & found that taking naps & exercising helped lessen the effects of the chemo & radiation. Also, drink lots of water (my doctor's recommendation).

    emoticon emoticon Praying for you!
    1454 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Good luck with the rest of your treatments. Maybe you will be able to get the treatment in the warmer weather!

    1454 days ago
    That trip to Florida will be full of sunshine for you to heal in. Take care.
    1454 days ago
    HUgs and hope you feel okay with this treatment. My friend had more days like your bad ones and she is alone, her hubby died 3 wks after they were married ( her 2nd marriage) and she said near the end it was I am not sure I want to do this anymore.
    Hope they figure what is going on with the throat CT scan and it can be fixed simply!
    Glad you are doing so well, and yes as you say that is a high quality problem LOL I can also see why it would sound daunting and wear you out, but at same time once there could be benifical.. Guess your drs will know.
    1454 days ago
    Kay hugs to you. Keep up with your positive outlook and thanks for updating. emoticon
    1454 days ago
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