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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Q: What do screaming children, used tissues and fleece blankets have in common?

A: I'm surrounded by them.

Bonus points if you answered they are all unwelcome too. Fortunately, said screaming children are outside the building and not in here. With me. That would not end well. But between the persistent cold (aka the blanket and tissues) and the very unappreciated pack of howling things outside, you could say I'm not altogether happy.

Is it bad to say that living here has definitely made me not want children? Sure, everyone says it's different when they are your own, and I know for darn sure mine will never ever (ever, ever, ever, ever, ever) be so poorly behaved, but still. Walls, be they well sound proofed, are still not completely noise impenetrable. Neither are windows, or doors, or any other necessary opening in a room.

All that (and my poorly timed illness) aside, it's been a rough week. Ok, month. I'm back to investigating just how quickly money disappears when there is no cash flow inward to supplement the rapid cash flow outward. Unemployment sucks.

Speaking of which, I may or may not even get unemployment benefits. That remains to be seen. UGH! As if I didn't have enough stress already. And that's exactly what I should NOT be dealing with, because I've dealt with plenty and it's just perpetuating the symptoms that are making life difficult in the first place. Sheesh, just writing that stressed me out. Kind of.

I have a lot to complain about right now, between the joblessness and associated poorness, the overall feeling like crap day in and day out, the seemingly uncontrollable weight gain, the stress, the sheer boredom that comes from not having anything to do except look for work, the uncertainty of it all! *que dramatic movie star faint*

But instead of focusing on all the bad, my boyfriend has been encouraging me to try and find good things. So...

*I have a place to live. Albeit with noisy, unsupervised children, it's very cute and nice and (was) affordable. And it's just down the road from my best friend.

*My best friend just recently bought, renovated, and moved into her first house (yay big accomplishment!) and if all else fails, I could stay with her. But I won't have to. Because I'll find a job. And I'll be able to pay rent. And I won't get evicted.

*I have food to eat. Maybe not all of it super healthy. (Looks at the boxes of ramen stacked in the corner) But most of it is better than fast food/ junk food options. I did realize I had more food than I thought today, which is good. Provided I don't ruin it in some way. Must. Learn. To. Cook. Food. Properly.

*I have a job interview tomorrow, and am waiting to hear back on a different position elsewhere this week. Neither are my ideal job prospects, but at this point in the game, any job that pays well enough is just fine. And I don't subscribe to the idea that anything less than my dream job deserves less than my best efforts either. So, potential employers, if you're reading this, fear not. I will still do my best, even if your business is just way to get a paycheck and not much else.

*My family is doing their best to be supportive during this time. Which I appreciate. It's turning into a running joke now that I can't visit mom and dad's without being sent home with a decent handful (or several trips worth) of items. Anything I have to haul up the two flights of stairs is just two more trips of exercise I normally wouldn't get.

*My boyfriend is also doing his best to support me as well. Come December, we will be celebrating our two year anniversary and hopefully we will get to share that time together. To this date, we have never spent any significant day together. No holidays, no birthdays, no anniversaries, nothing. Long distance sucks. (and that is a post for another night) But now that he is working, we will hopefully get to see each other a little more. And to his credit, he even took a job that has some of the worst pay in his industry, just so that he could be around more, and hopefully someday, find a local route that allows him to be home each night. What a sweetheart :)

That's about all my head can stand to process right now. Time for some decongestants, a little food to help it down, and then sleep. Oh precious sleep! If anyone knows of surefire ways to kick a cold where it counts, please let me know. Overcoming this will be my first step towards progress!
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  • POSEY440
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1606 days ago
    Thanks Emmy (I LOVE that name btw) Why can't the cheap foods be good for you too? Oh well. Guess you can't have everything right? Thanks for the encouragement. I joined a bunch of teams tonight so I'm all over the place!
    1607 days ago
    Sister, I can sympathize with you right down to the ramen, though fortunately I don't have a cold. I think I noticed you are in the Writer's Support Group. Please keep on writing through the tough times. emoticon emoticon Best wishes, Emmy :))
    1607 days ago
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