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No Harm in Experimenting! It Works for Me!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

There have been a few things I have tried to do to lose weight that actually worked. It really doesn't matter if it isn't the best thing to do, it 'works for me.' This comes from maybe a deep-seated root of wanting to be from the "Show Me" state. I like to try new things: New recipes; New clothes; New cleaning products; New technology . . .AND I want to know if things that worked for other people will work for me.

Before I proceed, let me say this, I did try to flush the lining out of the pampers (ancient times!) as it said could be done on the box. The landlord was upset that it clogged everything up. That illustration is just to show you that I "try" things -- within reason, of course!

Anyway, when it comes to dieting, I like to "try" different things that have worked for others to see if they 'work for me.'
So, I tried eating a whole bunch of veggies for a week years ago (ancient times!) to ditch a few pounds. After five days, I lost four pounds. That was probably 30 years ago. Oh, and I had a lot of energy.

Next, I tried the only fruit until lunch thing. The kids were young, I needed energy and the book I read said to do this. It was energizing! It worked for me for that.
A few years after that, someone told me about the cabbage soup diet. I like soup. I liked this soup. It was difficult to stick to and I don't think I lost anything.

Then there was the hospital 3-day-diet to lose 5 pounds. "Don't substitute anything" came with the directions. I did and it didn't work -- for me!

A few years ago, I came across something called the "Lunch Box Diet." I liked that one, didn't lose what it said I could (Disclaimer: Your results may not be the same), but it was easy and I believe I lost some.

Last year I tried the 5 foods for 5 days detox diet. I liked it also. I could only fit it in for 4 days, but I lost 3 pounds. I may do that again. It fit into my tracker quite well. It was energizing and I felt really good with this one.

Being sick worked for me to lose weight really fast! Couldn't eat anything, could barely drink water, and was in the bathroom every time I moved. I think I lost 4 lbs in 2 days. Really don't want to do that again! emoticon

Will I still try things? Yes, I like to. I like to be able to tell people about things they may question and just don't want to try it themselves. You know that commercial with 3 little boys that came out years ago? Two are talking. " Did you try it? I'm not gonna try it! You try it! Hey, let's get Mikie to try it. He'll eat anything!"

So, I will continue to "try" things. 'Cause I like to! But when it comes to getting healthy and counting calories, I use my tracker everyday! I do not believe in "get rich" schemes OR "lose weight without diet and exercise" schemes. But, I do try healthy, reasonable ways to nourish my body and get fit.

Don't be afraid to try something new. It may be exactly what you are looking for!

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