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SSDI hearing was a total waste of time.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The best way to NOT give someone SSDI is to pick a doctor to speak against the claimant at the hearing who can't even pronounce the conditions, let alone know how they're diagnosed. That way they can say they don't believe you have the conditions and are fully able to work. Then, to really stick it home, have the judge say that since my reports of conditions are unfounded, that they must request that my primary doctor (who is about to go on maternity leave) needs to write up an explanation about why she thinks I have these conditions and am unable to work (doesn't matter that she can't diagnose these conditions and that's why I have so many specialists!). If she can't/won't then they will pay another doctor to look at me and say whether I have the conditions or not. And why would a doctor being paid for by SSDI say that I have conditions that they probably have never heard of? After all, they get paid no matter what they say, so why should they do any research or learn anything when they can just say "Nope!" Oh yeah, and apparently everyone is claiming I have a somatic disorder and am making all of this up, so they're under the impression that I should just be highly medicated with psychopharmacology (no matter how suicidal those meds make me) to shut me up so I can go back to work. Doesn't matter what my body does, because it's all in my head. Yes, because clearly joint dislocations and subluxations are caused by being depressed.

And it's even more helpful when your freaking lawyer does not speak a word in your defense! He never said anything for me! He never asked a question, never pointed out any flaws in their case, and he barely even looked at me or spoke to me!

Please remind me again why the freak I keep fighting and pushing myself? Why do I give a crap? Why in the hell should I even try when clearly the medical community and the legal community are both under the belief that NOTHING I SAY IS TRUE AND I'M JUST A LAZY JERK WHO IS MAKING STUFF UP FOR ATTENTION?!?! I was born and bred to suffer so how dare I ever believe that I'll get anything but? Heck, on the way to the hearing the sky was red - I even commented how I hoped that it wasn't a bad sign for me. Clearly I was wrong.
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    It's a major issue when people who don't even really need SSI can get it without any issues but someone who actually needs the help can't even get it.

    It is angering that people are suffering from medical conditions and feel so terrible nearly every single day and people think it's a psychological issue. A lot of people with both mild and severe conditions are told just to take anti-depressants or that happiness is a choice. It's frustrating. I would be so exhausted from fighting too but keep on trying because there could be that moment when someone finally realizes that your medical issues are valid and it could make a world of difference for you and for others who are struggling.

    I know it's too much to take at times but you never what just one more try will do.

    1370 days ago
  • DIANE7786
    I've heard that many people are turned down by SSI several times before they are approved. Keep fighting!
    1374 days ago
    I feel so very bad for you. There must be a way to do this. I was also turned down for disability. There was a quote in my doctor's report that said, "I feel OK if I am not working." Yes I said those words. But by 'OK" I meant I was not crying all the time. It did not mean that I could hold down my (very difficult) teaching job. I was due to retire so I just did that . Financially I am OK. I did not contest it or get a lawyer. Now I swim with a woman who is on disability because of her addictions! Wow does that ever make me mad! She has apparently quit the stuff she was addicted to but gets paid to stay home. If you saw her in the pool, you would never understand why she'd not be able to hold down a job. ARRRGHRRR!

    Now the same doctor wrote a report before for me to get long term care insurance. He wrote THAT letter like I was going to die any minute. If that report had gone to the disability people I think I would have gotten the disability payments. So I got screwed twice.

    Your case is different! You absolutely deserve the help! I will continue my prayers for you and hope this gets resolved.

    How about a woman lawyer? After 2 men, I got a woman lawyer and it made a world of difference. I am looking to move to Buffalo near my family and need more help paying for John's care. She is sending me to a NY state lawyer instead of her here in CT. But she met with me for over an hour and explained my options very clearly.

    Does your state have an agency to help disabled people. Often it is listed as elderly and disabled. I hope you can find the proper channels to help you. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1374 days ago
    Sheri, I am so sorry. It's just appalling how you were treated. I just don't understand how they can look at your medical history and think that it's something you are just "making up". It makes me wonder if they have really thoroughly read each and every report. Keep appealing and please do not give up!
    1374 days ago
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