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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This 5% challenge is really helping bc whoever set it up is totally anal. In a good way... A GOOD WAY! As I clearly stated on my Sparkpage, "I am not organized enough to have a program!" I needed someone to force me to organize myself. (Mind you I organize things for a living, I just needed a kick in the tuckus to do it in my personal life.)

Uhm... also I have trouble with commitment. I love to read articles on health and nutrition. Instead of following one plan, I try to take the good points from all of them. Of course there are basics. That is what joining the challenge was so helpful with. It forced me to distill what I wanted to track and showed me how to make up a tracking sheet. It's not complicated. I don't have to write down every food I eat... though I tend to note what foods I ate to help with variety. Then at the end of the day it is easy to see what I am lacking. So if I want an evening snack, I know whether I am short on protein and my body would be better off with some Greek yogurt and berries or if I am short on complex carbs and should have a slice of Ezekiel bread with a schmear of PB and 1/2 a banana. I think I basically reinvented the Richard Simmons Deal a Meal. Hey, it was a good program.

I also know that I can't "cheat " several times a day. If I am going to have a beer in the evening I have to forgo the peanutbutter cookie during the day. This is not a new concept either. I just have been eating what I want even though I know it isn't always good for me. There is a great article on Spark about the difference between a snack and a treat. Snacks are healthy options like those I mentioned in the last paragraph, that you eat when you are hungry between meals. Usually they are a small portion containing a combination of a protein or healthy fat with a healthy carb-- other examples would be hummus and veggies, a single portion of healthy cereal (5g of fiber or more/5g of sugar or less) with milk and a handful of blueberries or lowfat cheese with an apple. Treats should only be occasional... birthday cake (at immediate family birthdays-- not in the lounge at work for a coworker you do not know. LOL) or splitting your favorite dessert with your honey on your anniversary. You can offset a treat by skipping a food from that same food group during the day. If you are having cake... opt for all veg at dinner instead of the potato/rice. If you are having icecream, leave the cheese off your sandwich. It won't entirely eliminate the calories, but it helps-- and it reinforces the idea that eating something less healthy comes with a trade off... both in how we feel and our caloric intake for the day.

See, I told you I read a lot of nutrition articles! LOL
I am going for 2 for 2 in my tracking streak today. Let's see how that goes!
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