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Monday, October 21, 2013

At first this AM I was "OH NO !! I DO NOT LIKE CHANGES !!" and that's EXACTLY how I Felt when I saw the NEW SPARK PAGE !!!

But !! Tonight I am really lookin it ovah. AND I've decided I LOVE IT !!! I LOVE putting down my short, long term goals and also a RA RA SAYING/PIC !!!!! I'll look at these OFTEN For they remind me,, of where it is "I WANT TO GO" !!! And also of WHERE I've BEEN for I choose the pic of the Dr and being healthier as one of my motivational pics !!! About 2 months ago, I went to go into surg. The Dr did NOT know no DOUBT how much it HURT, but he said "normally it would take an hr to do, however ur large, so it'll take 1 1/2 hrs". THAT HURT SO BAD !!!!! I 've ALREADY lost 78 lbs !!! That's GR8 I KNOW, but Ive a WAY to go, and I WILL DO SO !!!

if ur a new reader to my blog,,, let me tell ya,, it's NOT easy !! I am one of the ones on the site, who's quite disabled (or I AM ABLED in just a DIFFERENT WAY !! WOOHOOOO !) and I cant go out walkin, runnin or ANYTHING on my foolish feet of mine. I TRIED to join the "Chair exercising Team" but, found that doing marches,,,, broke my foot 2 TIMES, b4 I decided "Hmmmm that's NOT for me" !!! So now I do my exercises,,,, laying down in bed,, working my core A LOT (For that's the BEST For my back ) ! And also doing mild,,, very, very mild stretches. SO hmmm do I USE my pain,, as an EXCUSE to NOT do much? IT COULD BE !!! Let's face it, when you hurt just rolling over in bed (And the chance of breaking my back, hip !) It'd be SO EASY to say "NO TY "!! AND NOT do them; NO !! Instead I go in SMALL SPURTS thru the day,,, til I reach the 120 mins, if its possible on that day,,,and MOST days it IS possible. On my very bad days, where my stomach is totally upset from the pain, I STILL AIM For 30 to 60 mins, unless its WAY beyond me,, than I HAPPILY take the day off,,,and sorry Dawggie Team (Of the 5% challenge,,, where we do OUR BEST to lose 5% of our weight in 8 weeks) but, I CURL UP with my KiTTY !! LOL SORRY shes NOT a DAWGGIE as WE are,,,but she PURRS and I've YET to find a DAWG who can do this !! emoticon

HUGS AND ALWAYS do the BEST YOU CAN ! Its ONLY us who can do for US what we can. PLZ use the NEW SPARK PAGE to the FULL !! IT WILL ENCOURAGE YA !! It IS ME !
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