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Reflection on last night's over-eating

Monday, October 21, 2013

Yes, I overate.

On occassion it happens.

It usually happens at a party or a special occassion because of this one little mental nugget that everyone has and I will share: It's a special occassion and the food is special, and it's here, and it's paid for, because of such & such, and I really have to eat it... and as much as you can. You live to eat instead of eat to live.

True? oh yeah it is true.

emoticon Weddings. - Gotta get what you paid for (ie. the gift's worth of what you gave the bride & groom)

emoticon Birthdays (I got caught up in this one yesterday - delicious homemade pizza - different kinds - had to try every single one of them, and homemade pumpin ale - OMG how could I NOT!) - different foods, you didn't have to make them, they went thru all the trouble and money, you gotta get what you paid for (Ah, the gift's worth coming into play AGAIN- yes, even on certain birthdays this can occur)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Holidays! We cannot forget them! Special foods, friends gathering - all good things!!! Gotta eat that thing that Aunt Martha makes only once a year and she is 91 years old and you might never have it made by her hands again so if you don't take that giant portion she divvy's out she will get so insulted and you cannot have her die tomorrow knowing that you didn't eat every last bite of what her old hands served to you herself! Right? oh, yeah...I'm right. It's the guilt eating that kicks in here...although we all know that we can make the stuff ourselves, and buy the candy at any other time in the year... but it's a holiday!! So we overeat.

emoticon Going out to dinner. You look good. The kids are at a sleepover. You and your significant other get duded up and go out, and spend an obnoxious amount of money on the full boat-load of food off the menu. Appetizer, soup, salad, main course, dessert. Too bad you were full right after the appetizer was served since your stomach and system is now used to eating to live instead of living to eat. So you keep going. You shovel it in. The amore of the night has now turned to "Let's stop and CVS on the way home and get some Tums, honey." and that romantic night cap with candle light is the two of you sitting on the couch farting up a storm. Nice. Romantique! N'est pa?

The next morning is always the walk and talk of shame.
emoticon I'm not feeling so hot.
emoticon Why did I eat that again? I was so full.
emoticon I ruined everything I just worked so hard on this week.
emoticon I am a failure.

Easy there buckaroo... Let's take a step back.
emoticon Be sorry and move on.
emoticon There are so many days like these that it is just what you have to do. Parties and holidays will always be have to learn from the past and take the future with a new set of eyes and a more knowledgable skill set.
emoticon Things take time...maybe next time, you choose differently... maybe next time you go in with a game plan... maybe next time, you take that piece of Oooey Booey Butter cake from Aunt Martha, have an obligatory taste and chuck the rest while she is not looking. It's ok to do that you know, what she doesn't know won't kill her. emoticon

With every new day, you reflect on what was good, what needed work, and what you can do about choiced in the future.

I try and do this every day...even when I am still stuffed from the crazy eating and drinking choices I made the day before.

My goal is to drink my water, eat some pineapple, make my lunch, and by the end of this crazy day, I will feel better about today's choices and feel better overall since I worked on fixing the bad choices I made the day before.

Seriously... it can be as simple as that.

So I hope you guys have a great day, filled with better choices than yesteday...or the week before... or the month before...

Try and remember that every single day is emoticon
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