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Status, Summary, A Pleasant Fall Walk in Southern NH

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yesterday was a bear, I was sick most of the day. I was barely able to eat or drink. Stomach was very iffy. This is especially difficult since I am trying to eat extra calories and GAIN weight.

If you remember, my original goal weight was 185. When I (a) saw how much height I had lost in the last three years (almost 3 inches), (b) the degree to which my legs had atrophied due to the neuropathy (of unknown but independent origin) in the lower legs (especially the left) and muscle weakness in the hamstrings (especially the right, due to the lumbar stenosis), and (c) my then BMI, I lowered my goal weight to 180, with the following proviso. If the back surgery alleviated my leg muscle weakness, then I would raise my goal weight to at least 185 and perhaps even higher. I would just have to see what level of workout stress, and consequent muscle development, the surgery afforded my legs.

This seemed to be working out well after the first back surgery when I gained significant strength in my lower legs (thought to be unaffected by the stenosis and therefore not expected to improve with the surgery to alleviate the stenosis). However, after the second my right thigh has been numb from the knee to the middle of my crotch. While the left thigh has improved a tiny bit in the last few weeks, the right thigh is now numb (but in a smaller area and to a much lesser degree. I remain hopeful that both will improve.

Now, the surgeries themselves (4 in the last seven months), has been very taxing on my body, and following each of them, I have increased my calorie intake (budget by 300 to 400 calories) to allow for regrowth and rebuilding. This time however, despite my best efforts I have continued to lose weight. Yesterday morning I was 173.3; this morning I was 170.5 lbs.

Yesterday, because of whatever was ailing me I was barely able to exceed the maximum calorie budget that SP provided for me. Even then, I was only able to do that by eating bread and peanut butter. Everything else and most especially my mainstays of fresh produce and lean meats were anathema.

Today was a much more pleasant experience. I ate virtually everything I've denied myself the last 2.75 years -- especially in terms of quantity; including a large cheese sandwich, a raisin muffin with two gobs of PB, and two Mrs. Budd's chicken breast pot pies. This better work because I don't think I can eat much more. ;-) In the early years of our marriage (1969 - 1973), Beth used to marvel that I could eat in excess of 5500 calories per day and lose weight (if I was playing ball every day). Yet, today, I could barely break 2500, intentionally.

Oh, yes, I stopped taking narcotics two days ago, and my back pain has varied from none to minimal..

Anyways today was a beautiful Fall day, and I took a walk and shot the following pics on the road (loop) that makes up our subdivision.

Notice that even the evergreens lose an enormous number of needles in the fall. It was amazing how many neighbors were out raking and blowing and vacuuming leaves. It was also amazing, how this late in the fall, the tree frogs were still croaking their loud barks at the remainder of the backfly prey (not too bad) that had come out at dusk.


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    Your progress report was interesting but I got distracted totally by the pictures. LOL. I loved the pictures! It is very pretty there. I'm a huge fan of trees - a proud tree hugger. My friends who have moved to certain areas of the U.S. (which will remain nameless to protect the "innocent") have become very irritated with me because I have refused to consider moving to their area due to their lack of trees and water. They brag about their big skies and how they can see for 30 miles. Is this supposed to appeal to me? They also point out that they have trees - ornamentals that they have to water. Please no lectures from anyone - you can love your skies and I will love my trees and water. Diversity. It's all good.

    We have yet to have a hard freeze so our trees have not changed much. The freeze will happen this week which is pretty much on schedule for our first hard freeze. It can happen any time after September 15 but usually waits until now. The sumacs and Russian Olives and creeping ivy have changed and a few leaves have fallen off the trees that shed them early but not much going on otherwise. By the end of the month, things will look a lot different though. Our tree frogs are still at it too. The cicadas just stopped. We saw a tortoise out yesterday but it had been killed on the road which irks me to no end as I love them and tree frogs too.

    In my area the doctors told people to get there flu shots early as people were already getting URIs and stomach viruses. So far I have not gotten anything, though everyone my hubby works with got sick with the exception of him. He seldom gets sick. I could count the times on one hand in the 31 years I've known him.
    1588 days ago
  • TREV1964
    To visit and travel the North West Corridor from Washington to Houlton, Maine by driving along route 95 and back along route 1 is one of those fly drive holidays in the Autumn (fall) I have always wanted to do. Judging by your photos the colours are as stunning as I believe them to be.

    One thing to bear in mind Lee regarding your weight is that your metabolism would be significantly lower if you go under weight so you should begin to gain at more like the 2000 daily intake level.

    I know at 360lbs my metabolism was at just over 3150 and now at almost 100 pounds lighter my rate has dropped to 2550. I think at goal weight (183lbs) in my case (I am 5'10") my metabolism settles at about 2150. It would be worth checking exactly what yours is if you haven't already. I know that age and height are mitigating factors, older = less calories and taller = more calories.

    I hope everything goes alright with you and with everything becoming more of a struggle to loose nowadays I really wish I could send a few of mine across the pond for you. I've got about 85 going spare if anybody wants them.

    Look after yourself and take it easy.


    1588 days ago
    Beautiful pictures. I love this time of year with all of the bursts of color.

    Yours is the second blog I have read this morning that really inspired me. I actually read a few of your blogs. All you have been through and you are still working hard at being active and healthy when most people would have given up.

    I cannot possibly come up with any excuses today. Thank you for your inspiration.

    Big hugs to you and Beth!

    1589 days ago
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