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The Greatest miracle in the world" the small book with a big message.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How , who or why I was led to this book, I don't remember . All I know was that I was led to it. I needed it and its message. I am only on the second chapter and it speaks to my soul.
A miracle happens every day, many times over. People are brought back to life by meeting someone, by reading a book, by using their minds. Many of us go through the day as if dead. We go through the same motions, the same programmed thinking, the same hidden agendas and don't know or see what is there inside us, around us and what is being given to us.
Some just see the hopeless conditions, the feeling of being alone, the boring monotony of everyday living. We miss the beauty, the kindness and compassion of strangers who are put there for a reason.
Here is a stranger, a hippy with long hair who stands in heavy snow feeding the birds. Here is a stranger that offers a man help to hold open a gate so the man can drive his car through and yet when the second man turns to thank him, he is gone. Who is this stranger and why would he take the time to help another he doesn't even know. Would you?
Then when he man is down and tired and beaten, the stranger returns and takes him home for coffee and conversation.
When asked who he is replies he is a ragpicker. Not the kind that pick up old materials but discarded human beings, people who have given up on themselves and have great potential but have lost themselves and their self esteem and desire for a new life.
Is that what we have done? In our boredom and search have we given up on life and ourselves and replaced it with food and some with drugs and alcohol? Are we hiding behind swollen bodies and poor health in an attempt to keep from having to face ourselves and the person that we hate to have become?
He says he finds them and helps them to renew their direction, give them hope and bring them back from the living death and that in bringing someone back to life has created a miracle.
He collects what he calls " the hand of God" books. they help him to do what has become his profession of seeing the souls of these lost human and bringing them back to life.
Am I one of those living dead? Have I become lost in the boredom of my existence? I might have been but have found myself led from one place to another, from one person who cries out without knowing it. Am I unusual? No I am just like you are. We are connected and when one cries out in pain, we too feel that pain. How can we not want to stop or at least lessen that pain? We cannot. We were put on this earth to help etch other to find that blissful life we were sent here to find. Were sent here to heal. Not a magician who does magic tricks but by words that heal..By actions that bring hope and by hearts that care. Feel that spark of hope, tiny though it may be fan it! Blow on it and make it spread like wild fires. A positive word, a haphazard smile, a meeting of minds.
Don't you feel it? Can't you spread that hope to another who is crying out. Not by going into a dark alley and getting hurt or killed but by being in a safe place like here. A chance meeting of words on a site that is for getting healthy but not just in body but also in mind.
If my words do anything, I hope it will give you that spark of hope that you can succeed. I am not a person who has lost a ton of weight nor am I a person who has found the answer but I am a person who cares and who wants to help bring us both back to life. two miracles for the price of one and who knows how far that will spread all because I am on the second chapter of a little book with big ideas and hopes.
I can't wait to keep on reading but I am taking it slow because I want to hear every word and idea that is compressed into these pages.
I am discussing it in my the miracle that you are and you can succeed team. I think I was driven to start that team as well as the lightworkers. both are very different teams.
this sentence from this book speaks volumes "Most of us build prisons for ourselves and after we occupy them for a period of time,we become accustomed to their walls and accept the false premise that we are incarcerated for life." He goes on to say we become puppets and begin to suffer living deaths.
Is that then why we turn to the comfort of food? Because we don't want to bread out of this prison and make something of ourselves. We have been down so long that we just give up and accept that that is who we are and that we have no hope of winning.
Why would we just give up and believe that we deserve such a life? We were created and put here to live that life full of hope and love. It is given to us and we throw it away because we don't recognize what we have but yearn for what we don't have. Now I don't know if this is the true purpose of this book because as I said, I am only on the second chapter. There are ten chapters in this book and I have become excited but still taking it a few pages a day to let it sink in and give it thought.
Og asks the man if he is Playing God and his answer is very thought provoking.
"Mr. Og. I am not playing God. what you will learn, sooner or later is that God, very often
plays man. God will do nothing without man and whenever he works a miracle it is always done through man."
He has my attention. Does this mean that the old hippy is God taking on his disguise or is God working through the man. My interest is sitting up and begging for an explanation that will reveal itself and until then is left to dangle in front of me like a chocolate candy bar. Why is this man who rescues lost souls taking time with a man who writes books and has plenty of money. Is this man have so much that he is missing the point of life and the feeling of happiness? Is he one of the living dead and does not even recognize it? Is he falsely thinking he is happy and has a fulfilling life because of material possessions/
Are we ,on the other hand, wanting those material possessions while having a fulfilling life right under our noses? Are we missing something? Can we see the the things in front of our face because we are whining about what we don't have?
That is a lot to think over from two tiny chapters. this book goes right straight to your mind and fills it full of questions that I need the answer to.
Has food become my crutch? Do I try to fill my life with food so that I don't have to look at it from another persons eyes? Do I really see my life and the beauty around it?
Maybe you should take the time to ask yourself...Is this the life I want? Am I a slave to food? Am I filling a void in my life with this food? What is it that is missing? I want to be a writer but because I can't afford a printer right now, I feel stuck. I feel like the words in my head are stuck there because I don't have the printer. the question isn't why don't I have a printer, the question is do I believe in myself enough to put the words on paper and send it in. I have written on paper and even have one book that has been in the drawer for probably 5 or more yeas and some on disc from a word processor that has long died. Do I really have the faith to send it in or will it stay in that drawer as maybe my soul is hiding in my oversize body so that no one will take the time to pull it out?

I am a miracle but do I have the courage to share myself, my true self with others ? That remains to be seen.

Am I using food as a crutch so I don't have to put my dream out there for fear that I will get a rejection letter and therefor feel like a failure? We all have to delve into the reasons behind the eating. Is food calling you or are you using food to keep from here life calling?

At one time this girl was full of hope, love and wonder and because of something she did when she was 18 she hid herself deep inside believing that she was nothing. It is time for her to realize tat we all make mistakes and we can't forever punish ourseleves but that we have to see that light within shining so bright, full of hope and love, and bring it out and become that shining light. I care so much about helping people and bringing out that hope within me that we can all blend together and help this world and ourselves to become that shining hope that God gave us.

We are not meant to hide inside a dark cave but to bring hope to each other and to help each other to find that life of happiness and see the good in the world and each other.
Let's do that. Let's drop that food crutch that we cling to and shed that overweight body, stop punishing ourselves for the past and find the light that shines now and long into the future.

Come out of your cocoon and learn to fly.
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